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LTC$138.00- 9.9%1.4Litecoin
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YO$2300.00- 5.8%0.4Yo Token
XEM$0.13- 10.9%0.4NewEconomyMovement
ETC$45.00- 10%0.4EthereumClassic
LTCT129.25435408- 10.8%0.4Litecoin
NEXOE0.00074879- 0.3%0.4Nexo
TRX0.00000182- 4.8%0.3Tron Token
BTT0.00000007- 12.5%0.3BitTorrent
TRXR4.49- 5.4%0.2Tron Token
ROOBEE0.00000014 0%0.2Roobee
ETCR3160.10- 6.7%0.2EthereumClassic


Time Currency Amount Status

usr7341 L5: on yobit

usr7341 L5: post a stupid question to get markt as spam-acc

notes1: Wakamole rage quit

cobratoontje: uvkcrypto, Better check RUR Market real price

usr7341 L5: notes1, ok. sold at 32725

usr7341 L5: some sats for me

usr7341 L5: less sat for someone else

usr7341 L5: btw speaking of sats, i almost always manage to buy-sell-my-20-yo-trades with a small pick up. its funny. thats like a dollar a day

usr7341 L5: or maybe two

temp1 L2: Go DIME ! go ! ;)

notes1: usr7341, congrats

usr7341 L5: yeah. free lunch once a month

notes1: usr7341, can I have my sats back please?

usr7341 L5: so every quarter i can invite my family to a dinner

usr7341 L5: merkato, comon, dont let us hang here

usr7341 L5: merkato, dont be so egoistic. share some wisdom

usr7341 L5: merkato, we need more sats plz sir

usr7341 L5: merkato, or shell i say, habibi

usr7341 L5: uhOH, maybe it will come back to 33.5 or oeven back to 34k lvls. so, i missed biggah dollah

usr7341 L5: but i miss some rainbow charts

usr7341 L5: alexbidel, where are you hiding? yo is shit!

usr7341 L5: XD

usr7341 L5: dang. you cant call out anybody anymore

alexbidel: usr7341, L5 ? again you sold your crypto and market dropped

usr7341 L5: L5-4Life

Yanadia: temp1, yes fly to the m00nlight :)

usr7341 L5: L5-4life-crew

usr7341 L5: XD

usr7341 L5: i was L5 last year and this year. so, basically nothing changed

alexbidel: usr7341, nothing changed, oonly btc move up x5-x6 ;)

usr7341 L5: alexbidel, oh, wait, i was L6 at one point but that was before invest. muahahhahah

usr7341 L5: alexbidel, anyway, back to 22d in minex2

alimogh: china gov. = bitcoin down price

alexbidel: usr7341, just saw around 25-30 btc buy order on 200sat at minex2.. not bad if they hold it ;)

usr7341 L5: would be for sure more cushion

usr7341 L5: i see them too. they are nw

usr7341 L5: new

usr7341 L5: i think

usr7341 L5: alexbidel, oh, wait, psssssst, some ppl might consider now dialing 911. or jumping out of the window

Yanadia: usr7341, wupzz

usr7341 L5: it would be small step for one man, but a huge step for the yobit-community

usr7341 L5: XD

usr7341 L5: alexbidel, i was thinking on the weekend btw, if all yield-farms fukk up and there is almost nothing to gain, while you have a lot of risk for rug-pulls, dev-scam, broken-code, i can just accept the yobit-risk and bet on yo again

Yanadia: Yea i see

Yanadia: But its still big step for every cnditions and everywhere i guess

notes1: We need more blood in the streets

usr7341 L5: alexbidel, 0.2% pd is ~73%apy

Yanadia: notes1, why ?

mydustbin123 L0: btc want to break 30k

FerryBozzio L0: DOGE to the moon. Lol