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cobratoontje: Just happened here ??....

cobratoontje: Lol, whem im drunk , Im always killin it !

cobratoontje: Lollys all around !!

cobratoontje: Butt............ According to Mer(c) or (k) ato im just an idiot

cobratoontje: And i still LIKE him.................not !

cobratoontje: Now i sound rlly like im drunk ,??

cobratoontje: Butt hey !!...........dont b fooled !!

cobratoontje: Ill reside for 10 mins now !!

cobratoontje: Free world u know ! ??

AhmedZaki L0: dice for btc ?

cobratoontje: AhmedZaki, I not there , butt no !!!!!!

cobratoontje: AhmedZaki, Srry kid !

Codexzmapp L0: my investment on yobit is showing not modified..why

cobratoontje: Codexzmapp, did u play dicegame ??

cobratoontje: Let me ans... no i did not ?

Codexzmapp L0: ok i have seen [email protected]

cobratoontje: Halleuyahh !!

Codexzmapp L0: what is the value of Easy now

cobratoontje: Codexzmapp, U mean u have ur eyes opened now ??

Codexzmapp L0: EASY token

cobratoontje: Codexzmapp, Still unknown kid !

Codexzmapp L0: ok

ThaddeusB L1: Codexzmapp, EASY is not listed and likely never will be. It has no value

cobratoontje: Codexzmapp, U wont b rich in a second ??????????????????????????????

cobratoontje: ThaddeusB, Its only listed here !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

cobratoontje: MORONS..............

Codexzmapp L0: ok

cobratoontje: Kindergarten closed hours ago !?

Obinnanjoku L0: ThaddeusB, they should remove it then its just deceiving people, I mean easy

cobratoontje: Obinnanjoku, Only ur brain is deceiving YOU ??

Codexzmapp L0: should be removed then

cobratoontje: Codexzmapp, No !! u shld b rmvd !

Obinnanjoku L0: Not just that is there they alow it to be mind in investbox

Codexzmapp L0: lol..funny you. i'm a writer and author . i'm to spelling rightly @Cobra

redsgarage36 L0: fyred

redsgarage36 L0: doge sinks

BoastKit: Obinnanjoku, off from my EASY in investbox ! I like them

cobratoontje: So..... Im screwed ??

cobratoontje: lolly !

fifek1990 L0: YO

cobratoontje: NO

fifek1990 L0: Yes

cobratoontje: Ok

cobratoontje: fifek1990, Then................ who tha fuck r u ??

cobratoontje: fifek1990, ur not my mommy 11??

jvdkmn L0: 777/RUR ready fly

jvdkmn L0: NOW BUY 777/RUR

cobratoontje: jvdkmn, ok....sir !!!!!!!1

cobratoontje: jvdkmn, ur hopless !

cobratoontje: jvdkmn, And at the same time..................Adorable !!