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DOGET0.00419816+ 5%0.6Dogecoin
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ETCE0.02580325- 4.8%0.5EthereumClassic
LTC$45.07- 0.7%0.5Litecoin
HEX0.00000039+ 5.5%0.5HEX Token
DICER0.00- 9.2%0.4Dice

mydustbin123 L0: Dmor212, already 99.99% dice taken back by the promoter. now they will start to sell it at high price.

ratnubank L0: no till 0.99$

mydustbin123 L0: ratnubank, doge monn yesterday, today it will go to earth. 30 sat

Shengwaa: hello. Did you think dice will get some value?

yo200 L0: hi

ratnubank L0: mydustbin123, its ok watching we work with till 0.99 USD value

yo200 L0: Go Doge

imperial252525 L0: Delta81, You can sell your precious Dice for Doge without any problem

godislove L0: Qubix Rising now

skeaper: О какой активности идет речь?

imperial252525 L0: skeaper, wrong chat?

godislove L0: X10 low price

zibitticikti L0: hey

zibitticikti L0: can i sell my DICE and get btc.

Medicendany L0: para que son los dice ¿'

Sakhi69: skymax

Borsch L0: zibitticikti, Yes you can. Sell Dice for Doge, then sell Doge for BTC. Very easy:)

zibitticikti L0: thx borsch im selling to btc but not going well

Borsch L0: zibitticikti, Hmm, I wonder why...;D

Faiqkhan7453 L0: Why dice go down down down

zibitticikti L0: and i have too much QUBIX how can i trade it

godislove L0: Yea you sell dice to doge after u sell doge to btc

Borsch L0: zibitticikti, Same advice applies to your Qubix

zibitticikti L0: thank u so much man

godislove L0: Qubix holding me too .after we sell big prize .if it good prize .we get profit shortly

zibitticikti L0: when i selling my dice to btc total price is 0.07 btc but when i sell my dice to doge only 2 usd ahahha

mydustbin123 L0: zibitticikti, 2 o4 $ for beggers, hold it

jerots: zibitticikti, I would hold them

Borsch L0: zibitticikti, Well the thing is no one will buy Dice at 1sat price. Too expensive.

zibitticikti L0: yes yes ill hold it but i didnt understand. ın my wallet my dices is seeming 0.07 bitcoin . But im trying to sell and buy doge. only 458 doge

dion2566 L0: Faiqkhan7453, becouse DICE is shitt coin and gargabe token

jvdkmn L0: zibitticikti, im like you.i have 7000000 dice

batronghcm L0: 700

zibitticikti L0: jvdkmn, yeah yeah me too. idk when i bought this coin. free coins maybe

captincrunch L1: just sell your dice for some cold hard $4

godislove L0: Every time doge coin price high .they selling all coin thing it

batronghcm L0: 7000

jvdkmn L0: some people here say 3 wekks late, dice will be 3 [link] it.

la2637 L0: la2637,

zibitticikti L0: captincrunch, ahahha thanks i dont want 4 dolar i want 0.07 btc

Borsch L0: zibitticikti, What you really thought that Yobit would give you 0.07BTC for free??

Bobdavis626 L0: just invest dice and build it up

zibitticikti L0: Borsch, no but why this shit seeming 0.07 btc

Bobdavis626 L0: 1% daily then sell when btc/dice pair opens

jerots: zibitticikti, the garbage of some are the treasure of others

Borsch L0: zibitticikti, Because it is calculated against BTC pair, which would be indeed 0.07BTC at 1sat/Dice. But in reality no -one will be buying at that price.

zibitticikti L0: Borsch, yeah yeah i learned it but this is yobits fault i think

Borsch L0: zibitticikti, Totally their fault. It's just they never cared about their customers, that's it.

zibitticikti L0: Borsch, end of the day i dont have 0.07 btc ahahah

Borsch L0: Yep, like I don't have my 0.40BTC lol