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trannyc247: X10 is looking good. There's actually more buy orders added instead of being thinning out as in previous days. If you need to sell some coins, do it in yo or doge market. Otherwise, just take off your sell orders for 2 sat. I'm only suggesting this to game players :-)

naaqvii L0: Gustavomdez, I shared it on all three but still it does not work?

rickystevano L0: only small what for share? :(

rickystevano L0: maybe if 100 doge free i share it hahaha

trannyc247: We will still sell it for whatever it will be worth in Bitcoin at the end of your 7th day.. are you still a player?

trannyc247: Heheheh!!!

Gustavomdez L0: Gustavomdez, I shared it on all three but still it does not work?how do I do that

goldrichs: yes but the link is nothing about sharing a yobit link???

rwrayen L0: where is 100 doge?

Gustavomdez L0: how do I please someone to explain

Mirelghiwane: I depsite ltc 4hour ago and still in process it normal guye..?

amcryptolover L0: knigson, hi

mmmrrr L1: hi

easteregg69: Geoblocking is considered pathetic behavior.

hani20980: rwrayen, it's over

easteregg69: VPN vise.

Gustavomdez L0: To Get Freecoins - please share us on Twitter, Facebook or Vkontakte ???

Gustavomdez L0: how do I please someone to explain

durbnpoisn L1: Gustavomdez, What did you just get here? that's been going on since this morning.

Hybridie L0: it says ok.. and still do not let me get coins...

Hybridie L0: Adverts out.. Scam is on.. Suck it..

Gustavomdez L0: if I just arrived help me how I do that

Gustavomdez L0: durbnpoisn, if I just arrived help me how I do that

placebo1977: there is a bug in the daily withdraw, 'You don't have any percent to withdraw now.' but it has been running several days :)

Juvenile9819 L0: Hi

alexdorokhov L0: x10

Siwucha321: alexdorokhov, really??

sitamadi L0: I share the tweeter link but still don’t have access to free coins I get pop up das I must share again and again

placebo1977: sitamadi, nice

Siwucha321: AA

durbnpoisn L1: Gustavomdez, If you have a Twitter or Facebook account, just make a post with a link to this site. Then copy that link, paste it into the window when it asks for it

medelout12 L0: How do I share the inclusion of a link where

durbnpoisn L1: medelout12, When you hit the Get free coins button, you will get a pop up telling you to provide the link to your post. Paster it there and press OK

trannyc247: (4 posts are under way!!)

trannyc247: Continuing with our little “ponzi” game which I picked X10 as our “victim coin” :-)

trannyc247: Today is the 3rd day of my game (can be your 1st or 2nd day). My original IB of 200k coins is now 242k

placebo1977: trannyc247, big profit

trannyc247: So, if I sell them for 1 sat now, then $40 - $24.20 = $15.80 would be my losses. I won’t do it however and will continue to let it ride.

placebo1977: trannyc247, why are you so rich?

trannyc247: And let’s hope more people will want to play and that the large holders of X10 still don’t care to add a few more BTC to their already fat wallet :-)

trannyc247: Best of luck and thank for playing :-)

usr7341: lol

bahasaket: f*ck you and good luck

trannyc247: Thank you, large holders *hint hint*

tatali L1: officiel facebook of yobit??

placebo1977: tatali, none

tatali L1: placebo1977, thanks

sabir456 L0: hello

Elviz007 L0: This thing doesn't work it shows error

yefferzon: hola a todos