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praveendaa L1: Dice is disappeared after investment how to play,pls uggest,if ask about Dice then admin block,i have written this query to customer care this problem is not solve

praveendaa L1: After invest Dice disapper from my panel

praveendaa L1: Pls suggest

Romelow L0: Lestherat,first i tried small [link] [link] this [link] come wallet of [link] site didnt send my wallet

Youssefhass L1: sex go

Romelow L0: praveendaa, what do you want ?

slimdz L1: sex guys go go

praveendaa L1: For growth daily basis,dice is compulsory to play

praveendaa L1: But dice is disappeared so how to get growth without play dice

evolibtc L0: what does this mean in investbox, ETH: 10ds

praveendaa L1: Romelow, pls suggest

evolibtc L0: pls tell me, what does this mean in investbox, ETH: 10ds

praveendaa L1: You play game the amount of 10ds

praveendaa L1: After that you get growth otherwise no growth

slimdz L1: sex sex sex

evolibtc L0: praveendaa, thanks you verymuch, but where is game, sorry im newbie

easteregg69: evolibtc, Top menu.

easteregg69: Peanuts.

evolibtc L0: Trade Marke tInvestBox Wallet sOrders History FreeCoin sCoins Info AddToken Support PM, sorry i dont see game :(

easteregg69: evolibtc, In red letters.

easteregg69: Get a bigger screen?

evolibtc L0: easteregg69, i have 24inch screen

easteregg69: CTRL+ & CTRL- & CTRL 0.

easteregg69: evolibtc, For finding the X.

evolibtc L0: can u send me link, ty

easteregg69: evolibtc, That would be invasive behavior.

evolibtc L0: i think i need invest to play game

easteregg69: evolibtc, Some of the spaces i attend makes you and investor by playing.

easteregg69: an*

Dougw779 L0: what does SKIPPED means in my investments?

easteregg69: Dougw779, No coins in IB.

Dougw779 L0: easteregg69, Thank you

easteregg69: Dougw779, Np

yluis11 L0: I m lookin for people with a lot of kbc

eduikeda L0: Is there any exchange that i can send CANN to???

shakeel3340: easteregg69, mean now this programe finished

adubasu L0: what happens when it investboxes from from change status from Active to «No coins»

yluis11 L0: People who wanna set a supernode in blockckain Karatbars with 20 % anually of profit in kbc amount investement

easteregg69: shakeel3340, Or. Wait..

SilentMHD L1: Yo?

mohancash L1: hello

mohancash L1: i sold my LDOGE token......but it's not credit btc to my wallet... what's problem?

easteregg69: mohancash, No buy orders. You have made a sellorder not filled.

easteregg69: mohancash, Doge market.

Poweredby L1: Help me

easteregg69: Poweredby, What?

mohancash L1: how can i cancel my sell order?

boris666ukuk L2: go to orders

boris666ukuk L2: press cancel

payingmlm: mohancash, click on Orders tab and then find your sell order which you want to cancel. Click on X (which you will find on far right side) to cancel that order..