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bpool: Merkato, I dont have DIce, you are idiot now right?

alexbidel: i love water ;0

marloutalon17 L1: Water will pump to 300 Sats

saifoun L0: Hi freinds whay i cant sell dice/btc ?

K9crypts: Hi i have a daughter who like to trading, what should i do

stijnt L0: K9crypts, trade her!

Renamster: sell your clam for 500%

Mayar L1: what your think about ADC coin.. ..?

Yanadia: Test

adit1989 L0: Hello

Yanadia: bpool, thx :)

yusufwelo32 L0: Hi

Yanadia: K9crypts, feel it :)

yusufwelo32 L0: alexbidel, are you agent of yobit also?

alexbidel: yusufwelo32, how? lol

Yanadia: Lol

woody592: saifoun, Not worth 1 sat is why

riandoren L0: impossible to sell DICE

bparajuli: yusufwelo32, haha

woody592: riandoren, Sell it for doge you can

kattekop L0: "All of your Litecoin, are belong to us.."

kattekop L0: all of your base :)

kader90 L0: Hi can anyone tell me where can i find "qumix" Plz

remcoVdv L1: kader90, qubix ?

kader90 L0: remcoVdv, no qumix

kattekop L0: Why wouldn't it deserve a place in the top ten? If so, like in some article, it will be the one of the cheap ways of doing stealth transactions. Anonymity is what we all want. This will be a good one. :)

remcoVdv L1: kader90, never heard from it

lsa23 L1: Hey guys, anyone buying VRA now?

lsa23 L1: Cause 2x or more since yesterday

Komarno16 L1: How to Unfreeze My Ac

lsa23 L1: And what I also see - the demand on token grows, more people are reading on its real value

kader90 L0: remcoVdv, ok, thank you

morten: ac aircondition?

lsa23 L1: So please outline what you think of VRA token guys

morten: defrost

yusufwelo32 L0: alexbidel, because you are the only one make good money or the most one

hashanwijesinghe L0: buy Mask coin

hashanwijesinghe L0: Mask is best

lsa23 L1: hashanwijesinghe, and what you think on VRA?

lsa23 L1: Cause for me the most worthwhile token for now

lsa23 L1: So I am trading the ones

hashanwijesinghe L0: lsa23 VRA is good coin

lsa23 L1: Yes, no doubt

lsa23 L1: Are you buying more VRA now?

lsa23 L1: Because I checked their roadmap, VRA looks bold

hashanwijesinghe L0: i have VRA

azwar1611 L0: Help admin

Renamster: Clam to the moon =D

bizwins L0: MASK coin is SCAM ?

ayaedewa L0: Renamster, becareful clam will down,,, sell now