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KBC0.00000209- 1.9%1.2KaratBank Coin
YO$1100.00+ 9.9%0.8Yo Token
SEDOY0.00005400- 26.1%0.8SEDO PoW Token
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FROG0.00000053+ 29.3%0.8Frog Token
LTC$76.00- 2.4%0.7Litecoin
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Time Pair Type Price Amount Total

manbtc007: splendid0412, bootifool.

usr7341: but qqq might become egold for a while. already stable for around 18 days

splendid0412: manbtc007, lol. I am just thinking what all these are doing in YOBIT. lol

manbtc007: splendid0412, i have millions of these

splendid0412: manbtc007, What are you doing with these dead coins?

splendid0412: manbtc007, What will you do with these DEAD coins.

splendid0412: manbtc007, Is it really worth keeping the IB coins and I am feared these IB coins will become complete DEAD coins in some time.

manbtc007: splendid0412, Wait for them to rise and sell

splendid0412: manbtc007, Before my death?

Muhirwa89 L1: Ooooh , soon Yo will be at 0.5

maryozone L1: I hope YO listed in Binance

splendid0412: BLAZR/BTC, STONK/BTC, ECN/BTC - 2017 year coins

KngHil: splendid0412, after death. have a little faith

splendid0412: KngHil, No point. Worthless

KngHil: splendid0412, yobit coins never go down like that.. never happened before

splendid0412: KngHil, Do you think trading is happening to those coins which I mentioned above?

mzrmzrx L1: egold

nictoop: anyone looking at TUSD and thoughts

KngHil: splendid0412, maybe I didn't read anything before reply lol

lasha8706: if qqq not added to another pair will dead

splendid0412: KngHil, [link] us hope all is well. lol

splendid0412: *let

splendid0412: lasha8706, true. But still surviving in only DOGE market

lasha8706: when qqq will be removed from IB and it happend soon, crash unavoidable

lasha8706: but people got profit from qqq

Shinkudo: panda no drop?

Shinkudo: pandaman why?

UmairQayyum4488 L1: Shinkudo, panda is just another failure

Shinkudo: UmairQayyum4488, why still not drop?

UmairQayyum4488 L1: Shinkudo, may be something is coming

Shinkudo: UmairQayyum4488, but one member here said it will drop and i sold :(

UmairQayyum4488 L1: hmmm

splendid0412: QQQ will survive for longer time

UmairQayyum4488 L1: AnyOne holds frog?

asedel L0: splendid0412, QQQonley mit dage is buy and sell?our btc can not change

splendid0412: But lot of coins at 1 sat in BTC and YO market. When these coins will trade in BTC market

Shinkudo: UmairQayyum4488, why she lay to me

UmairQayyum4488 L1: Shinkudo, haha may be because of some personal issues:)

Shinkudo: UmairQayyum4488, :(((

UmairQayyum4488 L1: Shinkudo, ')

Slcm66 L1: good morning cryptoworld :)

splendid0412: Slcm66, VGM

lasha8706: invested 100mil QQQ

tokaaa2: lasha8706, lasha gamarjoba

tokaaa2: es investboxi rogor mushaobs

lasha8706: karoche zog coins uweria raunda gaaketo rom moematos da romelsac uweria action-sho NO mashin tavisit emateba imdeni procenti ramdenic uweria

tokaaa2: magaria madloba

lasha8706: doges ar moemateboda 10-jer ds tuar gaakete yovedge

tokaaa2: tvt maqvs nayidi egeb gamimartlos

tokaaa2: romels anicheb upiratesobas