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0.03150400 0%0YobitCoin
DASH0.01222017- 2.4%879.3DASH
ZEC0.00593631- 2.6%702.8Zcash
ETH0.01940400+ 0.6%476.1Ethereum
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BTCR517500.00- 3.3%18.2Bitcoin
KBC0.00000050- 18.1%18.1KaratBank Coin
GST0.00000017+ 112.5%10.7GameStars Token
BTC$8500.00- 2.3%6.7Bitcoin
DOGE0.00000027- 3.6%5Dogecoin
ETHR9971.00- 3.5%4.1Ethereum
ETH$163.01- 2.1%1.6Ethereum
WOW0.00000940+ 24.9%1.6WOWcoin
BERN0.00000006+ 20%1.5BERNcash
LAIKA0.00000015+ 150%1.4Laika Token
0.14279947- 0.5%1.3Yo Token
XRP0.00002700- 1.1%1.3Ripple
USDR60.82- 1.3%1USD
PLBT0.00035000+ 119.6%0.9PolybiusCoin
LTCR3410.17- 4.5%0.9Litecoin
MICRO0.00000205+ 2%0.8Micro
XRP$0.22- 2.6%0.7Ripple
WAVESR52.00- 2.5%0.5Waves
EDC$0.00+ 1.4%0.5EDC blockchain
HOMA0.00000280- 33.4%0.5Cryptohoma Token
BCZERO0.00000199- 1%0.5Buggyra Zero


Time Pair Type Price Amount Total

AYSE528252 L1: doge bazzarda

sotiris333: hey guys which is the forum of yobit that they pay per message?

fructose L0: AYSE528252, Ayşe ne diyorsun anlamadım

fructose L0: 1 milyar Liza meselesi nedir.

MoZubair: why can't close my MIO investment error "E8C9D3F29F08". What does it mean?

dimodimov75 L0: Hi


alexbidel: usr7341, lol, what a trustable source you named

Merkato: damn LINK

Solomando: alexbidel, I got some at 7.

alexbidel: Solomando, 1$ or 2$?

Solomando: only 9850 :( All that was sold.

Solomando: And really I think the wait was disproportionate to the difference.

alexbidel: Solomando, not bad , that is like 5$ ;)

love786: when x10 brake 1 sat wall

Kev44er L0: is liza dead?

dimodimov75 L0: Where is my lizaaaaa

dimodimov75 L0: 1 000 000 dissapeared

Niyo02 L0: laika is comeback in game

Ec21985: dimodimov75, they denominating already

supakornkc L0: X10?

samcafe: pony at 5-6sat buy, always profit


KngHil: dimodimov75, I've been asking the same question for months

Merkato: Vikocy, lol

pmichale L1: all IB plain its full???

pleasehelpme: pmichale, Nobody can not make LIZA with investbox mining

pleasehelpme: pmichale, just can buy LIZA in market if want LIZA

pleasehelpme: Mining LIZA in the Investbox farm finished 1 months ago

trannyc247: YO is perfect for long term investment. If you start with 2 YO and save $20/day on it. In a year, you'll get around 12 YO. If next Christmas, Yobit has something similar to X10, with 12 YO, you'll get 12% daily instead of 10%. $20 a day is nothing, especially if that money comes from your trading profits.

placebo1977: how to short LIZA here?

pleasehelpme: placebo1977, There is no Short in LIZA signal- because no whales and no big investors in yobit market

pleasehelpme: placebo1977, I think just x10 can work ib before it go under zero 0 satoshi

jeffe96: pleasehelpme, do you have x10?

pleasehelpme: jeffe96, not because its seems danger -many peoples are scare now just 1 sec can go to dogoshi price and zero satoshi

jeffe96: pleasehelpme, so you have x10 okay

placebo1977: pleasehelpme, one coin you can never short. YO always moving up

pleasehelpme: jeffe96, i said not have any x10 coins

alexbidel: placebo1977, did you short BTC ?;)

MoZubair: alexbidel, how can one short without margin feature?

pleasehelpme: placebo1977, about yo just normal users have at least about over 15k$ USD can make short profit on it-unfortuntely all yobit users are poor and called 10$ dollari users

shoniz L1: pleasehelpme, when will you start say blaba about x10 like liza? lol

KngHil: pony barbeque in a jiffy

alexbidel: MoZubair, by moving your btc to other exchanges ;) easy

pleasehelpme: placebo1977, BIG coins price is just for big users moneys- like btc-bitcoin sv-yo coin -eth- and small coins are just for small users have little moneys-rule world of crypto market

MoZubair: alexbidel, normally shorting in trade is you sell something you don't have but you put margin and sell.

MoZubair: alexbidel, short sell,

maciocia: alertb, what currency?

talab369 L0: KBC dead ??

Midoao22: Gst