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0.03147900 0%0.1YobitCoin
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DOGE0.00000033+ 6.5%6.9Dogecoin
ETHR10600.00- 5.4%4.6Ethereum
ETH$169.70- 6%4.6Ethereum
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TVTD0.00007049- 2.5%1.2TVT
LTCR3276.55- 7.1%1.2Litecoin
XRP0.00003583+ 0.2%1.1Ripple
LTC$52.77- 6.6%1Litecoin
SEX0.00075502- 7.8%1Sex Token
PONY0.00000052 0%1Pony Token
SEDO0.00000902+ 6.4%0.9SEDO PoW Token
FROG0.00000037+ 2.8%0.8Frog Token
EDRC0.00000926+ 3.2%0.7EDRCoin
GCR0.00000391- 6.1%0.7GCR Coin
CBD0.00000004- 20%0.6CBD Crystals


Time Pair Type Price Amount Total

easteregg69: VIRNltd, That BTC thing got to complicated to be mass adopted.

wnpoint L0: no no hat sir. Yobit user was steeling my coins and is selling here . He transfered on his account. So I am yobit user. Another yobit user steels my money. I write support all useful info, and my coins are on sale here...

easteregg69: Crooks playing cops if you know what i mean. KYC/AML.. Bad hairday.

wnpoint L0: Most of cnt ( a small coin) on sale were belonging to me, were on my account yobit, and now are here on sale and yobit admin does nothing. ALso he was steeling almost 1,5 Btc here.

wnpoint L0: should I be happy sir? They know everything.

wnpoint L0: a serious admn, verify and stop the thieves, they are co scammers and hackers

easteregg69: wnpoint, It is not a dog eat dog world.

easteregg69: Someone has to say it.

easteregg69: wnpoint, That "i am not a robot" thing rings a bell? That is were you find your mission.

wnpoint L0: but whoever got my coins, has yobit account, as cnt can be sold only here... so

wnpoint L0: this is the proof yobit admin are thieves as well. now they will ban me, but they are thieves

easteregg69: You are making history here.

tablepiece: wnpoint, if you are writing within 10 minutes you got scammed maybe they could have helped..

keesdewit: How to get my coin delisted from Yobit?

easteregg69: Found a weak spot.

wnpoint L0: they still can help me.

wnpoint L0: my cnt are on sale here and they can easily chck that they moved internally from my account to the hacker account. VERY EASY

tablepiece: wnpoint, how? they blocked an empty account. cant do more

easteregg69: wnpoint, What if you were so drunk and stoned out you forgot?


tablepiece: wnpoint, you cannot know that

wnpoint L0: look at cnt. It worths nothing, but only to show you that they help these people

lestherat: wnpoint, be smart next time and protect your account

wnpoint L0: so they know exactly, no bullsheet

lestherat: always use 2 Fa

tablepiece: wnpoint, how many coins and when?

wnpoint L0: you are right, i will do. But these admin are thieves-

tablepiece: 0.4 btc got sold two days ago

freecoin L1: [link]

freecoin L1: Why yobitex dot net?

freecoin L1: Not yobit dot net?

lestherat: keesdewit, impossible, yobit never delist coins

SmashDestroy: freecoin, mirror

freecoin L1: Morror?

easteregg69: Reminds me when i was a seedsalesman."3 in that bag 5 in the other". Instead of just pooring.

freecoin L1: Mirror?

lestherat: freecoin, mirror site in case you cant access in your country

freecoin L1: Oic tq

easteregg69: Sold that company. Same old dude show up in the mirror.

triyunitasari: Doge moon

easteregg69: "Infinite shelf time" will be theme of next science adventure.

easteregg69: Like sugarbombs.

Grauwolf L1: what means 10ds on investmentplan?

Grauwolf L1: 10 days to hold?

triyunitasari: Grauwolf, u need dice coin

Grauwolf L1: ok thx

easteregg69: DASHBOARD EASTEREGG69. Nice!

easteregg69: If it where scroolable.

easteregg69: 1680px is not enough.

cris1010 L0: why everybody buys macro?