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PONY0.00000018- 18.2%0.9Pony Token
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YOR74700.00- 5.1%0.5Yo Token


Time Currency Amount Status

Bnance10: I’m not far off, guys. If Sex IB minimum goes to 500 and Air keeps going up due to mysterious buys, then me and the team both are on the same page. We will soon find out.

sakkievt1: Seems like air is losing a bit value

HammadAli: sakkievt1, Not a bit but a lot

glowbox907: all the money this exchange has and will never support their own coins wtf

dominikherzog: report PM scammers which promise "manual withdrawal on coins in maintenance" and "account verification" report every PM scammers which give you warden,matveevka mail for fast"help"

sakkievt1: HammadAli, pitty

HammadAli: sakkievt1, Its natural.

HammadAli: sakkievt1, Supply increases, demand is same. Price drops

qcx1res L0: getting an error when cliking on the verify button, even if i have posted the code.. any one had this error?

HammadAli: qcx1res, Now the airdrop has ended

qcx1res L0: serioulsy ??

qcx1res L0: did not see an time limit, man...

indika: what is the air dice limit

xR31GNyDAYz: indika, .00001

indika: xR31GNyDAYz, thanks

Kfaza88 L1: Airbeasy 50k

Kfaza88 L1: xR31GNyDAYz, btc?

Kfaza88 L1: :v

arrrshadkhan L0: WHAT IS THE AIRDROP ?

hunterbow L0: Any best buy coin in doge market?

Matsuna L0: Next Time please give us a time limit on the airdrops, the previous one was very disappointing

Ultimateclub L1: Fucing Airdrop. End in smoke

Pejuangbitcoin L0: 0xd coin ??????????

Jisuri L1: Matsuna, dude you had 1 hour to complete it...most of the users got it.

Stanleyfit L1: hej

UNEAK: Jisuri, yes yobit just give a $1000 to loads of users and it all hasnt benn dumped lol

UNEAK: and there is only 46 of them for sale lol

GILLBATES: any second airdrop for Yo holders that missed the first one?

NatashaKnows: hi

mkon2017 L0: people easy sell coins they have for free

mkon2017 L0: air today 30-50K sat

K9crypts: Anyone got 100 air free?

albagas13: K9crypts, not

K9crypts: albagas13, how much u got

Ciki89 L0: I got 100 AIR

parvezinvestment L0: i need 300 qubix coin

Mayur89 L1: Ciki89, liar

unnv420: liza van love

parvezinvestment L0: who has it?

UncleJJ L0: parvezinvestment, i have 6235 QUBIX

albagas13: K9crypts, nothing

UncleJJ L0: what good is it? can't sell it...

albagas13: UncleJJ, sell what

bratwin L1: love EDC


albagas13: UncleJJ, no market

Ciki89 L0: Mayur89, lol

Ciki89 L0: a lot of people got the 100 air

UncleJJ L0: albagas13, No offers to buy on any currency.

williamsmith L1: [YC]rtBNJ+YlxaN5PFa02goVZYmCX+WOTFBXLvRaAsFcliyaBuOf9VrQm1f11ndhq5la[/YC]IROLD