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ATB0.00000042+ 10.6%1.4ATBCoin


Time Currency Amount Status

Mike63rd L0: you must havent seen the vegas celebration in which people was sitting at the table with the cashgold they had got from the ATM

AceBoy1989: guys i just bought btc , be ready for dr0p, that's what happens always

glowbox907: dbwade5, gotta look beyond smoking mirrors

maciocia: AceBoy1989, same here bud if it may be of consolation

dbwade5: lol, it's the investor's curse

Evan148: the demacrates are collecting crypto to fund next election campaigns and he cant have that (especialy since he has no stake (yet) in it)

dbwade5: I think there are much bigger problems regarding crypto in general

dbwade5: (unfortunately i am part of that problem)

glowbox907: Evan148, just imagine you are president with rich friends why not tank everything you can and have your circle buy buy buy when he lives everything will x3 or more

tomdh10: glowbox907, smoking mirrors lol

tomdh10: AceBoy1989, you bought btc? right when it is going to drop!

kevtay6886: the withdrawal fee is more than the BTC value. WTF!!??

Evan148: glowbox907, right! just a rich kid that doesn't have this toy throwing a tantrum

safehaven16 L1: Mike63rd, I want to see a crypto gold coin succeed, and I am not anti KBC, but facts are facts. CashGold can purchased at a substantial discount, and the gold product is 9.99 pure and delivered now, not a year from now. I don't Seiz is a scammer, but he didn't plan very well for some fairly predictable reactions. I think the current market price for KBC is fair. It represents the gold that is actually available. Beyond that is a promise, a hope, a dream.

dbwade5: i dont think it's an issue of him not having any

dbwade5: cause it's very easy to obtain for someone like him

glowbox907: dbwade5, he doesnt buy anything high lol

Evan148: its the price point that matters

kevtay6886: How do I withdraw my BTC if the fee is greater than the BTC value?

dbwade5: you must not have much BTC kevtay6886

Jisuri L1: kevtay6886, how much is the fee?

kevtay6886: Doesn't matter. Basically, I just gave Yobit all my money.

dbwade5: you mean like... $10?

UltraMod: kevtay6886, You can sell BTC and withdraw any other crypto with low fees

mindbank L1: kevtay6886, i heard that too

Mike63rd L0: on july 4th our ceo said it will be 100 kbc exchangeable for 1 gram of gold in which it will make every coin worth 40cent. On that day he did what he said he was going to do. people was at the ATM with the cashgold from the vegas event on july 4th. Im in for the long haul I don't see anything else out here in the world that is going to free millions of people of this paper dollar debt currency

dbwade5: yobit has been very kind to me :)

mindbank L1: in telegram, we were told egold ib will be loaded today, is it true?

costas97: i doubt it but you never know

mindbank L1: costas97, umean egold?

Bonjour4gold L2: do you have telegram group link

safehaven16 L1: Mike63rd, I hope you are right, and if you are holding bonus coins it will be hard to lose money, but take some profit while you can- just in case.

dbwade5: never be afraid to secure profits

mindbank L1: Bonjour4gold,

dominikherzog has banned Mike63rd until 24.07.2019 17:35:12.

Evan148: well at least he secured a ban

mindbank L1: lol

mijowe1 L0: safehaven16, kbc rocks

dbwade5: haha

daisuke1026 L0: I am maintaining yobit all the time.

daisuke1026 L0: help [link] wallet.

daisuke1026 L0: noah wallet

tomdh10: kevtay6886, the cheapest withdrawal will be XRP

coal47: f

coal47: can anybody help me

dominikherzog: coal47, support ticket

RoadMapper: dominikherzog, Hi is service conf messages system working?

dominikherzog: RoadMapper, ?

suchibd L0: dominikherzog, I sent a ticket 13 days. Until today, there has not been any help from yobit

RoadMapper: dominikherzog, I do not receive letters from yobit.