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0.03165300 0%0.1YobitCoin
ETH0.03418111+ 1.3%2313.9Ethereum
DASH0.00782332+ 2.6%1476.6DASH
ZEC0.00731057- 2%1269.1Zcash
WAVES0.00015057+ 4.8%521Waves
BCHABC0.02638811+ 2.6%421.9BitcoinCashABC
LTC0.00515788+ 0.8%312.2Litecoin
ETC0.00063282- 2.2%48.5EthereumClassic
BTCR823157.90+ 0.6%14.8Bitcoin
ETHR28200.00+ 1.5%8.7Ethereum
BTCT11276.152876+ 5.4%5.5Bitcoin
BTC$11280.00+ 2.2%5Bitcoin
DOGE0.00000031+ 3.4%5Dogecoin
ETH$387.73+ 5%3.9Ethereum
EOS0.00027018+ 1.2%2.8EOS Token
XRP0.00002724+ 4.8%1.6Ripple
USDR73.09- 0.7%1.5USD
0.06510270+ 0.5%1.4Yo Token
ROOBEE0.00000035- 2.8%1.2Roobee
YONER0.00+ 80%1.1YONE
XEM0.00000500+ 2.9%1.1NewEconomyMovement
LTCR4283.65+ 1.9%0.9Litecoin
XRP$0.30+ 5.9%0.9Ripple
LTC$58.30+ 1.5%0.8Litecoin
DOGER0.25+ 2.1%0.8Dogecoin
USDTR72.70+ 0.5%0.8Tether USD ERC20
XRPR22.42+ 5.3%0.7Ripple
ETCR523.01+ 0.4%0.5EthereumClassic
IQNE0.00339614- 2.8%0.5iQeon
TRX0.00000175+ 1.8%0.5Tron Token
DICER0.00- 5.4%0.4Dice
IQN0.00011735+ 2%0.4iQeon
IQN$1.33+ 3.9%0.4iQeon
DICED0.00009651- 4.6%0.4Dice
USDT$1.00+ 1.4%0.4Tether USD ERC20
WAVESR124.72+ 5.3%0.3Waves
YOR52850.20+ 0.1%0.3Yo Token
MASKD0.00410000- 37.9%0.3MASK
ZECR6061.85- 0.2%0.3Zcash
YONED0.00000179+ 101.2%0.3YONE
YUPA0.00005231+ 0.2%0.2Osteria


Time Currency Amount Status

krazycure L0: yea everyone just loves rubles lul

joello88888 L0: cryptomining007, go to doge or usd market and start to trade ...don't buy DICE on btc market!

krazycure L0: get the doge, wait for BTC to goto 20,000, exchange doge for $20 of bitcoin lul

cryptomining007: DICE - USD => 7000000 Dice is $2 ??? hahaha

krazycure L0: well what did you expect, they literally gave away billions of them for free

cryptomining007: How about putting those 7000000 Dice in the Investment plan for DICE ??

flo8888: we can buy dice up to $0.05 then ask at adder ex to trade there

cryptomining007: I have 200000 FUNK coins

Perfectme L0: Please is gamestars wallet working for withdrawal?

Slapdatazz: Perfectme, click on of page..then withdrawl..then read

flo8888: doge is working

777mundial L0: cryptomining007,

777mundial L0: how to invest

Jjimon L0: what is DICE

cobratoontje: Jjimon, what is btc

yunita27 L0: what's with the masks, so many and not selling, does dev never charge

pedrosilva L0: Jjimon, DICE is the coin that you can play Dice here

pedrosilva L0: cobratoontje, kkk

Danigorbaciov L0: dice coin not sell to btc

xCrazy L0: can anyone tell me how can i fucking sell Yovi I Have 5 years here my money stuck

cryptomining007: hahahaahaha

cryptomining007: all our money is stuck here man

xCrazy L0: cryptomining007, then what we can do?

cryptomining007: YOBIT good in creating new coins... and dumb people buy them hahahahaha

cryptomining007: just pray and never put more btc here

xCrazy L0: lol

xCrazy L0: i put all btw 11k

nezbill L0: dice will dead soon

kimmi: BTC: August down, September up!!

quotedbull L0: [link]

Danigorbaciov L0: stie cineca de ce DICE NU S EPOATE VINDE?

yaser977 L0: MASK gogogo

yaser977 L0: Pmp

cryptomining007: xCrazy, what will be BTC price soon?

cryptomining007: up or down?

quotedbull L0: mask dump

cryptomining007: look MICRO / BTC

cryptomining007: its a good oportunity!!!!

yopi93 L0: Mask doesn't stop people selling

tajkouda L0: lambo

mojho123 L0: micro

cryptomining007: Mask is bullshit hahahaha

catalinadelacal L0: hello in which token do you recommend investing?

Slapdatazz: catalinadelacal, well..for me , its the one with the best return..but thats just me

hasse01 L0: CNB token investbox on coinsbit is opened!

catalinadelacal L0: What do you think of limbo?

cryptomining007: elviso2020, YOU ROCK IN DICE

elviso2020: cryptomining007, lol

cryptomining007: RELA9822 HAS A GOOD STRATEGY

cryptomining007: RELA9822, you really rock in dice !!!!