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KngHil: splendid0412, maybe I didn't read anything before reply lol

lasha8706: if qqq not added to another pair will dead

splendid0412: *let

splendid0412: lasha8706, true. But still surviving in only DOGE market

lasha8706: when qqq will be removed from IB and it happend soon, crash unavoidable

lasha8706: but people got profit from qqq

Shinkudo: panda no drop?

Shinkudo: pandaman why?

UmairQayyum4488 L1: Shinkudo, panda is just another failure

Shinkudo: UmairQayyum4488, why still not drop?

UmairQayyum4488 L1: Shinkudo, may be something is coming

Shinkudo: UmairQayyum4488, but one member here said it will drop and i sold :(

UmairQayyum4488 L1: hmmm

splendid0412: QQQ will survive for longer time

UmairQayyum4488 L1: AnyOne holds frog?

asedel L0: splendid0412, QQQonley mit dage is buy and sell?our btc can not change

splendid0412: But lot of coins at 1 sat in BTC and YO market. When these coins will trade in BTC market

Shinkudo: UmairQayyum4488, why she lay to me

UmairQayyum4488 L1: Shinkudo, haha may be because of some personal issues:)

Shinkudo: UmairQayyum4488, :(((

UmairQayyum4488 L1: Shinkudo, ')

Slcm66 L1: good morning cryptoworld :)

splendid0412: Slcm66, VGM

lasha8706: invested 100mil QQQ

BronchoBull2020: Chinga el mundo

tokaaa2: why delete my text? :)

Jesseywealth L0: When next is Ieo?

Jesseywealth L0: Yobit ieo Yo market is welcome now!!!

placebo1977: Jesseywealth, why? we still have PANDA

lasha8706: .

Jesseywealth L0: placebo1977, the wall need to be broken lol

sarah6013: I need new ico ;)

placebo1977: Jesseywealth, they should do another ieo that require no sell of YO and PANDA for the next 7 days and then he same rule applies for the newer ieos, no sell in YO and the next ieo and the next

placebo1977: sarah6013, indeed Jack

sarah6013: placebo1977, :)

splendid0412: sarah6013, Worthless IEOs

tompi L1: waiting for 10k faucet

tompi L1: btc

Asis88 L0: just 17K token yo,

usr7341: placebo1977, it doesnt matter what they demand to do, to support yo the need to create an incentive to hold it for whatever reason

sarah6013: splendid0412, last 3 ico that i was here was good. Why worthless?

placebo1977: sarah6013, because he bought too high, lol, because it didn't do x10000 lol

sarah6013: placebo1977, 10 - 20% profit is good. I made 0.2 btc till now in last 3 ico

xinaxin: I think DOGE will replace Dollar as a global currency

Jesseywealth L0: Yo should be given infrastructural supports like exchanging Yo through Cryptomart, Pos payment, partnership with big investment for liquidity etc Yobit has slot to do to make Yo a strong Crypt.

manbtc007: xinaxin, I think SLFI or TOKEN or EGAME are better option than DOGE to replace dollar. Please comment.

xinaxin: manbtc007, DOGE has a larger adoption. who doesn't own DOGE here

5164202: manbtc007, lol

Elton23: lol

5164202: xinaxin, I know there are huge numbers of Doge in circulation. It started as a joke and has come a long long way, to be honest. People still beleive Doge could hit USD 1 some day. But, it will never even hit USD 0.25 even. Too many Doge in there and there is no fixed Max supply for Doge. The numbers of Doge will increase till miners mine Doge..... The max supply of Doge is infinite