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0.03147900 0%0.1YobitCoin
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ZEC0.00439743+ 0.8%875Zcash
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BTCR492604.96- 5.7%17.5Bitcoin
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VERA0.00000248- 13.3%6.8Vera Token
DOGE0.00000033+ 6.5%6.6Dogecoin
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ETHR10643.85- 2.4%4.2Ethereum
ETH$170.00- 3.5%4.1Ethereum
XRP0.00003654+ 0.5%3.3Ripple
WOW0.00001231- 10.8%1.9WOWcoin
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KBC0.00000264+ 4.8%1.6KaratBank Coin
USDR62.89+ 0.8%1.6USD
EDRC0.00000900- 3.3%1.2EDRCoin
WAVES0.00009686- 1%1.1Waves
LTCR3235.61- 6.1%1Litecoin
LTC$51.72- 6.4%1Litecoin
SEDO0.00000880+ 10%0.9SEDO PoW Token
SEX0.00077405- 0.9%0.9Sex Token
PONY0.00000051 0%0.8Pony Token
FROG0.00000036 0%0.8Frog Token
DOGER0.16- 4.1%0.5Dogecoin


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easteregg69: Slapdatazz, Right. 4 years sounds good.

Slapdatazz: easteregg69, lol

raheem84 L0: btc road to 5K as i mentioned 1 month ago

easteregg69: Slapdatazz, Check the dates on orders. Does it say what year it is?

Slapdatazz: raheem84, one can only hope !

easteregg69: Slapdatazz, It does.

coinhodler777 L0: What is 10 ds in the invest box?

JJMithras: coinhodler777,

JJMithras: play 10 times in dice games, must play in he specific currency the invest demands

MdFaysal L1: Guys I am Unable to cancel my order pls help

raypol: MdFaysal, go to "orders" at the top of the window

coinhodler777 L0: Where's the dice game located?

raypol: scroll down under here, or at the top in orange

MdFaysal L1: raypol, Thanks a lot man I am had been looking to cancel order from few weeks. Thanks

raypol: MdFaysal, You're welcome.

MdFaysal L1: Can I transfer balance to another yobit?

Mahadevan211 L0: Dear team invest box details doubt i am 0.01 btc invest daily profit 1% 0.0001 btc credit in my wallet?

Stoli3liT: MdFaysal, use yobicodes there's no fees

MdFaysal L1: Stoli3liT, I saw codes page But I am not understanding anything

MdFaysal L1: Lol they need min 0.0001 to codes I have only 0.00005 and in other account 0.00006

Stoli3liT: select your coin and select amount you want to send with this coin make sure you canceled the orders to see it on the list .. then hit the button .. don't show or send that code to any body active it to yourself from other account

MdFaysal L1: Stoli3liT, Thanks man But I have only 0.00005 and 0.00006 in both accounts

Stoli3liT: MdFaysal, and you can't trade with as min. to open order 10,000sat in btc market ^^

MdFaysal L1: Is there any low with fees coin in yobit?

rsbgold L1: hello room

rsbgold L1: what is dice?

adachi2 L0: Swat update plz

adachi2 L0: SWAT update plz

MdFaysal L1: I can't see dice page

splendid0412: Dashboard page - Why the BTC balance is not displayed to the dead coins like EGOLD, YONE, MIO, ATOMIX, YOZI etc etc..

splendid0412: So, yobit itself confirming that these coins are dead with no future plan? Is that the reason those coin's estimated BTC value are 0.0000 btc

pascol192208 L1: Arct scam?

jerandersonp L0: pascol192208, a bot is doing the job, it is a scam

dominikherzog: report PM scammers which promise "manual withdrawal on coins in maintenance" and "account verification"

Mridul25 L0: Good morning guys

Wano2811 L0: Yone usd

rashidnadeem L0: Yone gose upbor down

rashidnadeem L0: Yone goes up or down

rashidnadeem L0: Yone doge

rashidnadeem L0: .

Bitbang: dominikherzog, HI no news for Cloak wallet ?

splendid0412: Bitbang, Oh man.. just forget and go ahead with further plans. Don't beg.. Think our LIFE is not in a small circle..

rashidnadeem L0: .

tokaaa2: woow

tokaaa2: add new page, its good

Idashraaf L0: tokaaa2, where new page? dash in top page?

tokaaa2: Idashraaf, yes

Idashraaf L0: tokaaa2, tanks

tokaaa2: Idashraaf, y r wecom

Bitbang: splendid0412, wtf ! your name is dominikherzog ? no ... ! so go ahead without me and forget me, it's not you I addressed my question to initially... if you're looking for friends go to facebook