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BTCT9800.7556027+ 1%0.8Bitcoin
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HEX0.00000040- 4.8%0.7HEX Token
WATER0.00001398+ 1.3%0.7WATER
USDT1.00497980+ 2.5%0.6USD
LTCR3261.93- 0.7%0.5Litecoin
LTC$47.40- 1.5%0.4Litecoin
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Time Rate Type Prize Status

bryan120603: bparajuli, what do you mean by secure?

bparajuli: bryan120603, i am not gonna explain here, i could be banned from domini:)

Obinnanjoku L0: Mctombiz, wow my country brother

youdedend L1: Obinnanjoku, Yes, you can hold it

Mctombiz: Obinnanjoku, yes, you can hold Dice token. But the best option for now is to invest it in investbox and get 1%profit every 24hrs

youdedend L1: Mctombiz, +1

sameerabtc87 L0: Buy micro your good invest for 5 years

sameerabtc87 L0: Micro won't be removed in invest box

Mctombiz: Obinnanjoku, for you to also get 1% returns daily, you have to play Dice game 10 times every 24hrs

Obinnanjoku L0: Mctombiz, can I withdraw from investbox anytime I want to?

Mctombiz: Obinnanjoku, you can withdraw your Dice token investment from investbox anytime

sameerabtc87 L0: Micro coin gives 1% daily for your holding amount

Slick1967 L0: Is there an admin here

dominikherzog: Slick1967, autopilot mode

sameerabtc87 L0: Invest for micro it ll be up your daily profit

Slick1967 L0: dominikherzog, can you please help me with my account

dominikherzog: Slick1967, no

Slick1967 L0: dominikherzog, who can?

dominikherzog: Slick1967, micro traes on doge markets?

dominikherzog: orders**

Slick1967 L0: dominikherzog, I don't understand

dominikherzog: Slick1967, really?

youdedend L1: dominikherzog, +1

sameerabtc87 L0: Always micro matket for good btc /micro

Slick1967 L0: dominikherzog, what's a micro trade

dominikherzog: your account is blocked because micro trades...and now you ask for help

clockworkhex L1: what's a micro trade

Mctombiz: dominikherzog, when will Dice market be open for trading?

Mctombiz: dominikherzog, no official update or info in respect of the Dice airdrop. Everybody is in the dark

Jisuri: Mctombiz, the only info is still *no info*...why are ppl so unpatient when they get something for free?

Kabelion L0: Buy CNG ,pump soon

Mctombiz: Jisuri, I didn't direct my enquiry to you. My enquiry is for dominikherzog. Don't respond to my enquiry

Jisuri: Mctombiz, and that was the latest info he gave...this question is asked 50-100 times a day in chat and i just answer you. Nothing more to it. Watch twitter and be fast if it opens

Elo86: Jisuri, +1

s0ldi3r: Mctombiz, have no worry..when the time comes, you will get your $7,000,000 lol

exchangeme4cash: how can one benefit from the dice when you can trade it

mdarifhossen L0: Every one should buy EOS today for next 3 days.....going to MOON

s0ldi3r: mdarifhossen, EOS wallet is offline here.

mdarifhossen L0: s0ldi3r, but eos is available here

s0ldi3r: mdarifhossen, only for internal trading..then the price would not affect based on the real market

2freshmedia: INVEST so cheap buy buy buy

alexbidel: God please eat me, still we have noobs that buy 0.017 btc liza at btc market??!!

nubbins7: alexbidel, And then they still cant get into any of the liza IB lol

tablepiece: alexbidel, can you imagine how many btc we could have grabbed there? i played it too safe i guess lol.

sikkan L0: can i use the DICE i got for free? :D

Jisuri: alexbidel, hey alex, 3 days. Are you prepared for the Birthday-party? ;)

alexbidel: Jisuri, 30+3 days, birthday is in July

Jisuri: alexbidel, oh, did mistake it then :(

alexbidel: Jisuri, you have 30days to compound and get more Yo from ib ;)

Tomasz L1: liza go :)