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0.03166700 0%0.1YobitCoin
ETH0.03244636- 0.5%2408Ethereum
DASH0.00648337+ 0.5%1526.9DASH
ZEC0.00507000+ 1.5%1203.3Zcash
WAVES0.00022960+ 10.4%497.9Waves
BCHABC0.02072685+ 0.9%455.1BitcoinCashABC
LTC0.00426184+ 1.9%321.8Litecoin
ETC0.00057126- 2.8%39.6EthereumClassic
BTCR840466.99+ 1.9%11.4Bitcoin
MINEX0.00002518+ 6.7%9.6Virtual Mining
BTC$10997.00+ 1.6%5.5Bitcoin
0.08606990+ 0.7%4.2Yo Token
ETHR27100.00+ 0.8%3.7Ethereum
DMT0.00001111- 13.9%1.8DMarket
ETH$356.00+ 1.1%1.7Ethereum
USDR76.07+ 0.6%1.6USD
TRX0.00000244+ 1.7%1.5Tron Token
ROOBEE0.00000029 0%1.3Roobee
LTC$46.56+ 2.4%0.9Litecoin
BTCT10560.000000+ 0.6%0.9Bitcoin
MINEXR21.00+ 8.6%0.8Virtual Mining
LBTC$3.90- 44.2%0.7Lightning Bitcoin
USDT$1.03- 0.6%0.7Tether USD ERC20
DOGE0.00000025 0%0.6Dogecoin
MINEX$0.27+ 5.7%0.6Virtual Mining
WAVESR191.12+ 12.5%0.5Waves
CRVW0.53000008+ 2.7%0.5Curve DAO Token
YUPA0.00001177- 26.5%0.5Osteria
LTCR3550.00+ 3.6%0.5Litecoin
DOGER0.21+ 2.7%0.5Dogecoin
USDTR78.76+ 1%0.4Tether USD ERC20
ETC$6.31- 1.1%0.4EthereumClassic
WAVES$2.52+ 10.7%0.4Waves
XEM0.00000928+ 1.2%0.3NewEconomyMovement
MAPC0.00000363+ 5%0.3MapCoin
URCW0.00075000+ 95.7%0.3UnrealCoin
XRP0.00002234+ 0.6%0.2Ripple
EOS0.00024448- 0.3%0.2EOS Token
MINEXD99.00000000+ 6.1%0.2Virtual Mining
TRXR2.03+ 3.2%0.2Tron Token
BSTY0.00001131+ 21.9%0.2GlobalBoost-Y


Order time Closed time Pair Type Price Amount Completed Total

marek103 L0: When I buy a mask I will invest 10% IB to see if it doesn't work

Shalim76 L0: 2CE18B74

frejak2000: durbnpoisn, and with that being said...I also do not park large amounts on any exchange unless I earned it there.

valivarthi L0: lets see where does EASY open up when it gets listed

valivarthi L0: I have 2000 now all I got is from free IB and dice :)

frejak2000: durbnpoisn, Yobit created tokens have a short life and can be huge profit, this new "candy", Minex, is the first to have it own self sustaining plan...for awhile! It's a great wave to ride for a month or so and then re-examine.

valivarthi L0: frejak2000, rightly said bro it could show side effects after a certain period

valivarthi L0: get ready for a blast in TRX friends

frejak2000: durbnpoisn, if you have the time to use the new RoboTrade in union with the Minex small up and downs, you can make some serious money short term

durbnpoisn L1: frejak2000, yeah, looking at that. haven't worked it out yet. It is not at all well explained

frejak2000: valivarthi, yes it is sustained by the purchase of miners, once they stop buying miners it will stall. That is the reason they started an affiliate to promote them

valivarthi L0: not many selling below 280 satoshi in trx so possibility of moving up is more than its being going down

valivarthi L0: true and its hard to maintain these prices also

frejak2000: durbnpoisn, ya, that's the other problem here, it's run by techie nerds that assume you know what they are talking about

valivarthi L0: frejak2000, I m not sure if this has got any usecase or not

sotiris333: hello there..for how long the miners long...i have a miner is there an expire date?thanx

valivarthi L0: Is anyone into waves and trx ?

frejak2000: sotiris333, forever

valivarthi L0: frejak2000, whats ur trading view on trx and waves?

sotiris333: frejak2000, for sure?

frejak2000: sotiris333, whether they are worth it or not

frejak2000: sotiris333, yes, Admin and moderators have confirmed it

sotiris333: a ok..thanx for info

nazim789 L0: Don't sell mask low price wait And see sometime.

Alesam: MAPC

valivarthi L0: nazim789, no use bro to hold it

Fikolara L0: valivarthi, can we buy EASY?

Fikolara L0: and also QQQ i see those 2 in the investment plans but i couldn't find them anyweher

valivarthi L0: you cant buy easy as it is not listed here yet bro

valivarthi L0: from 777 I made my balance as 2020 ;)

laxmi600 L0: valivarthi, hello vishnu bro

valivarthi L0: by the tme it gets listed on 1st oct probably i can make it 2250

valivarthi L0: laxmi600, did u see waves bro did you buy any when it went to 821 per wave

valivarthi L0: I bought at 826

valivarthi L0: see now waves 23169 good move happening in it

laxmi600 L0: valivarthi, konamantara?

laxmi600 L0: valivarthi, ok bro

valivarthi L0: trx you can try laxmi if you wish but i wish you do ur research as well bro

valivarthi L0: I am going to hold my trx till it reaches 300 satoshi

valivarthi L0: I entered at 240 satoshi

laxmi600 L0: valivarthi, ippudu trx konacha

valivarthi L0: laxmi600, yes for a target of 10% from here

valivarthi L0: you can exit at 270 in a week time

valivarthi L0: buy it and keep it for sale at 270 it will execute

laxmi600 L0: valivarthi, trx each one 9.54601196 pettenu bro

laxmi600 L0: valivarthi, just buy order

valivarthi L0: better buy in btc if you have btc bro

valivarthi L0: not much trading happening in doge in trx

sadullah L0: buy dice btc

valivarthi L0: ok ok no probs check the price and compare the price in btc once