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WAVESR79.17+ 1.9%0.4Waves
IQN$1.01+ 1.7%0.3iQeon
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IETH0.00000599- 22.7%0.3iEthereum


Time Currency Amount Status

djqbic L0: yusufwelo32, in moscow RUR

yusufwelo32 L0: Nope , in $

marinin393: yusufwelo32, yes I know we got some soldiers in Syria :D

yusufwelo32 L0: marinin393, alot

yusufwelo32 L0: Someday i will invite you also

marinin393: yusufwelo32, next year I will come to Syria, we got an Gas-pipline project over there, I will be the supervisior engineer!

djqbic L0: are there any events at your place /

marinin393: djqbic, as I know it becomes kinda quite over there, there are just some rebell mofos in the desert.

djqbic L0: marinin393, you are the engineer?

marinin393: djqbic, yes. The GERMAN engineer :D

djqbic L0: marinin393, you help me?

marinin393: djqbic, how?

djqbic L0: i have idea

djqbic L0: but alone not

marinin393: djqbic, sure but better pm me Im fuckin sleepy :D

djqbic L0: marinin393, some time like my

djqbic L0: marinin393, du bist deutche?

marinin393: djqbic, ja ich habe dir doch erzählt, dass ich aus Deutschland bin haha

marinin393: djqbic, ich wohne jetzt nur in Moskau

marinin393: djqbic, but better pm I sleep almost meeen :D

djqbic L0: marinin393, wait:) pm for dich

marinin393: djqbic, I pm you already bro

djqbic L0: me to

djqbic L0: marinin393, YA napisal nemnogo na drugom yazyke

marinin393: djqbic, da ya widel :)

yusufwelo32 L0: Both of you I will make you my friends

djqbic L0: da

zarraga20 L0: quien habla espanol

marinin393: zarraga20, no senior

zarraga20 L0: alguien aca sabe de algun grifo que pague instantaneo en ltc o btc?

yusufwelo32 L0: marinin393, you will come to my country without drink somthing with impossible

zarraga20 L0: Does anyone here know of any faucet that instantly pays in ltc or btc?

marinin393: yusufwelo32, I dont drink alcohol at all :)

marinin393: zarraga20, here you have investboxes, where you can put your money in and they will pay you dayli %

MiklosSarkadi L0: zarraga20, ya the faucet is called a mining rig

yusufwelo32 L0: marinin393, so am I , only coffe aand tea an mate

zarraga20 L0: or someone from a page that one can make offers and surveys and pay immediately if they know it would be of great help please

djqbic L0: fauce-not come here-what is---contract?

djqbic L0: if you use fauced dont write exchange wallet address... !

djqbic L0: zarraga20, i know bch and eth

infernoblast L0: [link] many qubix should i dice for invest yoda? anybody calculate?

GoodLuckCrypto: infernoblast, put down that lolly

djqbic L0: infernoblast, yoda qubix dice?

djqbic L0: what you have done

infernoblast L0: i want to earn my yoda with investing

infernoblast L0: is it only way dice with btc?

GoodLuckCrypto: infernoblast, do not become investor for friends and family

djqbic L0: I'm playing a party .. who will join

djqbic L0: i join... gont give up please

djqbic L0: purple noise...