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ETHR14452.24- 1.6%2.9Ethereum
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LTCR6425.00+ 0.4%1.1Litecoin
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AGR0.00000007+ 16.7%0.6Autograde


Time Currency Amount Status

gerhardc: placebo1977, noted =)

btclover000: FoxofMarketc, +1 me too

AceBoy1989: btc please come back to 5k , thank you

gerhardc: AceBoy1989, so when you buy that it drops even more?

gerhardc: lol

AceBoy1989: gerhardc, and when i sell it rises

gerhardc: AceBoy1989, story of our lives

AceBoy1989: gerhardc, i have some now, i am sure if i buy more it'll start to dr0p , and if i s3ll it'll rise

noobminer L0: my friend will pump in the next days yoni in yo market to 1$ just a info :)

gerhardc: AceBoy1989, i recommend buying with all the news about bakkt

AceBoy1989: gerhardc, where to follow bakkt news?

noobminer L0: yozi

gerhardc: AceBoy1989, bakkt DOT com

AceBoy1989: ok

maciocia: noobminer, my cousin will dump yoni to 1 yosat ;)

pushkarmore: DOGE withdrawal fee is now 500?

pushkarmore: tht is too steep. what was it earlier.. pennies i think

pushkarmore: other sites of the size of yobit, fees are 1 to 5 DOGE

gerhardc: pushkarmore, use ltc or eth to withdraw

pushkarmore: the thing is opportunity for a trade exists in doge

mahee44z L1: hi

pushkarmore: dont want to go around in ltc or other currency n then convery back to doge to place the trade

pushkarmore: eats up in the margin as well as tad longer

gerhardc: pushkarmore, true


pushkarmore: almost 500 x withdrawal fee is unheard off

HUSILK L0: bitcoin hash list

ichiyangwa L1: pushkarmore, guys cmon 500 doge thats like $1.60

Aferist429: TOKEN. The cheapest krintulyut on the stock exchange and is still traded without problems. When flying, the cue ball to the moon will grow dozens of times, like 2017th year. It costs pennies, at least for now.

pushkarmore: ichiyangwa, consider moving just 1000 doge that costs you 500 doge in fees!

pushkarmore: irrespective of what it translates to $

pushkarmore: point is, it is not competitive compared to other players

pushkarmore: should be close to what most of the players offer

ichiyangwa L1: pushkarmore, thats peanuts

pushkarmore: at hte most double

pushkarmore: will u say that about btc if the fees were 500 times higher than other sites?

ichiyangwa L1: pushkarmore, you should know not everyone plays with everone's rules

pushkarmore: why translate to usd

pushkarmore: haha

ichiyangwa L1: pushkarmore, i wouldnt mind depending with how fast i want my things done

pushkarmore: m just saying 500 times is nuts.. who does that. at the most double is fine

ichiyangwa L1: pushkarmore, i translated so you see its as good as nothing

pushkarmore: no network demands 500 x fees for a fast transfer

pushkarmore: that can be done with 500x can be done with 2x

pushkarmore: mate, if it was to be translated to usd all the time, then the point of having cryptocurrencies is defeated

ichiyangwa L1: pushkarmore, you compared with bitcoin which is like doge

ichiyangwa L1: pushkarmore, c'mon

pushkarmore: forget it

ichiyangwa L1: kkkkkkki

pushkarmore: yobits gone nuts!