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ETH$203.94- 6.2%3.7Ethereum
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LTCR4318.13- 9.9%1.3Litecoin
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MULTIE0.00000003+ 200%1MultiCoin
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LTC$69.00- 9%0.9Litecoin
LEAFE0.00000004 0%0.7LeafCoin
YO$1169.06- 4.4%0.5Yo Token
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YOR72136.32- 6.4%0.4Yo Token


Time Currency Amount Status

van001: tran247, yobit mission for sex and panda is good, keep holding

jnwsf: HammadAli, kis k

HammadAli: jnwsf, Yahi to secret hai

tran247: van001, not just those two new coins, but you are absolutely right about those two

tablepiece: tran247, :) good you bought a nice stake, do take some profit from time to time in case of rebuying

jnwsf: Aik to secret bohot hain

HammadAli: jnwsf, Bhai dunya poori hi secret hai

HammadAli: jnwsf, kaha se ho?

jnwsf: ,

Nafi15 L1: Bulek70, Egold depends on the same the users, all the same coin. if we want to take the result of every crypto coin, we should keep not destroying its price.

jnwsf: Amazai

jnwsf: Aap

oxyle L0: panda looks promising coin

HammadAli: jnwsf, Rawalpindi

tran247: tablepiece, I know you’ve been around.. and you know what you’re doing.. I am

tran247: only playing around

HammadAli: tran247, I know what i am doing.

jnwsf: Parosi ho phir to

tran247: HammadAli, I bet you do too.. and a bunch of them guys

HammadAli: tran247, What i do? Can you explain?

tran247: HammadAli, wtf?

HammadAli: tran247, WTF from me too/

Nafi15 L1: It's time to buy Egold and keep each other price then IB will be active. If we realize EGOLD could make each of us rich.

tran247: HammadAli, you said you know and I only said I believed you.. should that start a debate??

oxyle L0: Nafi15, really how will make me rich that worthless coin?

tablepiece: tran247, sure but i usually know what i should do but dont always act, have to trust my instincts [link] play this round of investboxes so well

oxyle L0: e-gold is 1 sar

oxyle L0: 1 satoshi worth nothin

jnwsf: Wese is ka kheyal bura ni Tran ka

HammadAli: tran247, Yes.

mahesman: why sex always green?

HammadAli: tran247, This thing is enough to start a debate

HammadAli: mahesman, So you think it should be red?

tablepiece: HammadAli, lol ok it looks like you have no clue what you are doing

HammadAli: tablepiece, Debate with me. Don't move to ther topics

jnwsf: Is he doing wrong

mahesman: i remember Yozi with daily 7% move up for 2 months, with no usage or news. why not Sex repeat the same ? even with daily 2% can be stable for more than 2Months..

tran247: HammadAli, he meant you looked like you couldn’t understand English well

tablepiece: HammadAli, your confusing us, you want to talk about your trading strategy? feel free to share

JD2dany L0: why offer privately 5% days on BTC, and not instead remove the shares for all you IB?

tablepiece: JD2dany, they dont!!!!!

HammadAli: tran247, Yes. But i am a teacher of English

jnwsf: Egold price falls every time when ib become active

tran247: Well, I woke up at 3am and saw Dan’s posts... Dan, those are scammers

tran247: Anyone offering any special IB via PM are scammers

tran247: In the end, they wanted to rob you blind

van001: tran247, yes

JD2dany L0: tran247, admin Matveevka - [email protected][link]

JD2dany L0: Dear Yobit User! Yobit offers you to approve your account for 5% daily BTC Premium Invest box. No dices needed. This is our first Cold Storage Invest Box so you get your private key and can withdraw yur funds at any time. It's very safe. Here are the details of 5% daily BTC INVEST BOX: ✅ 5% daily. ✅ Your deposit will be doubled. For example, if you put 1 BTC in the invest box you will get 2 BTC instantly + 5% daily. ✅ Full access to Yobit insurance fund. ✅ Trading signals from Yobit.

tablepiece: JD2dany, scam dont post messages from scammers