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kattekop L1: :) Safe or unsafe, I don't dare anymore. They bring my food and that's it. All day here.

easteregg69: kattekop, Enjoy.

kattekop L1: :) Yes little things make me happy.

easteregg69: I do. No crowds.

kattekop L1: I just took a walk at 7'o clock when everybody was squeezing his TV.

kattekop L1: No one to be seen on the streets. Thankfully.

kattekop L1: At nights I'm most scared.

easteregg69: kattekop, I have seen that to. Night time in capital city. Empty streets.

kattekop L1: Hey have you thought about Coca Cola, it came to mind, Coca Cola all well, but if they can't make plastic bottles to fill it... No Cola then. Or, maybe its one and he same company.

kattekop L1: Lots of things happening now, ppl that make parts for another..

kattekop L1: Dominoes..

easteregg69: kattekop, Right that could be a real problem. Shop dont take bottles these days where i shop. Untill things returns to normal.

kattekop L1: But that's more in the car industry.

kattekop L1: We're gonna be long on this shit, I've heard.

kattekop L1: on=in

easteregg69: kattekop, Ha ha.

kattekop L1: oh lol :)

kattekop L1: yeaaah maaan

easteregg69: Havent thought about the carindustri..

kattekop L1: financial joke :)

kattekop L1: longing shit

easteregg69: kattekop, "Capital city". I impress myself to..

kattekop L1: easteregg69, I must really featch some sleep, been here since 6'o clock this morning.

kattekop L1: take car

Lacika666 L0: WTL easily grow ön Doge papír guys

kattekop L1: e :)

easteregg69: kattekop, Ok then.

Lacika666 L0: ON WTL/DOGE papír nő

kattekop L1: easteregg69, have a good ine on me

Lacika666 L0: No sell wall guys

kattekop L1: DGB coming down....prrrrtttt....fff...

easteregg69: kattekop, Famous last words.

kattekop L1: hahahahaha

kattekop L1: a deep shit and his life passed away, tthat was kattekop people

kattekop L1: prrrrt

IAMSORRY: kattekop, Do you want it to be $1 to sell?

kattekop L1: yawn no, i am gone , see y'all take care, we will see where we end

kattekop L1: fear is taken away by pilld im gonna sleep now

kattekop L1: pilld=pills

Lacika666 L0: No sell wall on WTL/DOGE pair

kattekop L1: tomorrow a new day with fresh idiiots to buy our stuff :)

kattekop L1: easteregg69 :)

easteregg69: kattekop, Yes. Seeing if there's any money in being liquidity provider..

easteregg69: kattekop, 4 dollars so far. Not bad.

sssohaib: zec , lol

Solomando: Alright let's do this.

sssohaib: lock down

sssohaib: I'mnot keen to buy though, just playing around

fmagustina L0: che, no me da los tokens, no me valida el twitter

fmagustina L0: a alguien mas le pasa?