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0.03103900 + 0.1% 0.1 YobitCoin
ETH 0.03461931 + 0.1% 1844.6 Ethereum
ZEC 0.01384943 + 2.9% 849.8 Zcash
LSK 0.00037376 - 2.4% 415 Lisk
DASH 0.02306854 - 1.8% 411.1 DASH
LTC 0.01479935 - 1.4% 181 Litecoin
GELD 0.00000007 - 58.9% 38.1 SGelderGER
FTO 0.00079041 + 0.2% 28 FuturoCoin
NOAH 0.00000015 - 6.3% 23 NoahCoin
BTC R260962.00 + 0.2% 21.4 Bitcoin
EDR2 0.00000177 - 4.4% 18.9 E-DinarCoin2
EDRC 0.00025470 + 0.3% 16.8 EDRCoin
BTC $4203.00 + 0.4% 15.7 Bitcoin
WAVES 0.00068851 + 0.1% 14.9 Waves
LBR 0.00000039 - 22% 12.1 LIBERTALIA
SEDO 0.00002359 + 4% 10.8 SEDO PoW Token
CLUB 0.00006913 - 6.6% 6.8 ClubCoin
XVG 0.00000169 - 2.9% 6.5 DogeCoinDark
ETH R8955.00 - 0.4% 6.3 Ethereum
TVT D0.00017312 - 47.7% 4.9 TVT
BCHABC 0.03889462 - 4.5% 4.8 BitcoinCashABC
DOGE 0.00000051 - 2% 4.7 Dogecoin
KIN E0.00000047 + 42.5% 4.6 KIN
YUPA 0.09100000 + 37.9% 3.9 Osteria
ETH $145.10 + 0.7% 3.3 Ethereum
LTC R3843.68 - 1.5% 3.3 Litecoin
KBC 0.00000776 + 1.4% 2.9 KaratBank Coin
FTO $3.30 + 0.4% 2.4 FuturoCoin
KMX 0.00000003 0% 2.3 Kimex
PLC 0.00630000 - 0.3% 2.1 Platin Coin

Investment plans

Invest your free coins to InvestBox! It’s a tool for devs to promote their coins. It’s NOT Pyramid/HYIP, all payments are made from special fund.
InvestBoxes can change status from Active to «No coins», but you can close your investment any time, it’s 100% safe.
Investment plans
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Ujnakn6: GROW / BTC will now be pamp, 9 minutes before the start

Ujnakn6: GROW / BTC will now be pamp, 8 minutes before the start

Ujnakn6: GROW / BTC will now be pamp, 7 minutes before the start

Ujnakn6: GROW / BTC will now be pamp, 6 minutes before the start

Bnm54321 L1: Btt Will hit 0.5 $

Ujnakn6: GROW / BTC will now be pamp, 5 minutes before the start

moha61592 L0: i dont think it will pamp

Ujnakn6: GROW / BTC will now be pamp, 4 minutes before the start

4XBIT L0: I want to list my coin. I have paid 0.1 BTC but not getting any reply.

4XBIT L0: Kindly respond on my mail id, and provide me the further step to list my coin.

czfrankel L1: Bnm54321, when

Ujnakn6: GROW / BTC will now be pamp, 3 minutes before the start

stijnt L1: Ujnakn6, thanks for sharing

Ujnakn6: GROW / BTC will now be pamp, 2 minutes before the start

zaza123zaza L0: GELD up!!!

Ujnakn6: GROW / BTC will now be pamp, 1 minute before the start, good luck to all

djqbic L0: good morning,hallo,hi,cześć,good day for trade today

Ujnakn6: GROW / BTC will now be pamp, seconds before the start, good luck to all

kobbyquansah L1: Any admin alive here

Ujnakn6: GROW / BTC will now Pamp, there will be big X

purplerainbow L2: wow look at GROW doing nothing:)

moha61592 L0: wow

BrandonHopkins L1: purplerainbow, lol

stijnt L1: Ujnakn6, nothing happens... why?

Bottlegod L0: because nobody is buying his GROW he bought yesterday :D

deminth L0: KIN?

moha61592 L0: Ujnakn6, hhhhhh what happen te GROW HHHH

deminth L0: anyone trade kin?

ishan1011 L0: what about AMA coins??

easteregg69: deminth, Any day.

deminth L0: easteregg69, wht is you order sell or buy?

easteregg69: deminth, Both.

ishan1011 L0: Any one Know about AMA

deminth L0: easteregg69, set up selll order 0.000076

easteregg69: deminth, Nope. It's on set and forget.

ducmen68 L1: trix

deminth L0: look ki now

batuhantstkn L0: I could't find MPAY on YoBit

C3lz0: I am a little disappointed with the answer to support tickets, gaar has not been doing anything for weeks ...

easteregg69: deminth, At 011.

easteregg69: BTC.

easteregg69: deminth, I am mostly on doge market.

deminth L0: oh, i'm on USD mrkt

easteregg69: deminth, When i get big..

easteregg69: deminth, 5055 kin is on now.

dbelzecky: how long does it take for them to reply to a support ticket

noobminer L0: When will Quantum Wallet Online again?

warden has banned IUjkna51 until 26.03.2019 11:16:48.

usr7341 L1: thank you warden!

davidovsky1: warden,please increase yozi min ib