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Currency Amount
BTC 0.00000000
LTC 0.00000000
DASH 0.00000000
DOGE 0.00000000
YOVI 0.00000000
ETH 0.00000000
LSK 0.00000000
EBONUS 0.00000000
USD 0.00000000
RUR 0.00000000
Est. BTC: 0.00000000 BTC
Name Price Ch. Vol.
Name Price Ch. Vol. fullname
0.03144700+ 0.1%0.1YobitCoin
ETH0.02115381- 0.9%1117.5Ethereum
ZEC0.00717697- 2.1%754.4Zcash
DASH0.01125140+ 1.6%406.3DASH
LSK0.00013730+ 0.1%341.3Lisk
LTC0.00941742- 0.8%186.3Litecoin
WAVES0.00013906- 0.8%42.7Waves
EDC0.00000036- 2.8%28.4EDC blockchain
BTC$10868.61- 3.9%15.4Bitcoin
ETC0.00059196+ 2.2%15EthereumClassic
BTCR684176.99- 3.7%11.1Bitcoin
0.03540000+ 0.2%5.1Yo Token
ETH$230.49- 3.9%3.7Ethereum
ETHR14400.00- 4.6%2.9Ethereum
PYN0.00000403- 3.9%2.7PAYCENT
GCR0.00000641- 14.6%2GCR Coin
WOW0.00028245+ 3.8%1.9WOWcoin
KBC0.00000304+ 2.4%1.7KaratBank Coin
USDR62.48+ 0.3%1.5USD
GENES0.00001299+ 3.5%1.2GENES
ATB0.00000039 0%1.1ATBCoin
IETH0.00000430- 1.7%1iEthereum
LTCR6361.00- 6.7%1Litecoin
TVTD0.00003163- 0.4%0.9TVT
YUPA0.00000702- 3.8%0.9Osteria
XRP0.00003099- 0.1%0.8Ripple
NOAH0.00000003 0%0.7NoahCoin
DOGE0.00000029+ 3.6%0.7Dogecoin
SEDOY0.00027000+ 3.9%0.7SEDO PoW Token
ECHT0.00000008- 20%0.6eChat Token


Invest your free coins to InvestBox! It’s a tool for devs to promote their coins. It’s NOT Pyramid/HYIP, all payments are made from special fund.
InvestBoxes can change status from Active to «No coins», but you can close your investment any time, it’s 100% safe.
Date Event Packet Packet Dx Packet Before Packet After Balance Dx Balance Before Balance After

Solomando: I got mine from here.

Slapdatazz: me too

tomdehauwere: goddamned got banned again for accidently saying the d word

tomdehauwere: so sick of that shit

tomdehauwere: Wizard Solo you need to teach me

tomdehauwere: yec wallet closed? i think yec is trading higher here, shoudl check

placebo1977: tomdh10, i'm waiting for IXI, EGOLD and QUBIX to take off

bahasaket L1: placebo1977, and why you think that ?

splendid0412: In a peace.... In a peace... In a peace...

Banwell L0: What rates do you consider a take off? The rest of us need a chance to sell before you take the whole buy market

SimohamedEl L0: there are any chance for xrp to achieve 1 dollar ?

Slapdatazz: SimohamedEl, long term hold imo

Banwell L0: I bort xrp at $3.80 once, good times lol

tomdehauwere: placebo1977, +1

tomdehauwere: i read xrp gets competition now coz of SWIFT transfers are now 13 seconds

Tattmann L1: new member

Nafi15 L0: hi

Banwell L0: Luminar is a long the same lines too

gerhardc: Nafi15, how was your timeout?

Nafi15 L0: i'm fine

placebo1977: bahasaket, no reason why not

moulay177 L0: Yo Token

placebo1977: tomdehauwere, XRP and ETH are old coins, they aren't interesting investing an ymore

placebo1977: zakariaboughouf, LOL

placebo1977: zakariaboughouf, PRS is even not listed here

manbtc007: placebo1977, yes instead of XRP and Eth we should buy qubix, atomix, egold etc. So that you make handsome commission.

zakariaboughouf: manbtc007, you think egold will rise hhh

manbtc007: zakariaboughouf, No placebo1977 thinks

zakariaboughouf: placebo1977, give me your telegrem username

zakariaboughouf: manbtc007, and you

manbtc007: zakariaboughouf, none

zakariaboughouf: manbtc007, what do you use facebook hhh or instagram

egisz: zakariaboughouf, if you want faund manbtc just write at YouTube, Indian guy fucks everybody

zakariaboughouf: egisz, hhhh so hi fuked you

youdedend L0: next IEO/ICO ?

enee95 L3: Hello. What does 10 Yo tokens + no sells on Yo pairs in the Investbox mean? Should I own 10 YOVI tokens and not sell them during 24 hours to get my reward?

Slapdatazz: enee95, no !! YO token !

enee95 L3: OK. It's even more expensive than Yovi!

youdedend L0: not sell And no sell order

placebo1977: zakariaboughouf, you think that i will give my user to you or what lol

hani20980 L0: hi guys i bought HOT at 12 sat do u think i should just sell at 13 or it can go more higher ?

Wano2811 L0: Yone btc

placebo1977: hani20980, nope

hani20980 L0: placebo1977, nope for what ?

placebo1977: hani20980, don't buy HOT it is crap

hani20980 L0: placebo1977, waw but its ranked 42 in coinmarketcap : )

hani20980 L0: i think any coin giving profit is good my order in 13 almost filled so that's 10 per cent

ilockley21: Yo (as in the old Yobtc) Don't buy 10 yo I, you'll never get rid of them lol.

ilockley21: *yovi

Solomando: ilockley21, that's not true at all.