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Name Price Ch. Vol.
Name Price Ch. Vol. fullname
0.03147200 0%0.1YobitCoin
DASH0.00902881- 4.2%984.9DASH
ETH0.02096685- 0.8%931.6Ethereum
ZEC0.00468475 0%774.8Zcash
BCHABC0.03059797- 1.9%245.2BitcoinCashABC
LTC0.00729909+ 0.6%197.9Litecoin
EDC0.00000052- 3.8%53.6EDC blockchain
WAVES0.00011596+ 15.5%15.6Waves
BTCR649000.00- 1.1%8.8Bitcoin
8880.00000012- 14.3%5.6OctoCoin
BTC$10349.00- 0.7%4.9Bitcoin
ETHR13550.00- 2.4%3.8Ethereum
0.12098998+ 1.7%2.7Yo Token
LAIKA0.00000004 0%2.6Laika Token
SEX0.00179990+ 17.2%2.3Sex Token
ETH$215.62- 1.3%2.2Ethereum
KBC0.00000299+ 0.7%1.7KaratBank Coin
WOW0.00004635- 19.8%1.6WOWcoin
DOGE0.00000025 0%1Dogecoin
LEAFE0.00000006+ 20%1LeafCoin
LTCR4680.05- 2.7%0.8Litecoin
WAVES$1.23+ 18.6%0.8Waves
XRP0.00002776- 1%0.8Ripple
PANDA0.00000082- 5.8%0.7Panda Token
USDR62.75- 0.6%0.5USD
LAMBO0.00000003+ 50%0.5Lambo Coin
DOGER0.16- 2.4%0.4Dogecoin
FTO0.00001876- 2.8%0.4FuturoCoin
EVN0.00001054- 19.1%0.4Envion
KBCE0.00014094+ 0.7%0.3KaratBank Coin

My investments

Invest your free coins to InvestBox! It’s a tool for devs to promote their coins. It’s NOT Pyramid/HYIP, all payments are made from special fund.
InvestBoxes can change status from Active to «No coins», but you can close your investment any time, it’s 100% safe.
My investments
Packet Percent Period Amount Status Next  

vestor L1: Can someoneplease tell me how to invest correctly please?

glowbox907: come on laika go to 6

glowbox907: will lambo clear 3 sat

JJMithras: vestor, you can invest in any coin you have (of course, listed in the investbox). Need to read carefully the column "ACTION NEEDED", all that say NO just gain interest daily, montly or weekly depending on the plan. Is there is any specific action you need to do it daily toor weekly or monthly to get the interests paid.

vestor L1: JJMithras,thanks.

gian123: Egame 5 % daily ib thx yobit

Guimz L0: EOS wallet maintance... estimed date?

tablepiece: Guimz, forever probably the mod said

tablepiece: think they dont want to pay fees, maybe something technical

glowbox907: tablepiece, hat fo you think about bakkt

glowbox907: im giving this thing 30mins

vestor L1: What happens when you close investment withy the investBox please?

vestor L1: And how can I see my profit after investing daily in Liza?

vestor L1: And how do i see my profit added to my balance please?

abratanga L0: QQQ 5% D

Guimz L0: tablepiece, thanks

cointraderjoe: vestor, history

cointraderjoe: vestor, when you close before 24hr timer you do not get credit for ib that day. when you close you get your balance plus all previous percentage earned

smartspender L2: can you invest 100,000 frog and still get the 0.1% btc IB?

fearus1: R.i.P. QQQ

fearus1: smartspender, no , has to be in your wallt balance

fearus1: weird LTC showing a red -0% in doge market o.O

fearus1: 13514rw

bparajuli: rosan, MACRO/ETH pump or not?

van001: Dash is moving fast

etherbit61 L1: dash had a nice pump recently

SauLa L1: What about Lambo? Nice price and not much selling going on

netrockandroll L0: liza up up

usr7341: wops, that escalated quickly in qqq

tran247: Always easy to sell Doge and not crashing it

tran247: You can’t say the same thing with any other coin

komandiro L0: QQQ best

tran247: Because like BTC, Doge is a real currency

tran247: That’s why the IB only pays 0.1% daily

Shamsustar L0: New in plsn fo egold

Shamsustar L0: New ib plan for egold

tran247: If Yobit keeps Doge IB open year-round, they may have new users added daily too. Alright, I’ll let you all get back to other coins :-)

rafael86 L0: Shamsustar, check Inves plan page of 3rd

Shamsustar L0: rafael86, yess I see

tran247: One more thing.. in the future, I hope Yobit will consider forking Doge as well.

manbtc007: tran247, Please request a SLFI and Token fork too.

Nafi15 L1: gooooo Egold,

Doing L0: how to contact support?

Nafi15 L1: Egold go CMC, yes I like you Egold

Doing L0: @admin

alexcalmon L0: PLUTO cheap

mnikzad22: Nafi15, fuck u

trannyc247: grollmeh,

HammadAli: Hello guys

easteregg69: Coffe. Milk.