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BoastKit: sscrypto, We can hardly understand Your claims. Support won't even care to try.

sscrypto: ok

tran247 L0: BoastKit, probably true. But if he has help that would make his plead understandable, Dom or his bosses may let him slide one time

BoastKit: sscrypto, Just find someone who care about language a little more than You. One word can make sentence nonsensical .

sscrypto: BoastKit, ok thanks

tran247 L0: sscrypto, there you go. Good luck, buddy

BoastKit: ThaddeusB, Taking in mind that it took us "half chat scroll-page" to find out that he pressed "freeze" button - I don't think support tried to read his "freestyle poetry"

BoastKit: "language not important work" - one of best weekly jokes ;-)

tran247 L0: If you haven’t, watch the old Brad Pitts movie Babel. All about not being able to understand each other due to different languages

ThaddeusB L1: BoastKit, Much competition for that "idiot of the week" award

BoastKit: tran247, The weekly doses on this chat of "misunderstanding, misconception, misapprehension, incomprehension and cross-purposes" are high enough not to even try watch a movie of the same genre

BoastKit: ThaddeusB, Yobit should make that contest official with the monthly prize of "Get Out of Jail Free card" I mean "Get Out of Freeze" ;-)

tran247 L0: BoastKit, it is a very good movie. I’ll check and see if it’s available on YouTube for free.

tran247 L0: Nope. It’s old! It should be free by now :-)

tran247 L0: Good for a time capsule. No google translate or apple headset in 2022-2023

BoastKit: tran247, I assume it's just a misconception (another one today ;-)

BoastKit: tran247, 2 decades too far ? ;-_

tran247 L0: BoastKit, yup. There’s one beautiful but deaf Japanese girl. Even as deaf, she could still misunderstand someone feeling sorry for her as love. And then I think she ended up jumping the building for realizing the truth.. I am gonna rent it and watch it again :-)

tran247 L0: jumping off*

Yanadia: tran247, awfull is it real or movies ?

Yanadia: Oops I didn't follow the conversation from the began

ramadan202035 L0: Set the price of xrp

ramadan202035 L0: xrp has fallen in all markets

ramadan202035 L0: xrp fell in all markets, it reached 1560 st

HATATA L1: usdt trc20 sell , price 50000$

HATATA L1: sell btc

ramadan202035 L0: great massacre

HATATA L1: btc 43000

BoastKit: ramadan202035, what is "RIBAL" ?

henmick L1: btc dump again

Shamshod4ik L0: Offf

alexbidel: when btc 10k agan? ;0

s0ldi3r: Since everything I buy goes down with no doubt - I promiss I'll keep buying BTC till it collapses to zero.

dokohandoko L0: What the function of dice coin ???

s0ldi3r: USDT pump?!! lol

BoastKit: dokohandoko, Function of DICE ? Man - You won't understand it ! It's encryption of polymorphic quantum fields decoded by a pseudorandom plasm-ion analyzer

BoastKit: dokohandoko, But in simpler word - You can play DICE game with DICE (upper menu: DICE)

HATATA L1: btc price will stop at 47000 the price will not drop again

HATATA L1: usdt

HATATA L1: s0ldi3r, Yes, if the price of btc goes down, the price of usdt will rise for sure

HATATA L1: Yes, I am responsible for orders with the correct number in exchange for rub For example, 0.0002, 0.001, 0.002,

HATATA L1: To sleep

verniozzax L0: :)

Yanadia: By accumulated means still the king is the king

223guy999 L0: who Is. Anonymous. On here. 'cause then it is balling.

ash3ldkej2aa123s L1: why are some orders in the book darker than the rest

ThaddeusB L1: ash3ldkej2aa123s, largest order(s) are bolded

ash3ldkej2aa123s L1: ThaddeusB, appreciate

loxeo: crypto black friday

Tomasz L1: loxeo, :(