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Merkato: grunting......

Merkato: laughing.....

Merkato: how i can sell my dice to /btc?

cobratoontje: Merkato, buy 900 million in rur market

cobratoontje: Merkato, And sell in rur market for btc....................?

cobratoontje: Why u so dumb ???

cobratoontje: Why am i so smart.....................

cobratoontje: Again confirmed..........................

Merkato: Microsoft

Merkato: government is in tracking and tracing finex hack it

Eliza28 L0: Hello

redsgarage36 L0: flat line pumpin

bullionx L0: jkj

Go3zz: Xym hits 1000 satoshi

ramadan202035 L0: All whales should know that we will make the ribal in the hall as we said as a punishment for you, and if it descends more, we will make you know that a large whale eats all the fish that think they are whales. We will be with you for life.

ramadan202035 L0: You are the losers, O fish of the sad Ribal

cobratoontje: idiot

redsgarage36 L0: derp

redsgarage36 L0: is that Phils Osofee

Yanadia: 12345 GoodMorning All

ramadan202035 L0: We are the ones who make the path and the fall We bow the giant fish

redsgarage36 L0: too ealry for base pipe, well maybe just one hit

cobratoontje: Yanadia, Good night..........

cobratoontje: 678910

Payumoney: Dom eyes on abc

iboibo1281: What happened to bchabc

ThaddeusB L1: iboibo1281, someone sold so,e

ThaddeusB L1: some

bryahuu L1: Hi

redsgarage36 L0: they hit the wrong key and delete bchabc minor programmiong error

jvdkmn L0: 777/RUR is the best coin

ThaddeusB L1: jvdkmn, Translation: you are desperately trying to sell

zagzagi L0: yobit codes

zagzagi L0: what is Yobit codes?

zagzagi L0: what does it do?

cobratoontje: zagzagi, Dont give away !

ThaddeusB L1: zagzagi, its a way to transfer funds to someone else

zagzagi L0: cobratoontje, OK thanks

cobratoontje: zagzagi, YW kid.

zagzagi L0: ThaddeusB, OK thanks

cobratoontje: zagzagi, U can only rely on Support bar and nowhere else ...........

cobratoontje: But not if ur question makes no sence at all..................

cobratoontje: Im out, ltrr.



cobratoontje: MONUBHAI, Moron !..............

cobratoontje: Like ur nick !

cobratoontje: Uppzzz, i was out ?

lawrencetck L0: wow... DICE to the moon

ThaddeusB L1: lawrencetck, Moon? Or bottom of the ocean?