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Slapdatazz: fame01, well , apperantly there is an issue

Slapdatazz: tablepiece, dont fall for it !! lol

fame01 L0: @Slapdatazz, there is no isseu from the FTO devs. I can assure that to all of you. I just talked to one of it's team member

tablepiece: fame01, scam or amateurs, they had a beautifull thing. cannot imagine miners dumped that much. if that was the case they should have spoken out.

Slapdatazz: fame01, hard for me to take advice on this chat..especially from an L0...nothing personal

tablepiece: and that team member should explain in chat what happened.

bratva L0: this broker is scam ?

fame01 L0: @tablepiece, you are appearenly mistaken here. Let me explain it. FTO is backed by FutureNet company from Poland. Company has 3 products working seperately on three platforms.

fame01 L0: Fto mining machines are stopped. I am an investor in all of those three products including FTO.

tablepiece: fame01, i know so who dumped?

fame01 L0: What they did was that they migrated the whole server/system, from one location to another, and there it became a whole mess

tablepiece: fame01, so they probably have to look for another exchange.

fame01 L0: It's not a dumped bud, it's just because of that the whole mining machines have been stopped due to this huge migration process they did. Recently the CEOs and team are in Dubai working hard to stream the entire operations

tablepiece: still amateurism. one dev coming in here explaining could have prevented it

fame01 L0: @tablepiece, all these coins would be a huge lose to the users. Yobit has no benefit from it.

fame01 L0: But the devs have sent so many tickets to yobit since July. How come Yobit did not respond yet?

fame01 L0: They might have never consider or thin of this chatbox. They are recently working on new protocol. Yobit can get more benefits from that.

tablepiece: fame01, it is yobit, hard to reach them. once something is messed up ..

Slapdatazz: back steppin

tablepiece: it is why friggin devs have to come in here communicate, talk about progress

Solomando: Throw rocks at him.

tablepiece: how does yobit knows they arent scamming?

fame01 L0: @tablepiece, he went to sleep as it was midnight in his timezone, but they will definitely come over to talk to the community, traders and the yobit responsbile persons.

fame01 L0: because Yobit only knows about FTO, yobit is not aware of the company on the back of FTO running two more products/platforms

fame01 L0: This company is a multimedia agency

fame01 L0: search out FutureNet, and FutureAdppro. You will get to know much more about it

tablepiece: fame01, i liked the coin but thought it was always crazy expensive. couldnt figure out how many coins in circulation. once i entered (small) it got dumped to the ground

tablepiece: i will in the future :)

fame01 L0: @tablepiece, as I said, the mining machines were stopped. I have my mining pakcge for FTO, not only me, there are thousands of customers. I am connected to them via facebook group since 4 years.

fame01 L0: FTO moved up from 12k satoshi to 54k satioshi yesterday on coindeal

fame01 L0: a new protocol is addding up in this month as I just got this news. It is just a matter of time. But yobit did not play it's part professionally

fame01 L0: I will definitely help FTO now to list it up on other exchanges I know and I am connected to. But yobit was a good ground for FTO even Yobit was earning huge money from

fame01 L0: but alas, yobit did not got it right at the end

fame01 L0: we can still patch it up

fame01 L0: I am pretty sure FTO developers are ready tot talk with Yobit

fame01 L0: There is no issue at all between two parties

fame01 L0: By the way, FTO is about to launch mastenodes as well

fame01 L0: So stay tune for mega announcements this month

tablepiece: fame01, it is simple, they will have to develop and become a significant coin and add other exchanges. you understand how it looks bad right? not even a post on bitcointalk in the last months

Unmatou L0: Big drop on the side of Pony'S?

leonardus22: fame01, futurenetpro has 2.5 mil . users richt now

tablepiece: people have been talking shit about it, saying devs ran. and they are hiding in Dubai

glowbox907: Unmatou, knew it was gonna happen

fame01 L0: @leonardus22, I am among those 2.5ml users :)

fame01 L0: The things are coming back and yesterday the jump in FTO price on coindeal proved it (y)

glowbox907: damn pony go to 64

fame01 L0: @tablepiece, people are talking sh*t about it just because of they are in difficult time now, but they never hide. They are always up front, doing webinars, communicting with the community, on oct 21, 2019, another webinar is coming up.

Slapdatazz: I for one , am not falling for the FTO scam shit , going on here !

tablepiece: fame01, it dropped 99% in six months and nobody seem to know what was going on. 10-70 btc volume and dev didnt care to show up or post on bitcointalk. that means dev doesnt care for his investors/traders..

scottsummers L0: fame01, Webinar lol. Glorified Skype chat. Red Bull saw that scam coming a mile off and took all their money and crashed their coin.