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No exchanges

Andi1986 L0: following in the footsteps of BTC

krisrodger L0: Yobit is selling their stock coins. As price will increase. they will sell their coins again.

costo: stokariuk, I mean people should buy more gcr and stop dumping low

smartspender L1: if you have 10 YO in IB can u still get IB for 1% BTC ?

GCR4life: kerboss, GCR itself has no future, its all about TREOS

costo: stokariuk, I mean people should buy more gcr and stop dumping low

costo: its sickening why people are still selling GCR at this rate because actually they have no idea about TREOS the next big Amazon to give life to GCR

kerboss L0: yeah but how will the conversion hold?

GCR4life: simple deposit and purchase on new platform

Makyadav2017 L0: Most profitable coin is KBC bcz u people know 7500 people stake 10 -10 lac coin for 1 hour. ..means around 60% coin staked.

kerboss L0: and that swap rate

alexsda L1: fix servers plz

tom77: how can pluto be a locked ib but out of coins? wtf

GCR4life: go to youtube.. search " GCR to TRO simplified "

GCR4life: swap is 1:1

GCR4life: TRO anchored to 1 gram gold value.. do the math

zochef987: Please sell more yo. I want more cheaper lol

GCR4life: 1 GCR = 1 TRO -= 1 Gram of Gold

costo: kerboss,on 1st August,all gcr holders will transfer their coin to TREOS platform for the swap and the system is whaleproofing and one cannot [link] best project by far

GCR4life: Being support by EOS blockchain and community devs

zochef987: GCR4life, no one like your shit. Go to other exchanges

costo: its sickening why people are still selling GCR at this rate because actually they have no idea about TREOS the next big Amazon to give life to GCR

costo: go youtube and google TREOS and read more about and join the telegram room to get more education on it

tablepiece: costo, stop scamming people

costo: tablepiece, u have no idea so stop the scam talk

ilockley21: tablepiece, +1

tablepiece: costo, gcr scammed people with the same spam like four times

GCR4life: tablepiece, I really hope your still here in a few weeks to be accountable for your comments. How will you feel knowing your comments may influence people to miss this opportunity ? if if we are all talking a scam.. what if your wrong ?

tablepiece: costo, you guys never here except with a fake pump

Priblstripe: buy yo now in space

tablepiece: GCR4life, = scammer

bahasaket L1: support on sedo better than yo lol

zochef987: tablepiece, +10000

zochef987: All of them are scamers

GCR4life: I hope people are smart enough to ignore him..

bahasaket L1: support on sedo better than support on yo

GCR4life: all 5000+ of us, the devs and over 75+ staff working behind the scenes.. lol ok

tablepiece: GCR4life, ultramod please ban this scammer

costo: tablepiece, google and read more about the [link] is NEVER linked to gcr but luck fell on gcr holders side and someone is trying to give it life and we having the opportunity to do the swap so the gcr will be out of circulation soon

tablepiece: costo, 3d time i read that. goes silent after rinse repeat scam

cryptofuture2021 L0: Check treos .io Check treos .com check Coinmarketcal

GCR4life: have you even reseacrhed the cost of a VFA4 licence ? why would a scam fork out that much money and spend over 18 months working with regulators.

tablepiece: cryptofuture2021, scam

cryptofuture2021 L0: tablepiece, Kewt

cryptofuture2021 L0: Search the MFSA database for treos

costo: tablepiece, i see u as minor with ur level of thought

GCR4life: ahhahaha around 14 I rekon

tablepiece: costo, dominikherzog ultramod spammers in chat

GCR4life: They act like this is there little hang out.. Yobit warriors !!

GCR4life: we are invading there territory.. messing up there little possy lol