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5.00600034 76.74621494 384.19157808
5.00600033 2.59688356 12.99999995
5.00600015 5.00000000 25.03000075
5.00600014 7.00000000 35.04200098
5.00000000 5.00000000 25.0000000
4.01000121 6.25211241 25.07097832
3.01000121 8.32922533 25.07097832
2.01000121 12.47311604 25.07097833
1.01000121 24.8227211 25.07097834
1.00000000 10.0000000 10.0000000
0.99999999 11.00000011 10.99999999
0.41000121 61.14854722 25.07097834
0.40000002 1300.38461138 520.15387055
0.31000121 80.87380804 25.07097834
0.21000121 119.3849233 25.07097834
0.20000005 499.999875 99.99999999
0.11000121 227.91547792 25.07097834
0.09999999 110.000011 10.99999999
0.01100012 15402.75683265 169.43217348
0.00999999 1100.00110 10.99999999
0.00100000 20000.0000 20.0000000
0.00099999 11000.1100011 10.99999999
0.00080009 473049.23767326 378.48196456
0.00080005 1249.92187988 0.99999999
0.00070001 15714.06122769 10.99999999
0.00050002 10199.59201631 5.09999999
0.00009999 110011.00110011 10.99999999
0.00001000 1030925.22099999 10.3092522
0.00000999 1101101.1011011 10.99999999
0.00000100 10000000.0 10.0000000
0.00000099 11111111.11111111 10.99999999
0.00000014 32313943541.48845 4523.9520958
0.00000009 122222222.22222222 10.99999999
0.00000003 360103300.33333337 10.80309901
0.00000002 501005000000 10020.1000
0.00000001 9600000000 96.0000000
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No exchanges

polsaz L1: Trnec, no, you will losse all your money probably

Trnec L0: or QQQ?

xRedHawK: Trnec, u cant trust anything or anyone here

usr7341: is egold ib actually paying right now?

Trnec L0: usr7341, yes

placebo1977: Trnec, EGOLD is a yobit coin, so you can trust that they will support the coin by making sure that ib will be refilled etc, but it are the traders that decide the price

usr7341: i mean not if its in the investment section, i mean, does egold pay out the dailies right now?

tablepiece: usr7341, yes two days ago, mio/yone re-opened yesterday

usr7341: ok, i see. thx

usr7341: ok, so back to the question. egold is not as other ib-coin by yobit where i always say, its all about the exit baby. which means, as long you will find someone who buys your dailies, every coin is good

placebo1977: tablepiece, YONE up 100% after it was refill...

usr7341: sorry, typo. egold is NOW as other ib-coins...

placebo1977: tablepiece, ZXZ, PUMP, YONE really amazing profit for people that did the timing right, i hope IXI , ATOMIX, QUBIX,, EGOLD, QQQ,... can be added in that list too :)

tablepiece: placebo1977, was too late for that one. egold and mio gave some nice instant returns

costas97: tablepiece, do you remember liza denom rate at 10 jan 2019? how much was it?

tablepiece: placebo1977, just removed my sell orders for atomix. there has been so many good ib's last days. some are very cheap

costas97: tablepiece, i mean how many old liza to new liza?

usr7341: costas97, 10^16

tablepiece: quadrilion lol

usr7341: costas97, just look back the twitter channel of yobit. there is an anouncement

costas97: usr7341, there is for may 2018 , 100M to 1 new liza , but for 10 jan 2019 it doesn't say the rate

placebo1977: tablepiece, i'm waiting for cheaper YO so that i can buy some QUBIX at 1 yosat, some ATOMATIX at 2 yosat, maybe some others, but i want YO a little cheaper

placebo1977: tablepiece, how many ATOMIX do you have?

placebo1977: tablepiece, IXI is also crazy cheap

tablepiece: placebo1977, doesnt matter as some marketcaps were so low. plus some % real fast. not so many atomix i see 20 milion outside ib

tablepiece: was a bit trapped in atomix played defense now offense when ib opens

placebo1977: tablepiece, i need to combine my ib, but i think 400M or so

placebo1977: tablepiece, 550M lol

usr7341: costas97, true. i thought, it was posted in the twitt too. but i was here when it happen and all ppl said it was 10^16 = 1 new liza

tablepiece: placebo1977, nice one :) did you compound since day 1 or changed your mind? i really missplayed it at some levels

polsaz L1: placebo1977, i can buy your 550M atomix for 1 $ . lol

placebo1977: tablepiece, yeap

placebo1977: tablepiece, since day 1

placebo1977: tablepiece, in fact i sold a few on the wall when it was broken and b ought a few when it drop hard :)

tablepiece: placebo1977, yeah had to sell and rebuy for sure. alot of pumps as well in the beginning. how much btc would all coins on the market be now

tablepiece: 3 btc?

tablepiece: most are on btc market and not staking. barely 250 milion coins on the market

here17 L0: buenos dias es confiable compras btrs

costas97: placebo1977, you would actually lose money from a denom , the denom rate never equalled the price percentage increase , by a lot.

tablepiece: costas97, if it got dumped a lot before denom and you hear whale sounds it is a good buy

costas97: tablepiece, that's not what the price chart say :P

costas97: tablepiece, maybe holding in ib from day 1 until next denom is a better strategy

placebo1977: costas97, if you say so... i know differently

tablepiece: costas97, isnt there in the chart maybe it went x 8 plus 30% ib. question is with so many coins what would a redenom do

tablepiece: why somebody bought 10 btc yozi at 1 sat to 5 sat while macro was 20 times cheaper and same %

tablepiece: placebo1977, when 2k bitcoin volume on liza again?

costas97: i guess it depends on percentages per day , cause if it was 10% / day then the denom may 2018 and jan 2019 wasn't good :P

placebo1977: tablepiece, lol

ludwing0817 L0: boom wow

love786: NCOIN/BTC GO GO 400 AGAIN