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5.00600034 76.74621494 384.19157808
5.00600033 2.59688356 12.99999995
5.00600015 5.00000000 25.03000075
5.00600014 7.00000000 35.04200098
5.00000000 5.00000000 25.0000000
4.01000121 6.25211241 25.07097832
3.01000121 8.32922533 25.07097832
2.01000121 12.47311604 25.07097833
1.01000121 24.8227211 25.07097834
1.00000000 10.0000000 10.0000000
0.99999999 11.00000011 10.99999999
0.41000121 61.14854722 25.07097834
0.40000002 1300.38461138 520.15387055
0.31000121 80.87380804 25.07097834
0.21000121 119.3849233 25.07097834
0.20000005 499.999875 99.99999999
0.11000121 227.91547792 25.07097834
0.09999999 110.000011 10.99999999
0.01102000 1000.00000 11.0200000
0.01100012 15402.75683265 169.43217348
0.01000014 1000.00000 10.0001400
0.01000000 1100.00000 11.0000000
0.00999999 1100.00110 10.99999999
0.00100000 31000.0000 31.0000000
0.00099999 11000.1100011 10.99999999
0.00080009 473049.23767326 378.48196456
0.00080005 1249.92187988 0.99999999
0.00070001 15714.06122769 10.99999999
0.00050002 10199.59201631 5.09999999
0.00010000 210000.000 21.0000000
0.00009999 110011.00110011 10.99999999
0.00001000 2130925.22099999 21.3092522
0.00000999 1101101.1011011 10.99999999
0.00000100 21000000.0 21.0000000
0.00000099 11111111.11111111 10.99999999
0.00000015 3333333330 49.99999995
0.00000010 1100000000 11.0000000
0.00000009 122222222.22222222 10.99999999
0.00000003 1666666666 49.99999998
0.00000002 5000000.00 0.10000000
0.00000001 7200000000 72.0000000
Trade History
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No exchanges

Bnance10: Do you remember many users complained we didn’t get any AIR nor YODA? Complain no more in DICE

Yanadia: Bnance10, hehehe

MiklosSarkadi L0: i didnt get air or yoda... got sex.. corona and Yo

MiklosSarkadi L0: Yo is Yoda?

MiklosSarkadi L0: no i guess not

mohamedmadany123 L0: PLEAASE I NEAD ADMIN ?

Bnance10: MiklosSarkadi, we had to jump thru hoops and rings of fire to get those. Some of us finally got there only to see the sign “Park Closed”

MiklosSarkadi L0: lol

MiklosSarkadi L0: I was away for a year probably missed out

MiklosSarkadi L0: cant work now because of my injury so nothing to do but risk my last coin lol

Bnance10: Now you know what Until Death Do Us Part really means

MiklosSarkadi L0: lodt 90% of it last year buying into the bubble

MiklosSarkadi L0: lost 90% last year.. buying litecoin at 300 bucks a crack

MiklosSarkadi L0: the boom bottomed out

s0ldi3r: MiklosSarkadi, it wasn't a bubble, rather it was a a ballon lol

MiklosSarkadi L0: The exchange where I purchased my original coin went bankrupt lol... i never got around to finding another exchage so just trading the coin i have left... hoping

MiklosSarkadi L0: have no way to cash out

MiklosSarkadi L0: just trading coin... will never cash it out

s0ldi3r: MiklosSarkadi, i made the same mistake last year before litecoin halving happened...bought huge amount of litecoin at $130...suddenly it crashed and haven't recovered yet :)

MiklosSarkadi L0: ya i dumped it at a loss

MiklosSarkadi L0: because you wait years to recover.. ties the money up too long,, what little you have left

tanacon364 L0: i thought i would be getting 20% of commision. its more like 0.2 percent.

MiklosSarkadi L0: i lost 2k on SW.. it was a scam.. not the same SW coin for funding a rail system... i got scammed

MiklosSarkadi L0: they were suppose to sell sw tokens to use the rail system.. the whole thing was a fraud.. the coin is still here lol

s0ldi3r: MiklosSarkadi, sorry to hear that

MiklosSarkadi L0: it would have been a perfect coin... use it to build railway and accept the coin to ride the railway.. it creates demand for the coin.. it shoild have done well ... but someone was dumping right from the start...

MiklosSarkadi L0: nut the sw coin not affilliated with the real project.. someone pulled a scam

ybmuskan11: Who got DICE. Are everybody get DICE coin

MiklosSarkadi L0: I thought I was funding a real railway project and that the coin would be used to ride the railway

Timofeus: What happened to the ETC wallet?

s0ldi3r: MiklosSarkadi, i hope you recover your loss soon

locksmithW12575 L0: are dice worth anything.

MiklosSarkadi L0: i was up 15k at one time lol

MiklosSarkadi L0: easy come easy go.. dont risk more than your willing to lose

MiklosSarkadi L0: There is only one copin worth holding... Bitcoin... but you have to trade it against other coins if you want to increase your Bitcoin

MiklosSarkadi L0: seen Dige go all the way up to 99 satoshi when Bitcoin started dumping

MiklosSarkadi L0: Doge

MiklosSarkadi L0: problem with Litecoin is that is has no market like Doge and waves and Bitcoin

LFLevy89: MiklosSarkadi, ltc/btc still moving up

MiklosSarkadi L0: yes thats why Doge is moving down

bryan120603: MiklosSarkadi, buy eth

MiklosSarkadi L0: I never liked ether

bryan120603: MiklosSarkadi, eth 2.0 eth price will rise up

MiklosSarkadi L0: ehter was 700 bucks.. it never recovered

MiklosSarkadi L0: but its a good coin because it has a market

MiklosSarkadi L0: Binance coin was a good buy when it was 5 bucks last year

chamicool23 L1: what happend to yoda it will pump

MiklosSarkadi L0: When Bitcoin goes down people rush into Dogecoin and Doge goes up..... but when Bitcoin goes up Doge goes Down

Robetz1487 L0: When listing dice anybody know??

MiklosSarkadi L0: if they list Dice everyones a millionaire lol