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placebo1977: marioMargaret, plenty, a amount that you only can dream off

VIRNltd: marioMargaret, everyone did so including me since the bloody 8 days hold rule showed up for the new ico before air timer finished

Bnance10: placebo1977, so if you use YO to buy BTC that won’t count as a sell, correct?

placebo1977: Bnance10, if you buy then you don't sell :)

Merkato: VIRNltd, you too! i hate yobit , better now?

usr7341: placebo1977, and btw the .15 today is like the .18 days ago in yo

kastech: Bnance10, if you are buying one currency you are selling another!

placebo1977: usr7341, indeed

usr7341: placebo1977, but i know,. you know that one too.

VIRNltd: Merkato, nope i love yobit :)

Bnance10: Lmao

Merkato: usr7341, ETH next month change to pos 10% CRAZY!!!

usr7341: Merkato, i dont care

placebo1977: Merkato, really?

Merkato: placebo1977, yed

Bnance10: Merkato, 10% eth staking smells fishy! Lol

Sefi84 L0: X2 very good stabil coin, buy now, FREE COIN

Merkato: placebo1977, buy and hold will be true !

chemssou001 L0: poor BTC is going down

Kodistrb L0: its good for a markets

usr7341: Merkato, if eth gets 10% than the price will also go faster down over time. so holding eth its only good if you believe in some future in eth

maryozone L1: congret for ppl get daily % from AIR today

Merkato: usr7341, open your mind little bit, now we are talking about ETH! use Google and see what are the requirement ;)

Awais110 L0: 0 sells is sick

Merkato: usr7341, take all the time you need

usr7341: Merkato, yeah, youre right. i could do it. yet still, even without doing this, i just assume the 10% means you get the payout in eth. so, in that case, i dont have to look it up. its just a market mechanic, if the supplies grow and the demand stays the same, the price will fall. so, for me its enough to have btc exposure in the crypto world. i personally dont need eth at that point

usr7341: Merkato, as i always say, i am not a fan of that blockchain technology. i am a fan of profits. herefore i use btc and yobit. thats enough for me currently

placebo1977: Awais110, but also nice for people that like to hold coins!!!

usr7341: anyway, because of that crazy ib-rule for the next ieo, there should be a buy limit amount in the ieo i think. which would be also cool, so the whales, if they like, can push the price in beginning

Bnance10: usr7341, just google it. And then come back and tell me. ‘Cause my dog ate my google search button

usr7341: Bnance10, ok. now you got me. i do it now

LFLevy89: Micro on fire

bahasaket: air,sex dump

bahasaket: after new ibs nothing changed people still selling

Ziadbaddou L0: air dump

ehsandi L0: Is it real for investing??????? Or Scam??

usr7341: Bnance10, ok, so far i see the following: the yield depends on the network and users and the yield per annum could be up to 10%. well, i can also just buy some stables and park them for 10% elsewhere where i have only the dollar risk and no price volatility in eth

usr7341: Bnance10, i think i will stay in my biz-model = ib-biz-yobit

Ossuan L1: finally how many user gain 1% investbox Air? it pays?

Elton23: Ossuan, yes

placebo1977: Ossuan, yes, it pays

Bulek70 L0: Well well well, down all coin,, what happen

usr7341: anyway, i think i am going to play some games now... cu later guys

splendid0412: Most of the top coins are RED.., BLOODY RED... BLOOD coming here...

splendid0412: DEV please raise the price

Cryptobear4 L0: Thieves

GhospelS L1: :O

GhospelS L1: all selling to buy again and meet the requirements haha

Bnance10: usr7341, I know. Although it never hurts to spread out.. Eth IB here, whenever it is here would beat 10% in 3 months

LFLevy89: Buy micro 14 btc wall still in place