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ThaddeusB L1: Jons333qwe, ?

Jons333qwe: I was wrong. you can not use 2 Fa. some have problems because of this. and 2 Fa is optional

Jons333qwe: кто желает who wants

smogyb L0: ThaddeusB, for your proper realize I am to point out that at the same time 2 2fa keys were created---one in PC & another in my [link] code of both keys didn't work out

Jons333qwe: what is the name of the Yobit token in sales? Yo?

smogyb L0: Jons333qwe, Officials of yobit should help us disabling 2fa.I had the problem to first time create 2fa.

ThaddeusB L1: Jons333qwe, If you mean the base market token, then yes it is YO

ThaddeusB L1: smogyb, It's a little hatd to know if we are on the same page with simple text conversation... Are you saying you having the secret key (16 digit alpha-numeric) and have put it into the authenticaor app using something like "enter a set up key" and the codes it is generating aren't allowing you into your account?

smogyb L0: Jons333qwe, I believe authority can do anything let alone disabling [link] needed proper documents of owner

ThaddeusB L1: smogyb, And what do you mean you had 2 2fa codes. There should only be one for your Yobit account

smogyb L0: ThaddeusB, exactly like that

cobratoontje: idiots...............

ThaddeusB L1: Jons333qwe, The new token (distribution starting Oct 25) is given based on your holdings of BTC not YO

Jons333qwe: I am waiting for the distribution of a new token 25, and I think that in order not to get zero, I need to buy a little Yo? So I'm asking if this Yo is the right one?

ThaddeusB L1: smogyb, Make sure your device time is exact. Being off a few seconds will cause the code to be out of sync

ThaddeusB L1: Jons333qwe, You only need to hold BTC

cobratoontje: Amazingly stupid...............

smogyb L0: ThaddeusB, means I was logged on both pc & [link] this reason I got 2 private keys & from then I couldn't log in to it [link] was heavy loss for me I am in so difficulties now

cobratoontje: As i said before...................

dominikherzog: Jons333qwe, вам необходимо обратиться в RU чат

ThaddeusB L1: smogyb, How did you set up two codes to begin with

ThaddeusB L1: smogyb, There can only be 1. Multiple devices should all use the same code

ThaddeusB L1: its an account thing, nota device thing

smogyb L0: ThaddeusB, I used one after another-2 keys=2 codes

dominikherzog: smogyb, why complain then? use 4

Jons333qwe: dominikherzog, Am I no longer allowed to chat with friends here?

smogyb L0: ThaddeusB, I am suffering much for this [link] happened for slow network.

Jons333qwe: here is my very best friend cobratoontje

ThaddeusB L1: Jons333qwe, You can chat only in English in the English chat

smogyb L0: dominikherzog, yobit was logged on my android but for high speed VB I also logged in yobit in [link] sir,give a solution to the problem.i woun't forget you as well as yobit. I am in dangered.

ThaddeusB L1: smogyb, In case you didn't none of the links come through

cobratoontje: jayyy, i have 1 Fan and 1 friend in Yobit...............

cobratoontje: Me happy............

ThaddeusB L1: smogyb, How you logged in doesn't really matter. The 2fa code should be the same. A 2fa code is just a mathematical manipulation of the current timestamp based on your secret code

ThaddeusB L1: smogyb, So basically I don't understand what you had set up and thus don't know what advise to give

smogyb L0: ThaddeusB, I think so for internet speed complexity but it was not my fault.i think the company has some responsibility to meet the problem

ThaddeusB L1: The code only changes once every 30 seconds. Internet speed shouldn't be a factor. You aren't making any sense

Jons333qwe: cobratoontje, I'm glad you're happy. and I wish you to enjoy more, simple joy, as it was fun in childhood.

cobratoontje: I wish for u exactly what u wish for me................

smogyb L0: ThaddeusB, I set up 2 private keys where one key generated in android mobile & another key generated in [link] you understand this?

Tomasz L1: Hex, if the analyzes do not lie, this is a turning point

smogyb L0: ThaddeusB, code was not problem;the problem was the keys.

Jons333qwe: cobratoontje, what do you think about insignificant tokens, some have a perspective. Did you manage to make money on CBC yesterday? And today on DOGE? what are you holding in invest?

cobratoontje: Yes, yes, Easy

smogyb L0: ThaddeusB, Any way another day I talk to you about the [link] wishes to you.

ThaddeusB L1: smogyb, Yobit can only have 1 private key though, so I'm not sure how it ever worked. I hope you get it straightened out. Have a good day

Jons333qwe: cobratoontje, Okay, I see you're not talkative today. and I'm sitting at home drinking tea. the wife puts the kids to bed. So I'm on the side. be healthy, best friend. it's a pity that English is so poor...

ThaddeusB L1: wazaefportsaid, You wnat to be more speciifc? What hekp do you need?

dominikherzog: ThaddeusB, he will answer after week

abdalah1998 L0: dominikherzog,