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Merkato: bpool, shut up now

bpool: Merkato, or better to use word "zero" like you

Merkato: bpool, idiot

bpool: Merkato, is anyone here who agree with you at all? or everybody dont like you?

Merkato: bpool, stop talking to me you piece of crap

usr7341: Merkato, no invite from you. even after four years :-(

bpool: Merkato, something is wrong with you .... really

Merkato: bpool, ok,,,byebye

bpool: it's sad to watch ....

Merkato: usr7341, last your was your chance now you need to pay $1 for 1 month

usr7341: Merkato, ?

Merkato: usr7341, $100 ;)

usr7341: Merkato, last month?

Merkato: usr7341, impressive!

Merkato: usr7341, you do code?

usr7341: Merkato, I only remember, last week you did ask me to give you a $ every hour for follow me. no invite there to your secret source of infinite wisdom

Merkato: bpool, you can find a gay to suck you for $10,,,,watching *** is not G00D dude

bpool: Why is BTC so strong?

Merkato: it's a secret

Merkato: usr7341, never share in public chat

usr7341: Merkato, ?

Merkato: usr7341, now everyone know i'm a scammer!...please not in public chat

bpool: it's a lot better to watch east whole day than this ...

Merkato: usr7341, i tired to steal some $$$ ;)

bpool: this is just.... sad...

usr7341: Merkato, join easter and confess. churchwalk... you know...

Merkato: nop, i don't know easter

Merkato: bpool, soon i'll pay some fee to yobit for COK token cockroach token only 10k coins

Merkato: finally yobit pump RUR to it's real price, thank you yovit

bpool: it would be good that Yobit add TRX/TRC20 market XD

usr7341: Merkato, so, where is now my test account membership invitation?

usr7341: Merkato, ser, have mercy, market falling, need to learn quick to make profits XD

usr7341: probably busy with moving funds around to not get liquidated again

usr7341: anyway, presentpoverty told anyway that crypto is scam, so his vip-channel must be scam too. sounds like a solid argue line to me

usr7341: but yeah, got busy here with real life trading... have a good one guys. (mumbato you can now return to the chat XD )

bilalkssar: Is it possible that the cryptocurrencies will end completely after this drop in their prices?

Hybridie L0: just like allways..

bpool: XD

chrisnjulie: bilalkssar, Billion dollar corporations, hedge funds and others of the ultra-wealthy are trading crypto. It won't crash completely because they won't let it. We are just stuck in their game now because they the billions of $ to take over.

chrisnjulie: they had the billions of $ to take over*

chrisnjulie: They saw poor people getting rich and they couldn't have that.

chrisnjulie: One stock broker, in an interview, said he was astounded at the % gain he could make trading crypto compared to the tiny 1-2% he made on stocks.

tsensuur L0: i mae3-5 % in ay here

chrisnjulie: tsensuur, I used to make 12%+ easy on everything on every exchange. Not anymore.

chrisnjulie: Now. for most stuff.. have to sit around and wait on 1%.

Tron65: I will bring many new fresh investors to Yobit via my tweets.

Tron65: So can you. Just by sharing your expertise and trading experience in this chat

morten: the rich people also lost their long positions. 700 million usd.

chrisnjulie: morten, Good. Hope they lose more.

chrisnjulie: Tron65, Right on.