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oecp85: tomdh10, Pandas going to extinguish.

tomdh10: oecp85, NO

oecp85: tomdh10, yes dude i'm sorry but soon 90M Pandas will be killed. lol

oecp85: tomdh10, I hope you try to save at least 1 Panda. :)

tomdh10: oecp85, yes!

tomdh10: i am saving about 100.000 or so

tomdh10: but not now, now i have to sleep it is late here

oecp85: tomdh10, great dude. save the pandas, the amazonas is burning and no one care... es so sad.

tomdh10: oecp85, yes!

tomdh10: but it is not true that no one cares! a lot of people care!

tran247: *preserving

tran247: See ya tomorrow Tom

amiya30 L1: antonikof, Chandrayan 3

splendid0412: Any GOOD NEWS

splendid0412: amiya30, Its 2 not 3

achzaini1961 L0: Good EDC

jnpfeiffer: is Egold on another exchanger?

splendid0412: jnpfeiffer, NO

Go3zz L0: Egold go go yobit oke

KaratKrys L0: Go3zz, yes go egold go

Go3zz L0: Up up

KaratKrys L0: Go3zz, yes as the say in the cryptoverse to the moon... or to infinity and beyond... whichever works lol

Go3zz L0: Karatkrys..yes we as cryptocurrency players must be patient for the sake of victory

KaratKrys L0: Go3zz, yes, agree and got it! :.)

Go3zz L0: Karatkrys..

KaratKrys L0: Go3zz, yes we will be the winner amen!

Go3zz L0: Amin yrba

splendid0412: MIO.................IXI.....................

tusherss7 L1: splendid0412, what ?

splendid0412: YOBIT has to refill these IB coins. It's been very longer time

tusherss7 L1: splendid0412, yes maybe some good coming !!!

splendid0412: 4 more months

splendid0412: tusherss7, India?

tusherss7 L1: splendid0412, bd

splendid0412: tusherss7, ?

splendid0412: BDesh?

tusherss7 L1: splendid0412, Bangladesh,you ?

splendid0412: IA

tusherss7 L1: usa

samuelmessi: PUMP is dead...

splendid0412: samuelmessi, let it die..

Tomasz L1: jackcoin invite you to play :)

nottyhassan L0: Steem coin Harfork will be happen in 2 days every steem holder will get free Tron for holding 1 steem you will get 1 tron free

emsems11: lol

emsems11: tron = 3 doge

Cobra2599: Anyone know the status of SONG maintenance

Makingmatter86 L0: How many wallets are under maintenance?

Shinkudo: why yo stable?

Shinkudo: do something with yo

amiya30 L1: Makingmatter86, 85%