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tomdehauwere: but they gonna add you or course

lcanX L0: PENDING DEPOSITS Date Currency Amount Confirm Status 2019.01.06 11:58:35 PLC 1.00000000 0/20 In process PENDING WITHDRAWALS

lcanX L0: hepl me

lcanX L0: I not see!!!

gazader: tomdehauwere, maybe they will but i did promote you =)

cointraderjoe: First of all PLC wallet is in maintenace so make a support ticket and wait

tomdehauwere: gazader, great! thanks, very niec

arsto1035 L0: edrc to 100 sat

tomdehauwere: okay i gotta go now

gazader: tomdehauwere, did you see the tele message

tomdehauwere: the wife woke up its 3.41 am and i had said i was coming to sleep at 1am...

tomdehauwere: gazader, gonna look now. but gotta end chat here... goodnight all, see you tomorrow

tomdehauwere: and..... happy Pi all !

gazader: goodnight bro

cointraderjoe: I here ya Tom same issue too.

tomdehauwere: minepi dot com / tomd :-) or gazader

tomdehauwere: night, gotta go

gazader: tomdehauwere, ^^

Kfaza88 L1: shizminer, 1 phone 3fb

shizminer L1: i could use android emulator...

shizminer L1: but even then, not enough fb accounts...

Solomando: I have a bunch of Facebook accounts.

shizminer L1: cool...

cointraderjoe: XRP works only if your address is correct....typing in wrong address is a come crypto mistake because we are sleep deprived. This is usually human error

Solomando: I forgot I did until now. I used to run app bots for people.

cointraderjoe: common

cointraderjoe: any exchange is not responsible for human error

Vikocy L1: BUY JONE 2sat next +2BTC =50.000sat!!!

Cgarland: Didn't fb ban crypto advertising?and then they make their own?

gazader: Cgarland, you don't advertise just for login

jb12345678 L0: Cgarland, yeah facebook banned crypto coin advertising

Solomando: They had to have recently unbanned it. I see quite a bit of it on there.

jb12345678 L0: only paid advertising

Solomando: Crypto tax companies, exchanges.

jb12345678 L0: natural shares from post is allowed

gazader: jb12345678, you want to join pi mining with my referral it's free and if it's worth some btc one day you would of got it free?

Solomando: This was a paid advertisement.

Cgarland: Libra gonna hit btc pretty hard

Solomando: No it's not. It's going to hurt GUSD.

jb12345678 L0: Cgarland, no it wont

Slapdatazz: Solomando, i could really use that pressure washer today

jb12345678 L0: it only has use on facebook platform

shizminer L1: jb12345678, leave retards alone

Solomando: It really widens crypto's exposure too.

Solomando: And makes it easier to get into. And Slap, I don't even know where it is.

jb12345678 L0: it is using kyc also and payments can be pulled back

Cgarland: Solomando, it's centralizing crypto for the worst

Solomando: It's a stablecoin right?

jb12345678 L0: totally centralized and not in the true spirit of crypto

jb12345678 L0: think of it like a poorer mans XRP