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f3rgcod3 L0: placebo1977, your absolutly right BTC is dying a lttle bit every day.

sherifsakr L0: drm go go

hamid293 L1: BGP

timvz95 L0: btc wont die

usr7341: timvz95, the question rather is, what will be the price of btc in the future?!

Merkato: timvz95, btc dev scam investor he's hiding in Barcelona now

usr7341: placebo1977, btw, i love your comment from above "i have to do my 20 buys" lmao

timvz95 L0: usr7341, true

Alexzo90 L0: Btc goes down every year during Christmas period

timvz95 L0: Alexzo90, and than january comes :D

usr7341: btw did anybody tried the functions of the bot?

timvz95 L0: i think if we will see btc at 6500 dollars than its really cheap

usr7341: i did read on the ru-forum in cryptotalk (which is actually spammed with a lot of nonsense), that it will allow to transfer funds much easier and faster, even as an exit option to fiat

Alexzo90 L0: timvz95, January this year btc dropped down to $3200

timvz95 L0: Alexzo90, I know, perfect right?

timvz95 L0: cheap btc is good :)

timvz95 L0: but we wont see 3200, more like 6k

Alexzo90 L0: timvz95, btc will never drop again to $3200

andulolika L0: test

timvz95 L0: Alexzo90, as i said :), i think support is around 6k

placebo1977: i'm expecting a big bull run today :)

Alexzo90 L0: timvz95, Yes

timvz95 L0: placebo1977, lets see :)

andulolika L0: any mod?

rwk0806: omg qqq

andulolika L0: i were wondering about the bitcointalk signature campaing, i has +1 green and -4 yellow but the issue isn't of trust, more than behaviour

placebo1977: timvz95, i won't be surprise that suddenly BTC hit $7700 again, and then drop again ,and up ... :d

timvz95 L0: placebo1977, yeah, fucking whales

placebo1977: timvz95, i was reading a article about MATIC that it suddenly dropped 70%... i had something like SO WHAT.... i mean it went up x10 , so for sure it is possible that it one day drop 70% if the persons that bought 10 times lower sell their stake

shekosheko L0: MACRO / DOGE

placebo1977: timvz95, it is something like when price go up, everybody find it normal, and when price drops then people are coming with crazy stories

timvz95 L0: placebo1977, Those people got no knowledge of trading / crypto

timvz95 L0: Some dont even know why a price is moving

timvz95 L0: So yeah, there talking crap because they dont know whats happening

placebo1977: why is a price moving up? why down? nobody in fact knows, it can be as simple as someone start buying and other people start panicking and start buying too, and price go up, people start selling, and other people too, so price go down

shekosheko L0: : MACRO / DOGE

placebo1977: shekosheko, how many times will you say the same?

timvz95 L0: placebo1977, Yeah with low volume markets it is

placebo1977: timvz95, but everything is lately low volume... i mean check some coins on bigger exchanges too, with 100 BTC you can already do a nice action on some coins, and with 1000 BTC you already have 1 day or more volume

timvz95 L0: placebo1977, Yeah true, we need to get more volume into the crypto game, and need to stop investing in 100000 shitcoins

timvz95 L0: Volume is being spread over to many places

timvz95 L0: also binance us? cmon :/

timvz95 L0: I would like more stable crypto markets over 100% gains in short term with to high risks

timvz95 L0: than*

easteregg69: timvz95, Get in some smart contract. One where you can only loose the fee.

Joker1: liza will hit 0.1 btc again ... Just kidding

Joker1: lol

usr7341: the lower volume is due to all the "i never sell in a loss"-mentality. lot of ppl did buy a huge amount of shitcoins and is now hoping for miracles. til then, they will refuse to put fresh money into the game. i said earlier that year, when were around 3k btc, we need fresh money in the system. than, suddenly btc ripped up and in the same time you had new faces here in yobit too

usr7341: for people with a lot of money, sitting out some losses might work. for most though not. therefore, i always say, if you enter a trade based on your specific scenario and expectations and it doesnt happen, stop hoping. get out, cut the losses and try something new.

timvz95 L0: usr7341, Your right