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Bayan96 L1: 

Bayan96 L1: And then when I sell it in the market to BTC, does the value change?

Nodice: Or CRV staking via defi on ETH... the real shit

comingwealth L1: Bayan96, I DONT KNOW EXACTLY

comingwealth L1: sry for caps

comingwealth L1: Bayan96, Did u see how instant they force u to sell on rur..they know something we dont...but i think they buy all in rur and wait btc sell

okika L0: comingwealth, fairytale

comingwealth L1: Bayan96, best option,set your sell order on 1 sat and foget it

Bayan96 L1: how

okika L0: comingwealth, I sold instantly for doge when it started. I've got 14 millions dice. I could convert it to 5 bucks. That ship is gone, the rest is here and remain forever. But I can make profit with this too. I trade today dice for rur daily and withdraw my profit weekly to payeer.

comingwealth L1: okika, congratz

comingwealth L1: you turn your 10k $ into 5$ :D

okika L0: comingwealth, fool

tablepiece: comingwealth, you too lazy to trade, still holding on to that yoday airdrop money lmao

okika L0: comingwealth, I've got free 5 bucks

comingwealth L1: no im too smart not to more ai bots steal

tablepiece: okika, it is a waste of time, for him crypto is evil so he just takes airdrops and, trolls the chat here

okika L0: tablepiece, +1

comingwealth L1: hahaha i use to your attacks

Nodice: comingwealth, and you, used to being negative all the time! Where was your summer sales? It’s autumn already

comingwealth L1: now crypto lords need us customers to wipe their ass...nahh

tablepiece: comingwealth, attack, had to convince you to take an airdrop cause you were complaining. think most people think you have a mental disease

comingwealth L1: Nodice, wanna new info...just people can realise who iscrypto pro here ...MARK this : major dump will happend 10-25 novembre

Nodice: comingwealth, mark this, mark that. Wrong all the time!

Bayan96 L1: Comingwealth,

Bayan96 L1: im trust you

comingwealth L1: hahaha be here pls 10-25 novemre so u can hear me braging

tablepiece: comingwealth, lol such a child, 1 outta 5 predictions good and bragging

tablepiece: brag about making no money

comingwealth L1: tablepiece, what? changing your mind ...just a min before i was all wrong

Nodice: comingwealth, you were wrong about Summer dump. You were wrong about September. Wrong again in October. Now, planning on “Bragging” in November! lol

comingwealth L1: Nodice, i wass corect all time...never miss....but i know your master satan only aprove lies coming from yours mouth..i undersand that

Nodice: Master Satan? You’re full of crap

tablepiece: comingwealth, wrong or right, not how traders think. you said wait till buying in august when it was all low. september was pretty good

comingwealth L1: u chose to be slave..i chose to be free and my father(GOD) agree with that

Nodice: Oh, Lord! Now, you’re talking like Jesus! Loo

tablepiece: comingwealth, ah whatever, it is sunday shouldnt you go and knock on peoples door?

tablepiece: Nodice, i think his behaviour sends him straight to hell lol

Nodice: Hahahah.. mental issue

comingwealth L1: Bayan96, you just need to ask this satan slaves about korona,gay people...and you will see who is their boss

Bayan96 L1: I thought chat to help but you attack each other

Bayan96 L1: Comingwealth,

tablepiece: Bayan96, nah just him for giving wrong advice. there is so much dice unless you have the first sell order in btc you wont be able to sell

Bayan96 L1: November is not far away, and whoever waits for years will not care about an extra month

comingwealth L1: Bayan96, exectly

tablepiece: Bayan96, dont listen to him, he is the type to tell you to sell bitcoin at 5000$

Nodice: All the DICE in BTC market first orders were from Yobit. Most of the fake buys are from Yobit

comingwealth L1: Bayan96, we will see bottom prices in novembre...for this halving cycle

Nodice: If you’re talking about DICE, you’re just a bored broke ass

Ikeozalla L0: CLT?