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GoodLuckCrypto: kattekop, I believe you, just not as worried as I never use that domain or its services

kattekop L0: just block msn in the hosts file, that's all there is to

GoodLuckCrypto: faruk365, just google crypto faucets

kattekop L0: it's no problem..

GoodLuckCrypto: kattekop, I do have a bunch of idiot users tho so it does apply in some way

kattekop L0: but on a large scale it is, but is is not problem to you personally if you know it

kattekop L0: the problem happened 15 minutes ago or so, recently

kattekop L0: someone will call and soon fix it i believe

kattekop L0: if i'm wrong, stand for ass

kattekop L0: i stand for ass if im wrong i mean

kattekop L0: no panic dude :) but the AVG message appeared when i logged off, from outlook, landing on msn

kattekop L0: i have the habit to unplug my cables

kattekop L0: seyou gotta go now

Mityacik L0: Have someone info about ease coin?

Mityacik L0: easy*

Merkato: WAVES mooning ,)

Merkato: slowly but $$$

Palopo979 L0: Buy wow

yusufwelo32 L0: Hi

dhaouimoha L0: yusufwelo32, hello

yusufwelo32 L0: Any money today

Ochachan L0: how to dice of Dice coin??

milensl L0: i have 20 milion dice

milensl L0: but only 4.1 $

Ochachan L0: milensl, how to dice?

milensl L0: just play high or low

Ochachan L0: high

milensl L0: Does some know is dice listed somewhere there is other coins with that name

yusufwelo32 L0: milensl, sell it on doge market and start trade

Ochachan L0: yusufwelo32, not invest plan doge

yusufwelo32 L0: In 4$ you want to invest

yusufwelo32 L0: !

milensl L0: yusufwelo32, 4 is not small.

milensl L0: if you are smart.

Abrar72596 L0: Does some know is dice listed somewhere there is other coins with that name

yusufwelo32 L0: milensl, do what would like bro

yusufwelo32 L0: Abrar72596, no , it is a yobit coin

Abrar72596 L0: yusufwelo32, thanx dear

Abrar72596 L0: yusufwelo32, is there any posibilty of dice to grow up

yusufwelo32 L0: Abrar72596, I have no Idea sorry

BlackWins1961: Anything abt yopump??!!

dogeballer L0: Not that I know

faisalzaki L0: yusufwelo32,

joello88888 L0: the xvg halving will occur soon

Bobdavis626 L0: Abrar72596, NO growth, you should just give me your dice they are useless

GoodLuckCrypto: Bobdavis626, stop shilling

Bobdavis626 L0: jk

Bobdavis626 L0: i got plenty

GoodLuckCrypto: Abrar72596, just read yobit twitter

Bobdavis626 L0: GoodLuckCrypto, hopefully by monday the dice/btc pair will be open