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coinstrader2: bill 350% up today wtf

maciocia: bahasaket, is it an official news or a prediction?

AltairHQ L1: bahasaket, prediction ?

BuratinoKarlo: AYSE528252, no 10 000!

trannyc247: AYSE528252, it's a bit late to increase it. In fact users made the most money when it started out at 1M the first couple days from ieo days.

trannyc247: Right now, X10 is only for big risk takers and for fun for some lol

howudewin: bahasaket, where did you see that?

Bulek70 L0: Down btc down all coin,

coinstrader2: I am sure bill coin will help us to payoff our bill. Yeah

howudewin: coinstrader2, screw

marinin393 L1: a pump again... the ppl will lose their money!

trannyc247: coinstrader2, or they'll come over and repo your used car

marinin393 L1: coinstrader2, cmon bro, if u guy want to start such an pump again, just tell me before that I can buy in!

coinstrader2: Check this, everywhere is the sound pf bill coin. Bill coin the wonderful coin’m

hani20980: KBC is over ?

coinstrader2: Bill coin next stop 16sat get it now

bahasaket: maciocia, predictions

Bulek70 L0: Vera moon

marinin393 L1: coinstrader2, bill coin next stop 6sat!

trannyc247: bahasaket, that would be something lol

techptcl78 L0: what is prediction of btc tommoroww ?

coinstrader2: Bill coin movie up continuously

hani20980: did anyone here bought KBC at 200 sat ?

tounisimo L1: Guys some one can send me 1$ Skrill ?

marinin393 L1: marinin393, sell me your bill for 2 sat and im in!

samcafe: coinstrader2, its time to you be ban

dominikherzog has banned coinstrader2 until 30.01.2020 17:02:03.

trannyc247: coinstrader2, your bills or mine? Heheheh!!!

coinhiveminer01: ty ty ty bye ... coinstrader2

marinin393 L1: trannyc247, his ofcs... hes an pump ape

IAMSORRY: trannyc247 +1 lol

KngHil: placebo be like I diced 10ixi and made 50 trillion

KngHil: boy that dude got swag

vblk1872: KngHil, u sell pro- pane --lol

marinin393 L1: KngHil, 50 trill of what?

KngHil: yeah... I sell a few canisters every now and then

KngHil: vblk1872, what do you do for a living

charlos: What is the noise of bill coin here!!

placebo1977: KngHil, +1

vblk1872: KngHil, currently getting scammed on yobit out of my lifesavings like all the rest and rooting for dominikherzog to clean up the chat ty

KngHil: well that looks like your last message

maciocia: bahasaket, stingy prediction then : lets predict 200K pony at least :)

charlos: Bill coin seems good.

charlos: Should i make investment in bill coin??

vblk1872: KngHil, let me clear that up .. watching others get scammed on yobit while wasting my lifesavings

placebo1977: Where is alex.. he didn't do a panic buy on PONY yet

vblk1872: looks like coinstrader2 is now charlos ....

charlos: I have checked the trade history of bill coin. It have good volume as well as good buy support

yocal: yone / doge all green!

vblk1872: yocal, oh here he goes again get ya yone ready ...