Moneda Cantidad
BTC 0.00000000 + -
ETH 0.00000000 + -
USDTerc20 0.00000000 + -
TRX 0.00000000 + -
XRP 0.00000000 + -
DOGE 0.00000000 + -
USDCerc20 0.00000000 + -
USDTtrc20 0.00000000 + -
USDTbep20 0.00000000 + -
USD 0.00000000 + -
RUR 0.00000000 + -
Est. BTC: 0.00000000 BTC
Moneda Precio Modif. Rev. fullname
Moneda Precio Modif. Rev. fullname
0.03176600 0%0.1YobitCoin
ETH0.06207752+ 0.6%1664.5Ethereum
ZEC0.00100230+ 0.7%859Zcash
DASH0.00103068+ 1.5%685.4DASH
LTC0.00246302+ 0.9%185.2Litecoin
ETC0.00055789- 0.2%127EthereumClassic
0.00000005- 16.7%36.9SPITZ
BCHABC0.00028732- 4.8%26.2BitcoinCashABC
0.00001943- 0.2%19.1Ripple
D0.01234829- 22.5%12.5BONUS
0.00000330- 0.4%6.4Tron Token
T0.00001715+ 3%5.1FLOKI BEP20
0.00000230+ 0.9%3.4Dogecoin
R2668904.48- 0.2%2.3Bitcoin
T26842.45- 0.7%1.3Bitcoin
BTCR2657237.83- 0.2%1.2Bitcoin
0.00008040- 2.7%1.1TON Coin BEP20
T0.00000734- 0.9%1SHIBA INU
233017.87931+ 3.3%0.8USDT ERC20
T26907.03- 0.8%0.8Bitcoin
R0.99- 0.2%0.8Wrapped Ruble
XRP0.00001936- 1%0.8Ripple
T1668.9982947- 0.1%0.7Ethereum
0.06192931+ 0.3%0.6Ethereum
1.02946244- 0.8%0.6BIG
R98.74+ 0.1%0.6USDT ERC20
T26828.14- 1%0.5Bitcoin
6472.4009143+ 0.3%0.5Litecoin
LTCR6540.00+ 0.8%0.4Litecoin
BTCT26661.47- 0.9%0.4Bitcoin
0.00799295+ 0.3%0.4BNB BSC
E0.00003704+ 0.1%0.3Dogecoin
0.00000006 0%0.3Frog Token
USDT$1.04- 0.2%0.3USDT ERC20
WRUB0.00000038 0%0.3Wrapped Ruble
T1.00264907+ 0.5%0.3USDT ERC20
0.00000000 0%0.2Fast Dollars
ETHR164952.03+ 0.8%0.2Ethereum
USDR95.35+ 1%0.2USD
T0.99698078- 0.5%0.2USDT ERC20
BTCT26772.67+ 1.8%0.2Bitcoin

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dominikherzog: sudhir24, You should have at least 0.001 BTC on your balance to see dice page

rehwinkeltrevor L0: why have i not recieved my fusd UzY

morten: go crypto

ververich1: dominikherzog, Good afternoon. When will the btc-usdt farm be replenished?

dominikherzog: ververich1, no info

AndreV L0: How can I withdraw CNT

AndreV L0: Wallet has been under maintenance 2 years now!!!

mauricioprieto L0: is witdrawal available ?

BoastKit: AndreV, Reality: it probably won't change ever - so trade locally or sell it and move on with some top coins - which are available for withdraw. Dreamland: wait longer...

mauricioprieto L0: is DICE available for withdrawal or swap ?

BoastKit: mauricioprieto, RUR market (DICE/RUR) - it's local only token without blockchain - so it can't leave Yobit

mauricioprieto L0: so what can i do ... can i trade for RUR , and then buy ada ? or other crypto?

BoastKit: mauricioprieto, there is no ADA here

BoastKit: mauricioprieto, anyway I don't think you'll be able to buy anything tangible with those few cents

Jizya123: when metronome open for withdraw?

cobratoontje: Jizya123, Never....

hani20980: please Yobit stop logging me out on my device i already marked remember me button at least keep me looged for a week without logout not every few hours

chrisnjulie: hani20980, It's probably your device. I never have an issue.

BoastKit: hani20980, check another browser if it happens aswell. It's probably only that one browser that you use (i.e. chrome)

baysabz L0: please tell me is there a website for earning money??

infinitecable L0: This place is a dumpster fire lol

bitclan L0: amazing captcoin still trade here

shokolat L0: olga8xscan, you are rich man if i hade 1 btc i leave of net for always you bet 0.05 btc

shokolat L0: olga8xscan, 0.3 btc ooooooooo

shokolat L0: Jorik552, nice bet

shokolat L0: olga8xscan, i think you had 1 milion btc in your wallet

shokolat L0: olga8xscan, get my hand ,lo

shokolat L0: jariano, congrats

jariano L1: ok

shokolat L0: Fskeriks, congrats for this bets nice really 0.1 btc

HamoudALthour: my accouunt is freezed

yocal: helo

manbtc007: Thank you BTC for some profit.

Sumrith: Token and dime will explode

Sumrith: Hidden gem of yobit is swap token

vndl55: what is DICE and is it garbage? the cyrpto i meangyj

malikadam: buy some p7c and hold

BoastKit: vndl55, sell it for RUR (dice/rur)

shokolat L0: BoastKit, how find it dice/rur

josinaldofera1 L0: Saque

Bits69 L0: LCC deposit is off

cobratoontje: Lol, Idiots...

Radir234 L0: manbtc007, how can w

TARAN1990: dominikherzog, look at the ticket from the 14th, I'm waiting

dominikherzog: TARAN1990, wait warden

TARAN1990: dominikherzog, I already wrote everywhere and in a telegram too

dominikherzog: TARAN1990, only warden can help you

TARAN1990: dominikherzog, how to find it

dominikherzog: TARAN1990, just wait weekend time now

chrisnjulie: need cryptobonds, you buy a bond and have to hold X amount of time. You get a dividend off trades or something like that during the hold time. It could be called YoBonds