Moneda Cantidad
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Moneda Precio Modif. Rev. fullname
Moneda Precio Modif. Rev. fullname
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0.00000314- 1.9%4.1Tron Token
T16943.70+ 0.3%3.9Bitcoin
0.07402048- 1.8%3.7Ethereum
WDOGED1.00000001- 0.8%3.6Wrapped DogeCoin
T0.00000997- 3%3FLOKI BEP20
T0.00000927- 0.6%3SHIBA INU
BTCT16803.62- 0.9%2.7Bitcoin
T16917.45+ 0.5%2.3Bitcoin
R84281.30- 1.3%1.7Ethereum
BTCR1145100.00+ 0.8%1.7Bitcoin
0.00000563- 9.8%1.6YODICE
E0.00008257+ 2.9%1.2Dogecoin
T1252.1168708- 1.3%1.2Ethereum
R67.59+ 0.2%1.1USDT ERC20
T16918.37+ 0.3%0.7Bitcoin
T0.10299850+ 2%0.7Dogecoin
BTCT16830.00+ 0.2%0.7Bitcoin
1254.6778378- 1.6%0.5Ethereum
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DOGE0.00000611+ 2.1%0.5Dogecoin
XRP0.00002300- 1.5%0.4Ripple
LTCR5174.99+ 0.5%0.4Litecoin
T1.00451250+ 0.8%0.3USDT ERC20
USDTR67.93+ 0.2%0.3USDT ERC20
0.00000000 0%0.3Fast Dollars
0.00010623+ 0.9%0.3TON Coin BEP20
WAVES0.00013782- 1.6%0.2Waves
XRPR26.44+ 0.6%0.2Ripple
BTCT15312.40- 9.3%0.2Bitcoin
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bpool: maciocia, ps, not selling below 200k ;) XD

maciocia: music for my ears lol

bpool: maciocia, but when that will be (years) ..... only true holder will know ;)

chipr: santa didn't realize we were here now

comingwealth L1: ultra booring crypto ....

chipr: santa didn't realize that he was driving the Tesla with a fart

chipr: no matter how much it falls, now you will be left with a beard

bpool: sometimes, it's really hard to understand what some users want to say ....

maciocia: comingwealth, so true

maciocia: bpool, whats wrong in driving a tesla with a fart?

bpool: maciocia, just now watch how someone "drive" tesla without his hands XD

bpool: maciocia, "self-driving" ;) it's somehow cool XD

bpool: maciocia, ps, about your question.... just that window is open ;) XD

Renerivve: bpool, Just hard sometimes

Renerivve: They write for tasks alone.

bpool: Renerivve, and sometimes just to show how to bore users ;) XD

maciocia: bpool, hehehe

imzaynal96 L1: hello

SetG21 L0: hello

SetG21 L0: nearly for got my Dice ..

SetG21 L0: still need to do 7 to finish

imzaynal96 L1: how are you all ?

sntloup: imzaynal96, hello bro

SetG21 L0: hello guys

bpool: it's interesting that there is no more trolls or msg's (like before) .... it's looks like that a lot of users give up from fusd (ib's) .....

SetG21 L0: bpool, that is true ... love it

bpool: SetG21, what you "love it"??? that a lot of users was here just coz of fusd???

SetG21 L0: bpool, the guys just gave up ..

SetG21 L0: mainly looking for free money ..

SetG21 L0: now there is no one around ..chatting

SetG21 L0: we are nearly there .. been a long day ..

hangthicamnhung L1: Hello everyone

imzaynal96 L1: Hello

Renerivve: SetG21, free coins free money..

Renerivve: That's just all we here for

hangthicamnhung L1: imzaynal96, hi friend

polis23 L1: c a n n cpNBB

Renerivve: polis23, police writing codes here.. Don't let the secret codes out

Renerivve: The ones who control the funds.. The wealth circulation..

RussellC2019 L1: Hello for all

AndrewX: Yobit admin did a very good job turning this chat in the most bored in the world. Congrats!

RussellC2019 L1: AndrewX, x2

Renerivve: AndrewX, they made it boring? How they do that?

Renerivve: Share some opinions pls..

bengoakepa L1: Any insights on why SPITZ shot up and back down recently despite the reward pool being empty?

maciocia: bengoakepa, nope

maciocia: bengoakepa, whales playing

maciocia: maybe

bengoakepa L1: Makes sense

bengoakepa L1: How's everyone doing?