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Moneda Precio Modif. Rev. fullname
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SetG21 L1: Spitz - according to the IB there are no coins .. .. normally this causes a panic sell

Gonewithwind: tompi, so you havenot farmed anything here!?

tompi: Gonewithwind, my pc not allow me to farm anything here

tompi: Gonewithwind, and i don know why

Gonewithwind: tompi, i see , mayve it would be good for you not to farm , just trading

tompi: Gonewithwind, yes that s wahat i can do so far

Gonewithwind: tompi, how do you see btc price? Your prediction about btc price for next 2 days..?

tompi: Gonewithwind, iys will be up a bit more

Gonewithwind: tompi, up to 20k orunder 20 k?

tompi: I think it's still under 18k

tompi: later guys

tompi: have a nice day

SetG21 L1: don't drop ones Spitz .

SetG21 L1: where is everyone gone ..

SetG21 L1: What happened to BTC yesterday

SetG21 L1: it looks like every time the Fed does an announcement BTC go up

sierraj7 L0: Hello, good evening. How can I sell, withdraw or change my DICE?

cobratoontje: sierraj7, Lol

cobratoontje: sierraj7, Rur Market only for you

SetG21 L1: morning

SetG21 L1: why does every one buy dice ..

SetG21 L1: cobratoontje, you very quite now days .. have not see you

cobratoontje: SetG21, yet i am here all the time..........

cobratoontje: sierraj7, Still not convinced huh?

cobratoontje: Lol, they judt keep staring at that 0.06968 btc

cobratoontje: just..............

SetG21 L1: they guys just droped btc just to bring back to 17K

cobratoontje: ?

SetG21 L1: now one can buy coffee with crypto ...

SetG21 L1: but where do we find a Starbuck ..

cobratoontje: You really write anything to get your 40 messages huh?

SetG21 L1: cobratoontje, was just saying it is funny how btc drops the days up to an announcement ..

SetG21 L1: cobratoontje, no I don't have FUSD

SetG21 L1: is Spitz paying n the farm

SetG21 L1: trading volumes running flat ..

AymanElmadany: الصبور

SetG21 L1: morning

SetG21 L1: Patients is the name of the game

cobratoontje: Everyone here in chat has fusd,lmao

SetG21 L1: not really .. the chats where around long before FUSD

cobratoontje: Wont argue there

cobratoontje: Why you dont have Fusd?

cobratoontje: Fusd would have made you rich.............

cobratoontje: I made $1.3 million usd with it............

cobratoontje: Ok clowns, i am out

delta16081991: How can I unfreeze my own account,? Please help me

SetG21 L1: where is everyone today ..

SetG21 L1: there is more guys playing dice then chatting

SetG21 L1: time for some coffee .. will come back when some traders are in

SetG21 L1: it just Zec and ET=tc the is in the red today ..