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Moneda Precio Modif. Rev. fullname
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bpool: cobratoontje, when fusd ib's will stop?? I mean "next time" XD

cobratoontje: Lmao, who cares.......

bpool: cobratoontje, +1 who care if you share wrong info again ;) XD

Dionic: Who buys dice? BTC 02.23.23 21:48:13 sell 7000000.0 can you buy mine?) Only 0.07 bitcoin.

cobratoontje: Lmao, ask bpool

bpool: Dionic, just dont ask cobra, you will get only wrong info ;) XD

cobratoontje: Dionic, It's not even $0.07 worth

Dionic: bpool, ok)

Dionic: cobratoontje, Well, I'm just looking at what is sometimes bought for bitcoin

Dionic: cobratoontje, [link]

cobratoontje: Dionic, There is more than 7793 btc in your face! are next in line kiddo

Dionic: cobratoontje, Oh no, I'm not a baby. What does it mean on the face? I know the score, I know the purse. But what does it mean on the face?

cobratoontje: Eventually you will find out........

WAEL12: amebapako, xrp

Dionic: cobratoontje, Oh well. I'm waiting

cobratoontje: Yeah, you do that.............but you simply don't have enough lifes

Dionic: 7793 bitcoin. I've never seen so much in my life. What kind of nonsense is he talking)

Dionic: he has some strange dialogues

cobratoontje: Amazingly fascinating

Dionic: cobratoontje, Okay. Good luck to you. I'm going to my Russian chat.

cobratoontje: Ok, and stay there,don't come back.....?

Dionic: cobratoontje, Are you forbidding me? If I want to, I'll come in. Don't tell me what to do.

cobratoontje: Goodlock on waiting for your 0.6968 btc then........

cobratoontje: u*

Dionic: In the future, always check the reverse translation if you work with an online translator

Dionic: cobratoontje, Yes, I'll wait. I have nothing to lose.))

cobratoontje: Well, you miss out some 5 rur for instance

cobratoontje: rur is all you gonna get for it,so..........keep waiting invaine...........

cobratoontje: I don't understand why these 'people' want to trade on a crypto exchange, while they don't understand the basics

cobratoontje: They are so clueless,lol

manbtc007: BTC I LOVE YOU

SergeyVorobey L0: Hi

cobratoontje: SergeyVorobey, Nope

Dionic: cobratoontje, Don't make yourself look weird. You learn to understand jokes and then judge people.

cobratoontje: Who buys dice? BTC 02.23.23 21:48:13 sell 7000000.0 can you buy mine?) Only 0.07 bitcoin. Hahahahaha

cobratoontje: Dionic, You are the joke here kid

cobratoontje: Date and time put in...........

cobratoontje: Dionic, Don't make yourself look any weirder as you already did.....?

cobratoontje: And by weirder i mean Stupid

cobratoontje: Dionic, There is 7793.01360401 btc waiting to be sold at 1sat............and you are one off them idiots waiting

cobratoontje: Just have fun.......

cobratoontje: Really fascinating

cobratoontje: Aaaaaaaand, now for something completely different.........

Tigro L1: cobratoontje, hello

cobratoontje: Tigro, Hello

Haruna01 L1: Hello

Josephdawus13: Hello guys

Josephdawus13: How is today market guys it was awesome to me

aishm2020: Helo good day house

Josephdawus13: aishm2020, how ate u today