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Moneda Precio Modif. Rev. fullname
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XRP0.00001655+ 22.1%3.3Ripple
T28045.35+ 1.1%3.3Bitcoin
T1786.5398706+ 2.2%2.8Ethereum
BTCR2174002.00+ 0.6%2.1Bitcoin
T0.07599572+ 6%2.1Dogecoin
T28101.62+ 0.8%1.9Bitcoin
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E0.00004277+ 5%1.4Dogecoin
1799.3891438+ 2.4%1.1Ethereum
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DOGE0.00000271+ 7.6%0.9Dogecoin
BTCT28181.31+ 2%0.8Bitcoin
0.00008549+ 0.1%0.6TON Coin BEP20
T1.00159401+ 0.4%0.6USDT ERC20
XRPT0.46040001+ 21.4%0.5Ripple
USDTR78.49+ 0.2%0.5USDT ERC20
DOGER5.91+ 4.9%0.5Dogecoin
ETHT1798.6490047+ 2.3%0.4Ethereum
BTC$28955.10+ 0.8%0.4Bitcoin
ARB0.00000030- 64.8%0.4ARBIT
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Texto del mensaje

Hemannel L0: Marietjie, defenitely

Marietjie L0: Gonewithwind, sharp sharp

Gonewithwind L0: SetG21, maybe not or yes ,who knows ,as btc was 65k last year then it is now 28k!

Hemannel L0: Marietjie, jah keep on waiting its the better

Hemannel L0: Marietjie, did you fix your sneakers

Marietjie L0: Hemannel, yes one of them...and you

Hemannel L0: Marietjie, not yet

SetG21: Gonewithwind, that is how crypto goes .. moves up fast and drops just as fast .. we must just know when to get in ..

Hemannel L0: Marietjie, will do soon..price above 25 then it become worthy

Marietjie L0: Hemannel, true

Marietjie L0: SetG21, thats true neh...

Hemannel L0: SetG21, so so true...must be awake

Gonewithwind L0: SetG21, yes , the exact time for getting in isvery important for earning some profit ..

SetG21: Gonewithwind, in 2021 BTC hit the 63K make twice .. in April and Nov 21 .. but between the two highs it droped to 28K ..

Marietjie L0: Gonewithwind, true and 2022 nothing good its time for 65k...what you think

Hemannel L0: Marietjie, defenietly time...last year no good

Gonewithwind L0: Marietjie, for this year it will be very hard to see btc upper than 35k ..but maybe next year..

Hemannel L0: Hemannel, jah glad nie

Marietjie L0: Hemannel, agree

Gonewithwind L0: Marietjie, next year will be halving year for btc maybe btc on 100k or even higher than it

Marietjie L0: Gonewithwind, jah patience,,,will be good

Hemannel L0: Gonewithwind, we wait

Hemannel L0: Gonewithwind, will happen some time may be sooner than we think

Marietjie L0: Hemannel, agree

Marietjie L0: i must go now..all the best all yobitters...happy trading

Gonewithwind L0: Hemannel, yes or maybe no, who knows ?everything is possible

Hemannel L0: Marietjie, tx same to you...

Gonewithwind L0: Marietjie, have a nice day, success..

Hemannel L0: Gonewithwind, it is possible defenitely

Marietjie L0: Gonewithwind, thanks friend, till tomorrow...same to you

Marietjie L0: SetG21, see you tomorrow early again...have a nice day

SetG21: Marietjie, you finished for the day ..

Marietjie L0: SetG21, yes i am...

SetG21: Marietjie, thanks you too .. enjoy the day and chat tomorrow ..

Marietjie L0: SetG21, tx, bye for now

Hemannel L0: Marietjie, bye

SetG21: Hemannel, you also going ..

Hemannel L0: SetG21, not yet try few more chats

Hemannel L0: SetG21, but duty calling

Hemannel L0: SetG21, busy few days at working laying ahead

SetG21: Hemannel, ok then will chat later .. time for coffee and some to eat

Hemannel L0: SetG21, oky all the best, must leave in 5 min time...enjou

SetG21: Hemannel, Ok .. enjoy the day .. chat tomorrow ..some time same place ..

Hemannel L0: Gonewithwind, you still here

Hemannel L0: SetG21, tx will do

Hemannel L0: SetG21, have a nice day

Hemannel L0: till later

Hemannel L0: all the best for a good trading day on yobit

Hemannel L0: bye for now

ishaabub: Hello good morning to u all