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Moneda Precio Modif. Rev. fullname
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T23578.08+ 2.5%2.8Bitcoin
0.06922392+ 0.7%2.5Ethereum
BTCR1695000.00+ 1.3%2.5Bitcoin
T1629.6025307+ 3%2.2Ethereum
BTCT23310.65+ 1%2.1Bitcoin
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0.00000000 0%1.7Fast Dollars
E0.00005746- 4.5%1.4Dogecoin
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R116396.88+ 1.3%0.7Ethereum
1624.9861881+ 2.3%0.7Ethereum
0.00000011- 8.4%0.6SPITZ
ETHR116000.00+ 0.5%0.6Ethereum
T0.99927873- 0.1%0.5USDT ERC20
1.26850840+ 0.6%0.5Wrapped Shiba
0.01343374- 1.2%0.5BNB BSC
LTCR7059.90+ 3.4%0.5Litecoin
DOGE0.00000398- 3.7%0.5Dogecoin
USDTR71.98- 1.5%0.4USDT ERC20
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Texto del mensaje

Gonewithwind: candyguyyy, freind ,if btc for next hours can hit 24200 dollars then it will hit 25500 dollars , aware of that

candyguyyy L0: Gonewithwind, yes choose good pair

tablepiece: Gonewithwind, 500%, you mean 80% no?

candyguyyy L0: even low apr

Gonewithwind: tablepiece, i really don,t remember for exact but i know i lost alot during that priod btc /fusd ..

candyguyyy L0: Gonewithwind, ok

Gonewithwind: candyguyyy, btc is going to reach 24k soon ..waiting to see if it can hit 24k or not...

candyguyyy L0: i guess still other coins have chance to grow also

candyguyyy L0: rather than btc

Gonewithwind: candyguyyy, like which coins have the chances to ...?

candyguyyy L0: Gonewithwind, yes it could happen

candyguyyy L0: well i love ltc doge waves

candyguyyy L0: oc course NOT fnincial advice

candyguyyy L0: always do you own researche

candyguyyy L0: alright friends

candyguyyy L0: i go now

candyguyyy L0: may back later

candyguyyy L0: see you

tablepiece: Gonewithwind, well if you lose 500% it means you have 1000$ and borrowed 4000$ and lost all. Yobit coins are always risky cause supply is hard to know and with daily% there is a lot of inflation

Gonewithwind: candyguyyy, ok ,bye for now ,but try to come back soon

tablepiece: should always buy them on a big dump, if not very risky

Gonewithwind: tablepiece, rightwith you friend ..

Raybeam: candyguyyy, The spam guy..

Raybeam: Always filling the whole place with some gibberish

Raybeam: How the trade going people.

Raybeam: Good yea?

Gonewithwind: Raybeam, btc is going up maybe all watching the way it go up...

Raybeam: Gonewithwind, You mind telling me where you read your charts

Raybeam: Gonewithwind, We want it all the way up..

Haruna01 L1: Hello

ishaabub: Haruna01, how are u doing buddy

Josephdawus13: Investment is d only way to succeed here

ishaabub: Raybeam, hay my friend longest time how have u been fearing

Josephdawus13: Hodl cryptocurrency to make u richer in just few years

ishaabub: The best investment is btc and yo token with xrp and ltc

Josephdawus13: I am quite understanding d basic fact about farming

ishaabub: It's time to invest in crypto to obtaine a good profit

Raybeam: ishaabub, I've not been fearing

Raybeam: I've been fairing good..

Josephdawus13: When is d alricoin season coming

ishaabub: Raybeam, great to hear dat how is ur trading going

Josephdawus13: Should we expect huge changes in btc soon guys

ishaabub: Invest box is an awesome investment

Josephdawus13: Buy potential coins, dat has good future

ishaabub: Raybeam, are u still around my God friend

Josephdawus13: It's better to do your research before purchasing g a coin

Raybeam: ishaabub, where is your third account at?

Raybeam: You run just two of them now?

ishaabub: Raybeam, I don't get ur massage buddy

Josephdawus13: Farming has great pairs over there