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ishaabub: Josephdawus13, hi buddy how have been are u just starting my friend

tablepiece: ishaabub, ah ok, i think they will, those assholes wanted to grab some more billion dollars lol

Josephdawus13: ishaabub, yeah I [link] is d market going buddy

ishaabub: tablepiece, no it gonna be wonderful for hollers of xrp very soon as d price will moon

Josephdawus13: ishaabub, u seems not to answer me u wanna discuss with u

ishaabub: Josephdawus13, sorry buddy d market isn't dat good for me

tablepiece: ishaabub, i mean i think they wont double the amount of coins, might get more legal trouble.

Josephdawus13: ishaabub, alright we hope 8ts gonna be batter soon

ishaabub: Josephdawus13, just be patient more and it will surprise u

tablepiece: xrp feels like a very useless coin, good blockchain but i still dont know what usecase it has except for that it can be transferred

Josephdawus13: ishaabub, I definitely will be things will get better

ishaabub: But xrp raise to 3.85 dollars as at 2018 history rrapeat it self

Josephdawus13: Uy and hodl btc it's d best coin to hodl

Haruna01 L0: Hello

ishaabub: Haruna01, welcome longest time buddy no see

Josephdawus13: It's realy wonderful trading here due to outcomes

ishaabub: It's nice investing here hugely

Haruna01 L0: ishaabub, sure

Josephdawus13: Haruna01, are u just coming buddy

ishaabub: Haruna01, alright dat is nice how is d market

Josephdawus13: Lyc is a good coin to each as well

Haruna01 L0: ishaabub, fine

Josephdawus13: Haruna01, are cool trading here

Haruna01 L0: Josephdawus13, yeah I'm just coming now

ishaabub: Haruna01, dat is cool how is alticoins doing

Haruna01 L0: Josephdawus13, sure what about you

Josephdawus13: Haruna01, hope u are trading well and using best strategies

ishaabub: [link] is d best way to earn here

Haruna01 L0: ishaabub, cool

ishaabub: Haruna01, are u still around buddy

Haruna01 L0: Josephdawus13, yeah I'm trying my best

Josephdawus13: The best time to 8nvest is now as cryptocurrency is a bit down

Haruna01 L0: ishaabub, yes

Josephdawus13: Haruna01, nice one den

ishaabub: Trading is my hobby

ishaabub: Haruna01, wat about u buddy

Gonewithwind: Josephdawus13, btc is not so low ,it is around 22800 dollar!

Haruna01 L0: Josephdawus13, or do you wanna sure any strategies with me

Gonewithwind: ishaabub, give me a way not to playing dice anymore !? I have lostalot of my funds there...friend

Gonewithwind: ishaabub, first i lost abit there then i waana to win that then loosing more and more..

Gonewithwind: It coused me really feeling disapointed and run away fromcrypto,s world!! Are you playing dice aswell!?

ishaabub: Gonewithwind, u are back buddy welcome

ishaabub: Gonewithwind, ur major concern is btc right wat of other coins

Gonewithwind: ishaabub, thanks freind ,my mean is what shall i do not to playing Dice game!?

Josephdawus13: Gonewithwind, u are a nice friend buddy

Josephdawus13: ishaabub, is like u have been here for a long while

ishaabub: Gonewithwind, do u win often

ishaabub: Josephdawus13, hay buddy are u observing market

Gonewithwind: ishaabub, not at all..believe me i have lost most of my funds there...

Josephdawus13: The project here like v miningwas a great one