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candyguyyy L0: play*

Gonewithwind: candyguyyy, true ,but the users like me who doesnot have any ,how can they put nothing on ib to earn 1%??!

Gonewithwind: Gonewithwind, or playing dice with easycash when nothing on portfoliu!?

candyguyyy L0: Gonewithwind, well you can still doing farming for it if yobit add it to farms paris in future

candyguyyy L0: Gonewithwind, you must put your easycash token into ib and playing the dice for it same tokens dice to get daily 1% profit

Gonewithwind: candyguyyy, if trading won,t started then nobody can,t farm that! Becouse first you should have some or buy some then start farming

candyguyyy L0: Gonewithwind, ya that all features should happens together trade ib and farming that would interested for users plus it proftiable

candyguyyy L0: any crypto coin zero value it does NOT make any sense lol

Gonewithwind: candyguyyy, i said you i wasnot on yobit the time of easycash ...i was not received even 1 easycash! I don,t have anything..also alot of new users ..

candyguyyy L0: Gonewithwind, ya you can wait yobit open trade for it that could happens or NOT

candyguyyy L0: i am got NO confirmed info about this issue

candyguyyy L0: still it got uniqe name for investors eascash coin lol

candyguyyy L0: so it should make some cash for investors

Gonewithwind: candyguyyy, i don,t think they open trading for easycash anymore for there will be other important project for them to complete

candyguyyy L0: that would be funny if it own name eascash and did NOT make any cash for users here lol

candyguyyy L0: Gonewithwind, well who knows may yobit doin many actions about easycash and other tokens in future

candyguyyy L0: i am got NO info

Gonewithwind: candyguyyy, me the same ...

candyguyyy L0: Gonewithwind, ya

Gonewithwind: candyguyyy, and your prediction about btc price for next days ahead!?

candyguyyy L0: i go now

Jack0071: candyguyyy, well have a nice day

Gonewithwind: candyguyyy, success,bye

Gonewithwind: Jack0071, hi friend ,how are you today?

Jack0071: Gonewithwind, i am ok,thank you, and you?

Jack0071: Gonewithwind, and i think btc go the 25k next week

Gonewithwind: Jack0071, perfect prediction ..

Jack0071: Gonewithwind, i wonder where floki goes

Gonewithwind: Jack0071, i must buy when it was just 750 sat on usdt! Not now!! Friend very hard for me to know which coins will be pumped then! I miss all pumping..!

Jack0071: Gonewithwind, yes i hope it go up , have 1 million coins of these,do not concentrate on only one coin the whole time, sometimes follow feeling

Taka85 L1: hi

Taka85 L1: Good afternoon!

Taka85 L1: how are you doing today

Taka85 L1: bitcoin price today 23,300 k

Gonewithwind: Taka85, welcome ,freind ,cool ,btc is going to break the high resistance 23250$ ...

Taka85 L1: then a rise will come to 25 0 27 k

Gonewithwind: Taka85, and i think btc will go up to 24500 or even 25100$ soon

Taka85 L1: Gonewithwind, yes my friend

Gonewithwind: Taka85, i have an important question from you ...

Gonewithwind: Taka85, how can you know that floki or other coins is going to be pumped up soon!? How really!?

Taka85 L1: Gonewithwind, no friend those will not happen to them

Taka85 L1: they will continue to die day after day

Gonewithwind: Taka85, really don,t understand!! Now floki is +41% on usdtb...

bpool: Gonewithwind,check chart and you will see ;) XD

Gonewithwind: Taka85, or is it possible for any users to buy all coins then waiting to see which one will be pumped to sell!!?

bpool: ps, did I mentioned about floki low +% and today show some good movemant ;) XD

Gonewithwind: bpool, chart can show the time for pumping of every coins!?

bpool: Gonewithwind, if you are TA XD you can follow news that maybe can make you "pumping" XD

Gonewithwind: bpool, technical analysing ...i try to read about it ,more..thanks

Taka85 L1: pending with that friend do not be fooled or even think of buy that if you want take your profits and go to btc or another