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Raybeam: ishaabub, I've not been fearing

Raybeam: I've been fairing good..

Josephdawus13: When is d alricoin season coming

ishaabub: Raybeam, great to hear dat how is ur trading going

Josephdawus13: Should we expect huge changes in btc soon guys

ishaabub: Invest box is an awesome investment

Josephdawus13: Buy potential coins, dat has good future

ishaabub: Raybeam, are u still around my God friend

Josephdawus13: It's better to do your research before purchasing g a coin

Raybeam: ishaabub, where is your third account at?

Raybeam: You run just two of them now?

ishaabub: Raybeam, I don't get ur massage buddy

Josephdawus13: Farming has great pairs over there

Bidman777888 L0: Hello guys

Bidman777888 L0: How is tp day buddys

Hasino6060 L0: Hi to u all

Hasino6060 L0: Any good friends around here

ishaabub: The best investment is to hodl btc for like 4 years

Josephdawus13: Use ur initiatives to obtaine good result while investing

ishaabub: It's so wonderful using robot trading

Josephdawus13: To have great results as a trader u must research critically

Raybeam: ishaabub, Alright if you insist

ishaabub: It's time to buy more coins dat has good history

Raybeam: I am pretty sure you know what i am talking about

Josephdawus13: The most reliable exchange to me is yobitb they have good service

Bidman777888 L0: Yostep is still a good investment

Raybeam: Bidman777888, are you sure about that

Raybeam: r you kidding the hell outta us

Hasino6060 L0: Who missed my conservation

ishaabub: Fiat is never a good thing to hodl crypto is should I prove it

Josephdawus13: Qise trader often diversify

ishaabub: Alright no one challenges me I keep mute

Josephdawus13: Best time to buy some coinsb

ishaabub: Minex has play a great role here

Josephdawus13: Let's have confedence when investing

ishaabub: Btc will get to 25k soon with the urgent price

Josephdawus13: Will trx play a great role then

ishaabub: The robot trading has good way to earn better

Josephdawus13: Invest and u investment is certain

ishaabub: Yobit has great features

Josephdawus13: Crypto has play a great role in the world economy

ishaabub: Its time to invest more by diversifying

Josephdawus13: Great news for u all stay tune

ishaabub: Time to take coffee guys

Josephdawus13: It's gonna be so great there soon

ishaabub: I will always prefer strong in crypto Dan Fiat

Josephdawus13: The best way to buy is now when coins are cheaper

ishaabub: Buy for now have a nice day guys

Josephdawus13: I like so many pairs in farming

Haruna01 L1: Hi