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agunghadinoto L0: 200000

fifoferiel L0: hello everybody my problrm is i wanted to withdraw lina erc-20 but i can't th withraw request stopt by it self

fifoferiel L0: even when i accept on telegram bot what should i do?

fifoferiel L0: it won't withraw

cobratoontje: Withdraw to where?

cobratoontje: Or what wallet...

BoastKit: cobratoontje, why would he care about wallet or adress ? He just want to f.ckin withdraw ! He click whatever and it doesn't work... who cares about proper network and adress ? LMAO

cobratoontje: Lol

shokolat L0: cobratoontje, hi friend. If win a play dice , how much dice coin good for sell ?

cobratoontje: shokolat, 250 million

shokolat L0: cobratoontje, how much value 250 milion ? You could get this amount and sell it ?

cobratoontje: lemme see...

cobratoontje: Hold on...

shokolat L0: cobratoontje, wen auto play dice active ? We must play manual

cobratoontje: shokolat, $ 3.70 usd

shokolat L0: cobratoontje, thanks for calculate

cobratoontje: shokolat, You can sell your 7 million dice only for Russian ruble...AKA RUR

shokolat L0: cobratoontje, ok i know. But i want increase it with playing dice. But in playing dice we can only play manual no auto play

cobratoontje: Play with 7 million and see if you are lucky

shokolat L0: cobratoontje, thanks i play but i like play with auto dice no manual

cobratoontje: shokolat, autoplay dicegame will get you banned from Yobit...

cobratoontje: shokolat, And "all" your funds will be lost

cobratoontje: russkiprostor, Get lost scammer!

Vj1992 L0: Hello guys any high value coin like Equal too 5 to 1 0 $, available for dice game which support minimum bid like 0.00001?

Vj1992 L0: Hello guys any high value coin like Equal too 5 to 1 0 $, available for dice game which support minimum bid like 0.00001?

cobratoontje: Vj1992, Lol, just play with 100 trx at a time,simple

cobratoontje: Same outcome....

cobratoontje: I mean you just need 100 trx and play with 0.001

Vj1992 L0: thanks :)

Vj1992 L0: cobratoontje, can I pm you?

agunghadinoto L0: why my coin

agunghadinoto L0: trx

agunghadinoto L0: my sister my brader

cobratoontje: My brader..?

cobratoontje: Lol

nyoy08: Balot at Penoy dian

valderisena7 L0: What is the maximum limit for transferring USD to Perfectmoney?

shokolat L0: cobratoontje, thanks for this information i thought this site is same another gambling sites that have auto dice playy

Aliraza753691 L0: Hi sir G

Vj1992 L0: hi

uwekezaji L0: Hello admins. Why is Investbox not active for the FUSD for New Type?

uwekezaji L0: I am trying to invest RUR but always it says no enough reserve funds for the first payment. What does it mean?.

BoastKit: uwekezaji, it means that there is no funds and you can't invest. Is it that hard to understand ?

uwekezaji L0: BoastKit, Thanks!

Xyzhero L1: Hi

Xyzhero L1: How are you all

kiiirazz L0: is there a daily withdrawal limit on yobit?

Omarsayed66 L0: Hey , any news about new airdrop ?

BoastKit: kiiirazz, I'm not 100% sure - but I don't think there is a limit.

BoastKit: kiiirazz, It may be limited by hot wallets funds tho - so for example it may take more than 1 day for larger amounts if the stuff is busy.