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Gonewithwind: Marietjie, of course this is for not huge holders , whales ever i think btc may be at this price staying till new year

SetG21 L1: Hemannel, one of my auto trades low is at 18.6k ... just holding on till then ..

Marietjie L1: Gonewithwind, oky doky

Hemannel L0: SetG21, good

Gonewithwind: SetG21, 18.6 k ,intersting

Marietjie L1: SetG21, oky...good

Gonewithwind: SetG21, but i. Think the trade will be done after new year ,freind!

SetG21 L1: Gonewithwind, it's one of my trades that stop in the bid drop .. did not put a stop lose on .. will to ride it out

Hemannel L0: SetG21, good decision

Gonewithwind: SetG21,all right freind ,very good decision

Marietjie L1: what can we expect from XRP

SetG21 L1: Hemannel, with BTC it is always better to hold than to panic sell ... even with the Altcoins

Marietjie L1: SetG21, true

Hemannel L0: SetG21, jip...

Gonewithwind: Hemannel, all of us expend all our energy ,time ,money ,on this crypto,s world! Concentrating and being careful which one is pumping or dumping , being upset for loosing or being happy for earning ...

Hemannel L0: Gonewithwind, true

Gonewithwind: Hemannel, wanna to say this cypto,s world is very intersting and full of possibilities or impossibilities , maybe haveing chance plays an important role for it ,

Marietjie L1: Gonewithwind, are you still doing this messages as part of FUSD task?

Hemannel L0: Marietjie, me do

Gonewithwind: Hemannel, i bielive in these days remains to new year ,better to hold maybe next year all things changed towards up side

Marietjie L1: Hemannel, good...

Hemannel L0: Gonewithwind, we wait even if its until then

Gonewithwind: Marietjie, oh ,yes ,i am doing tasks ,and what about you freind?

Marietjie L1: Gonewithwind, yes I am such a lot bad comments yesterday for that...

Hemannel L0: Marietjie, i saw that...but just ignore them and do your thing

Gonewithwind: Marietjie, why bad comments!?

Marietjie L1: Gonewithwind, they said were desperate for peanuts:{

Hemannel L0: Hemannel, :] :] then we are but at least its peanurs :]

Gonewithwind: Marietjie, ignore them and what they said , never give up

Marietjie L1: Gonewithwind, sure...thanks friend

Marietjie L1: Gonewithwind, I believe pennys make pounds...

Gonewithwind: Marietjie, wanna to tell you a reality about them: all them are doing tasks for fusd earning , also most. Of them had offer to buy fusd whan it reaches to 0.1 sat!

Hemannel L0: Marietjie, me too

Marietjie L1: Gonewithwind, jah true...

Gonewithwind: Marietjie, so we should keep on our trying and being more wise...fusd as ,Hemannel, beleives, have a good program behind

Marietjie L1: Gonewithwind, defenitely and we will going on...thanks friend for your motivation xx

Hemannel L0: Gonewithwind, sharp sharp

Renerivve: Good morning Yobit

Gonewithwind: Marietjie, mostly welcome freind

Hemannel L0: Renerivve, good morning

Marietjie L1: Gonewithwind, tx

Renerivve: Gonewithwind, You mean lots of people waiting to buy FUSD at 0.1sats?

Marietjie L1: Renerivve, good day...

Renerivve: Why would anyone want to do that..

Marietjie L1: Renerivve, already mentioned the reason

Renerivve: They have a positive view for the coin you mean. That's surpring

Renerivve: Marietjie, I didnt get that. Pls tell again.

Renerivve: I am curious..

Gonewithwind: Renerivve, yes ,that is true

Renerivve: Gonewithwind, why would they want that