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badrodigital: is keeping the DICE token in its sold a good thing?

cobratoontje: badrodigital, Lol,you can sell it only for rur

badrodigital: selling in btc is also possible

cobratoontje: Nope

cobratoontje: You can only place a sell order,but that will never ever hit......

badrodigital: OK but why not the sale is impossible

badrodigital: is this a rule of the broker?

BoastKit: badrodigital, do you see those 7815 BTC worth of DICE sell orders already placed in front of you ? Caount how mch 7815 BTC is and think once more if anyone will spend that much on some useless token...

badrodigital: ok thank you very much I am convinced because I can not find information on the token

badrodigital: If you have any information can you tell me!

cobratoontje: badrodigital, Yes, sell for rur or play dicegame with it

nikolasha L0: who mined on the eobot, here's an analogue [link]

badrodigital: ?

dallastx: XPTX Token paying 2.5% daily on investbox No action buys required Only 2,160,126 coins total Previous High was 9.28 USD, under 0.20 now

cobratoontje: dallastx, Well, then go buy them all up........

jagrapolite5 L1: yochat/dpge 24 to 95 lol thats alot of speculation lol i5w

Naim9827540467 L0: cobratoontje, hi

damsgabe L0: Hi guys, is Micro investment still active please?

damsgabe L0: dallastx, Are you currently investing with XPTX?

damsgabe L0: dallastx, I was investing with Micro but it seems that Micro for now is has no reserved fundss.

abudssod L0: HI

abudssod L0: any date when dice is on sale?

BoastKit: abudssod, "any date" is an accurate term. Trading is ongoing actively for few years already.

alexbidel: when BTC 10k again? ;)

morten: SEC Sues Crypto Exchange Binance, CEO Changpeng Zhao.

morten: short binance stocks?

morten: hmm i cant. no money

MinerGate: hi all

morten: maybe bnb coin

morten: morten, ok, bye

morten: dont panic, its just money

Mansec2342 L0: Yobit is broke nothing is happening here

vichua L1: Buenas, como se deja una orden de compra?

dominikherzog: alexbidel, comming soon

Svetlanaven L0: Mansec2342, Friend. When yobit do not do new things for some time, then believe me , something big is coming. It's my experience for the last 4 years

dallastx: damsgabe, Yes Im investing with xptx. I like how few total coin thry have compaared to all the meme coinsZ

alexbidel: dominikherzog, +1 i hope so ;)

buttman89 L1: is there still DICE coin

Earbuzz: dominikherzog, i hope easycash trade commin soon?

morten: pty is up 10.000% in rur. lol

BoastKit: buttman89, You don't need DICE - buy some BRAIN ! USD market should serve your needs... ;-)

Pranking: Что происходит с монетой SNTR на рынке rur

morten: in doge, sorry

maciocia: When USDT $10 ???

morten: i need sun cream

morten: usefull info

morten: coffee break

maciocia: enjoy

maciocia: same her ein minutes

xbetting87 L1: hi