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Bombaholic: bitcoin 6k soon? takes too long

Bombaholic: should happen some weeks ago

Bombaholic: i sold everything on 35k range + - im waiting since then to rebuy but not at this price

Bombaholic: lol that yostep is a typical yobit scam bs.. same like minex.. wher is now the minex miners? ppl payed money for that and never see it back again, and now its not even aviable anymore.. total lost

Bombaholic: yostep same bs scam.. 24. aug it says 194$ daylie, now 46$ after 3months

Bombaholic: in next 3 months is 0.. who pay 10k for that lol

Renerivve: Bombaholic, you think it's Going 6k?

Renerivve: Bombaholic, you should have bought at 15k+.. That was good enough price..

Renerivve: You make some gain. Now you ever think 6k coming?

Renerivve: We don't see that soon. Maybe until Elon takes over blockchain..

ressammurat: hi

Kingatta L0: Please someone help me. I want to withdraw usdt trc20 how long will it take to be deposited in my accountm

Renerivve: Kingatta, they with experience of it will answer

Renerivve: Keep your eyes on the chat..

Renerivve: That's way to go.

hangthicamnhung L1: Hello everyone

okika: Bombaholic, here is my pizza guy!

Renerivve: okika, what do we do with pizza in here..

Renerivve: Do they farm pizza in here too?

Renerivve: Just some weirdos doing too much.

okika: Renerivve, he is italian and it's fun to make his head blow up

okika: Renerivve, once I made him crazy

hani20980: dominikherzog are u there ?

marinin393: wuz up here?

Renerivve: okika, why advertise him here

Renerivve: Sounds weird you know.

chipr: santa did not understand that his artificial hair would turn white not now

dominikherzog: hani20980, always

hani20980: dominikherzog, pls check my ticket

Renerivve: chipr, Santa not here in group.

Renerivve: Just send him a support ticket.

chipr: Renerivve, better shut up now so you don't shout about bitcoins later don't you understand now

Renerivve: chipr, Alright.. I see you were looking for some attention

Renerivve: And I gave you some.

Renerivve: Won't happen again..

chipr: Renerivve, thanks

chipr: santa is mine, I'll give him artificial hair as a present, not now

manbtc007: come on btc 20k please

manbtc007: chipr, for above or below

chipr: at $0.11 at this artificial price will slowly run out of hair

tyvoth L0: Get in on Wealth!

tyvoth L0: Wealth gonna go Yovi, get in now!

tyvoth L0: Wealth only going up....

manbtc007: tyvoth, Who gifted you wealth

manbtc007: Good Going Dash

ishaabub L1: Good day guys

aishm2020 L1: Hello everyone here with me

Raybeam: aishm2020, We all here with you buddy

Raybeam: Whats good?

Josephdawus13 L1: Hi to great yobiters how is today buddys