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ljubovmikhail L1: Alright mehn that's still good but crypto is mostly about taking risk

ljubovmikhail L1: If you wish to make any good profits you must be prepared for risks

ljubovmikhail L1: That's how the world is

Fidoking L1: Yh mehn that's absolutely true, I'll try to do so

ljubovmikhail L1: Yh but be very careful, you can lose alot

Fidoking L1: Hello

Fidoking L1: Yh mehn I will

Fidoking L1: What other highly profitable coin do you use

ljubovmikhail L1: Sometimes I trade with coins such as Cosmos and Aptos

Fidoking L1: Yh I have heard about Aptos, it's really volatile

Fidoking L1: It either makes you rich or it liquidates you

Fidoking L1: It's good though

ljubovmikhail L1: Yh mehn trading is good sometimes

Fidoking L1: Recently I heard it liquidated alot of long positions

Fidoking L1: Got to be really careful with some of these coins

Fidoking L1: U make profits?

ljubovmikhail L1: Yh mehn I do make profits but it's not easy sometimes

Fidoking L1: Nothing is easy

Fidoking L1: You just need to keep working hard towards your goals

Fidoking L1: You'll get better and achieve them

ljubovmikhail L1: That's absolutely true mehn

Fidoking L1: Sometimes all you need is hardwork and discipline

Fidoking L1: With experience along the line

Fidoking L1: You'll definitely profit

ljubovmikhail L1: Your right mehn

cobratoontje: Lmao, all that Kindergarten talk for just 0.16 sats......

Fidoking L1: cobratoontje, stupid boy

Fidoking L1: cobratoontje, I see your still retarded

Gonewithwind: Hi house

Gonewithwind: bpool, are you on the room?

Fidoking L1: Gonewithwind, hello

Gonewithwind: Fidoking, hi friend ,are you watching btc movement up now?!

hakan4punkt L1: Gonewithwind, hello my friend. Nice to see you again here

Gonewithwind: hakan4punkt, oh my friend ,so happy to see you again

Gonewithwind: hakan4punkt, friend what ,s up from the turkish big earthquick? I think it was 7.8 Richter with alot of smaller ones after the major quick..

cobratoontje: Quake.....

hakan4punkt L1: Gonewithwind, I heard about it. But I live in Germany

Gonewithwind: hakan4punkt, oh ,so sorry ,your parents were from there maybe ,right!?

hakan4punkt L1: My relatives live on the other side of Turkey, which happens to be a earthquake region, too.

hakan4punkt L1: We had a very bad one in 1999 - Gölcük. Actually hometown of my parents

Gonewithwind: hakan4punkt, i hope your rwlatives will be safe ...

Gonewithwind: Gonewithwind, relatives**

hakan4punkt L1: They are 2000 km west from that area

Gonewithwind: hakan4punkt, have you talked to your relatives recently to ask them what would happen for their city and other people!?

Gonewithwind: hakan4punkt, oh 2k km away from area..all right friend

hakan4punkt L1: I am in contact with them, yes

hakan4punkt L1: They are near Istanbul

Gonewithwind: hakan4punkt, true friend are correct becouse that area is near Syria and Urdan ,i think far from Istanbul

hakan4punkt L1: Quite Monday today seems like

nottyhassan L1: Fusd pumping