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jagrapolite5 L0: 8

Saifa77 L1: It is not the same way as the FTX

jagrapolite5 L0: or add it here lol i dunno so drunk sorry for the caps : (

Saifa77 L1: Look at those people waiting for Lunac's recovery

Saifa77 L1: Honestly, I find that difficult.

jagrapolite5 L0: really guys lol who is losing the rubber band? look at you guys lol .... yotra come on leave mesome

Saifa77 L1: The reputation of that project is totally lost.

jagrapolite5 L0: Saifa77, there was never a project its a 1% a day IB lol

Gonewithwind: Saifa77, o n future maybe alot of people who waiting for recovery for shib doge ...really don,t know the time for exact but that will be happened..

jagrapolite5 L0: Gonewithwind, btc carries all shit coins

Saifa77 L1: jagrapolite5The most curious thing is that they were to reach a dollar. :(

jagrapolite5 L0: to fiat anyway

jagrapolite5 L0: Saifa77, who knows

Saifa77 L1: Gonewithwind, Doge, shibIt's another topic..

jagrapolite5 L0: so many fiats so many shit coins

jagrapolite5 L0: i have cupons better then your damn fiat lol

jagrapolite5 L0: or crypto

Saifa77 L1: I see more seriousness to those two. They are still classified as memecoins

jagrapolite5 L0: aight i think i will take a nap :) you guys have fun and enjoy : )

Saifa77 L1: But I see them more solid than lunac

Gonewithwind: jagrapolite5, thanks forsharing your infos..

Saifa77 L1: jagrapolite5,Okay. Save me a beer.

jagrapolite5 L0: Gonewithwind, lol i wont remember any of this tomorrow ...did i say something i shouldnt have lol ... again ?

jagrapolite5 L0: Saifa77, for damn sure

Gonewithwind: jagrapolite5, no ,you didn,t ...cheers dude

Saifa77 L1: A friend a couple of months ago gave me about 10 thousand lunacs. If that comes to a dollar. It is certain that he will ask me for them back. LOL

Gonewithwind: Saifa77, you should trade them before crushing ..

Saifa77 L1: Gonewithwind,

Saifa77 L1: I lost faith in gambling.

Gonewithwind: Saifa77, have you had any faith to gambling before ?!

Saifa77 L1: Yes. I was losing a lot.

Saifa77 L1: Gonewithwind, Letters. And dominoes.

Saifa77 L1: Someone always appears who manages to surpass you and spoils your plans. XD

Saifa77 L1: Is that SPITZ project still empty in its investment box?

Saifa77 L1: Well it seems that everyone here is absent.

Saifa77 L1: I am really impressed with the LTC.

Saifa77 L1: If it reaches $100, I'll sell everything I have.

Saifa77 L1: Okay. No one else showed up here. I say goodbye guys.

Saifa77 L1: Until a next opportunity.

Troi2016 L0: Does anyone know what happened to LIZA?

Troi2016 L0: because I have some LIZA

cobratoontje: Troi2016, Liza went to rur market.......

Troi2016 L0: cobratoontje, and what should I do with the poor LIZA I have

cobratoontje: Troi2016, Go to rur market?

Troi2016 L0: cobratoontje, 10 million LIZA in RUR ??

cobratoontje: Troi2016, Lol, yes it is rur or nothing......

Troi2016 L0: cobratoontje, device RUR I have 0.00000057

Troi2016 L0: cobratoontje, very small value ?

cobratoontje: Troi2016, Welcome to reality

Troi2016 L0: cobratoontje, Est. BTC: X BTC