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manbtc007: maciocia, yeah i'm here

MbeMbe: Ustc is about to repeg boosting LUNC price towards new level in ghe months to come!!!

MbeMbe: Bells and whistle for big holders!!!

bpool: MbeMbe, right right, it's around 0.04 usd and it will repeg XD

bpool: MbeMbe, it's necessary over x20 to hit repeg XD is that your "about to repeg"??? XD

hangthicamnhung L1: Hello everyone

bpool: MbeMbe, "bells and whistle" for you to learn math ;) XD

MbeMbe: "Are" is missing while typing into smartphone. Typo error!

bpool: MbeMbe, right, "are" is wrong ;) XD

maciocia: manbtc007, ahaha good to know

maciocia: USTC 0.04 usd....yes...about to repeg

maciocia: bitmaster137, welcome back

bpool: maciocia, right, very very close to repeg XD

maciocia: bpool, its almost repegged

maciocia: It can also go above the peg imo

maciocia: muhahuahuhaa

MbeMbe: maciocia, It can be a jackpot for holders, in future!

MbeMbe: but I doubt though, it can be implemented right away without the contribution of exchanges.

MbeMbe: CZ still holds his part of lunc despite losing 1.1 + Billion last year!

Hamza2000: Is LUNA in yobit same name LUNC??

DarkCode L0: Hi all. Please advise a normal altcoin in which to invest?!

cobratoontje: DarkCode, DYOR?

DarkCode L0: cobratoontje?

Gonewithwind: DarkCode, i advice you to invest on ,bnb , btc ,Eth ,ltc ,then other coins

maciocia: cobratoontje, heya

maciocia: cobratoontje, come on help newcomers

maciocia: cobratoontje, you know stuff

bpool: ge, if can I ask just one question..... why is BTC so strong??? XD

bpool: DarkCode, If can I ask you, what is "normal altcoin"??? XD

abdullahkhan5959 L0: hh

maciocia: no one around

maciocia: already sleeping giuius

ishaabub: maciocia, no buddy how is d market of cryptocurrency

maciocia: too good now

maciocia: I want a dropdown

Josephdawus13: Hello everyone here how are u all doing guys

Gonewithwind: maciocia, you can sit and watch till btc will come down to 10k till spting..

Gonewithwind: maciocia, and ,so am I...

ishaabub: Belive me btc will soon hit 25k who belive d same with me

Josephdawus13: The market is so greenish some hours back it will soon become so soon buy now

Gonewithwind: ishaabub, despite of my inner want ,i should say you are correct..

alexbidel: ishaabub, btc soon new bottom, 14k ;)

ishaabub: alexbidel, dat is not gonna happen trust me it will moon more

Josephdawus13: Will cryptocurrency be accepted world wide in some years coming ur opening matters let say sth guys

Gonewithwind: alexbidel, those who think btc will go down under 15k or 10 k just like myself really will be silent for a few weeks ahead...

ishaabub: It's quite undertook dat btc will fall but not below 20k for now I think so

Gonewithwind: Josephdawus13, crypto are accepted in two new countries just afew days ago ..and AUE will have own coin and accept other cryptos aswell ...this is very good news

Gonewithwind: ishaabub, how are your XRP..?are they on a safe place friend!?

Josephdawus13: Gonewithwind, so excited to hear this we hope to have .ore good news like dis pls keep us updated for more

ishaabub: Gonewithwind, yeah they absolutely are I am planing on buying more very soon