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Mesaj metni

ishaabub: Gonewithwind, with dat it will still make d price to increase because it will only remain the one which is present try in circulation

Josephdawus13: The coin I am researching about is tron

Gonewithwind: ishaabub, oh ,i see..hope it will go up becouse i have got a huge risk on floki..maybe my last chance on crypto,s world...

ishaabub: Gonewithwind, nonit gonna surprise u just hodl more a bit

Bidman777888 L0: Hello guys

Gonewithwind: ishaabub, thanks for your expplanations ..

Gonewithwind: Josephdawus13, tron?! Is it a coin or token?

Hasino6060 L0: Hi my friends

Josephdawus13: Gonewithwind, it's a coin dat has great potential

ishaabub: Gonewithwind, alright I realy appreciate ur concerning

Gonewithwind: Josephdawus13, on which market i can check it?

Josephdawus13: Gonewithwind, on btc or defi

cmarx L1: ishaabub, i understand your my clone

ishaabub: Nice opportunity

Gonewithwind: Josephdawus13, mean trx!?

Josephdawus13: Gonewithwind, not not trx it's getting higher to but not as ton check btc market

ishaabub: Will xrp make some great move on recent times

Josephdawus13: Gonewithwind, are u still around .buddy

Gonewithwind: Josephdawus13, ton or tron!!?be more carefull for your writng alphabetically writing incorrect..!

ishaabub: It's time to diversify in crypto investment

Josephdawus13: Gonewithwind, yea h thanks for the correction dat is exactly what I mean what is ur opening on dat

Gonewithwind: ishaabub, maybe we should get help from some prayers to pray for xrp to go up!! This is for the second months in which xrp not going up more..!

Gonewithwind: Josephdawus13, really your mean is Ton or Tron?!

ishaabub: Gonewithwind, yeah I can see dat may be I should just sell it like dat or do u tink there is hope

Gonewithwind: ishaabub, no ,there is hope..i promise you that if you sell them then xrp will go up to at least 1 $ suddenly..!

Josephdawus13: Gonewithwind, it's toncoin my mistake

ishaabub: Gonewithwind, dat gonna hurt me if it happens so u are trying to day dat I should hodl more right

Gonewithwind: Josephdawus13, oh ,i see ..yes you are right bro..Ton is good ..

Josephdawus13: Gonewithwind, yeah the trading is very easy and it raise and falls easily which make it to have huge profit in short time

Gonewithwind: ishaabub, right friend ,i promise you xrp will go up..the next time will be the turn for xrp pumping...

ishaabub: Gonewithwind, dat is gonna make me happy u realy encourage some one I like ur advice

Gonewithwind: ishaabub, yes friend need alittle bit more patiance..

Josephdawus13: The market cap is quite down but will gain it back

ishaabub: Gonewithwind, ok I will endeavor to do so

Josephdawus13: Btc is ome of the greatest news every

krow6 L1: how do you withdraw earnings from YOBit Farm for YOFARM and Rublix does anyone know?

ishaabub: The .Arnett is good p

Bidman777888 L0: ishaabub, hay buddy

Josephdawus13: What about dos moving great

Gonewithwind: krow6, you can be more oatiant to ...the farm pool is empty now and they should refill the pool to paying off again..don,t worry..

ishaabub: The investment are good way to earn that special things

krow6 L1: Gonewithwind, thank you, I have been waiting a very long time for but that makes sense

Josephdawus13: The yoatep was a g

ishaabub: Ii

Josephdawus13: Does the price change its realy good

Gonewithwind: krow6, me too..all users are the same waiting to paying off and be sure they will start to pay off soon as Rur and spitz have done..friend

ishaabub: So wonderful to invest hrr

Haruna01 L1: Hello

minerwatu L0: Haruna01, hello dude

Lekiwb27 L0: btc just 23-22k