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Mesaj metni

tablepiece: it is just very slow, was bullish on zclassic but i think that project stopped

bpool: tablepiece, ... honestly did not pay attention too, but this (just 21mlns) ..... it's very surprisingly.....

tablepiece: bpool, well some of the classics come back, esp if many big projects have some trouble

tablepiece: ltc is doing well, bit old and not that interesting

tablepiece: but it is solid, they also not gonna mine that much more it had some good traction

bpool: tablepiece, +1 interesting contract is on bsc ..... +1 for ltc, more interesting is that ltc had some move when other crypto drop XD

tablepiece: bpool, ah ok, i sold it too fast i alway buy in btc market when it is low. i know back in the days some whales used to do that, protecting their money in ltc a bit

tablepiece: it is listed everywhere and always works, solid but cant easily get some apy on it

bpool: tablepiece, +1 think that will have own moment in future.... just question when .... supply is low too .... and it's cheap if you compare if other crypto ....

tablepiece: sure not a crazy high marketcap although i wait to rebuy. sol/luna/avax really took some capital away, now some of it is flowing back

tablepiece: am buying some sol

tablepiece: was going for avax before but there was some fud

tablepiece: want some near/kda/hbar/grt as layer 1's as well

bpool: tablepiece, a lot of good crypto for buying now ..... wondering, when bullrun come which will be new ath for bnb ....

tablepiece: bpool, can take some time, time to acculumate as much as possible with trading, or if you have unlimited money just buying and make a few trades

bpool: tablepiece, +1 but anyway it's good to accumulate some more with trade like you say ;)

bpool: XD with over +30% now it's +17% zec XD

Marietjie L0: good day

Hemannel L0: Marietjie, welcome back friend

maciocia: No free addresses for such currency. Please try again in 2 minutes.

Marietjie L0: Hemannel, thank you...jah it a time

maciocia: lol, what's that?

Marietjie L0: maciocia, ??

bpool: maciocia, for deposit here??? XD

Marietjie L0: seems like bad \time of the day for any chats

Marietjie L0: have a good saturday afternoon everyone

tushge: hello guyz

comingwealth L1: Did slaves paint their nails today :D ?

comingwealth L1: Tate army here ;)

maciocia: bpool, yes, zec deposits

maciocia: comingwealth, undisclosed homo

maciocia: comingwealth, obsessed with nails painting

comingwealth L1: maciocia, i hit the spot ..u bleeding :D?

tablepiece: comingwealth, taint army? dirty talk again?

comingwealth L1: Andrew Tate Army !!!

tablepiece: or tate like British art collection, am learning a new word, woohoo

tablepiece: learning two things, what a day

comingwealth L1: razer app deleted hahahah

comingwealth L1: We all must pee on snek at one point in our life :D

comingwealth L1: snake*

KroxaDUM L1: will yobit provide withdrawal ti phone numbers ?

comingwealth L1: and satanism doom is near

tablepiece: i always get confused with what is the snake

comingwealth L1: BT off too

comingwealth L1: no more attack

tablepiece: comingwealth, so lets celebrate today, gtg invited some people for the match

tablepiece: enjoy your last days

comingwealth L1: hahahahah i realy shit my paint from gay satan

comingwealth L1: pants*

comingwealth L1: life noobs hahahahah